Hello everybody. Today officially begins our journey into Belgium. The first city we’ll visit will be Antwerp. Let’s go to discover it.

Antwerp is a city located in the northern part of Belgium. It is the most important city of the Flanders region (you already know that Belgium is divided into three regions) and it is located next to the river Scheldt. The city also owns the largest port in the world (ranking second in Europe).

To know more (what to eat, where to eat, where to have fun, things to visit…) continue to read.

As always, we start from the typical dishes of the place.



The culinary traditions of the city are varied and often influenced by French, German and the Netherlands cusine.

As in most countries of the North the most important meal is the dinner, for this reason we will find many unique dishes. Let’s go to see them.

  • Pickled herring and horse meat are examples of local specialties.
  •  Flemish Carbonade – another typical dish of the country. It is a stew beef cooked in Belgian beer with spices and onion.
  • Belgian stoemp with carrots – a mashed potato mixed with vegetables, panna, nutmeg, pepper and bacon.

The city, as well as Belgium in general, is famous for its delicious French fries, Brussel sprouts but also meat and especially fish, in particular there is a widely consume of mussels, thanks to its proximity to the sea.

As for desserts, we can’t forget about the delicious and famous chocolate.

  • Antwerpse Handjesbiscuits in the shape of hands, made from almonds or milk chocolate. These symbolize the folklore.
  • Gaufre (known as wafel o waffle) – the dough is made from milk, water, butter, eggs, flour, sugar, brewer’s yeast and vanilla. They are usually sprinkled with powdered sugar or serve with panna, fruit or ice cream, butter, jam, dried fruit, and so on. Think that in the past were considered an omen of good luck and good health, but that’s not to be an excuse to eat lots of them haha! We can also find the salted variation with fish, cheese or meat.
  • Mokatine – type of candy.
  • Bolleke – typical local beer
  • Elixir D’Anvers – local liquor.



Now it’s time to eat but first we have to see where to eat.

  • De Godevaart – typical French cuisine.
  • Billie’s Bier Kafetaria – pub with typical Belgian, European, contemporary cuisine.
  • Frituur Lescluze – Belgian and European fryer.
  • Patty Cake – cafè.
  • Verde Foodbar – vegetarian, healthy, soups.
  • Heilig Huisken – typical French , Belgian, European cuisine plus soups.
  • Bourla – typical French Belgian, European cuisine.
  • Urban Wraps – typical French, Belgian, European, vegetarian, vegan cuisine.  Here there are served  wraps and other takeaway foods.
  • The-Atro – perfect place for those who love tea.
  • Bolivar Steakhouse – Belgian cuisine.
  • Pazzo – Wine Bar, Italian  and Japanese cuisine.
  • The chocolate line – chocolate shop.

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  1. I only had the opportunity to visit Brussels the last time I was in Belgium. The food in Antwerp looks nomelicious! Love how their cuisine is influenced by a number of places. You get the best of multiple worlds!

  2. I used to live in the Netherlands as well, never made it to Antwerp though even though it wasn’t far away. Definitely a city that I still would love to visit!

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