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We’re going to discover Hasselt, capital of the province of Limburg. Located in the middle of the Kempen region, the city is situated next to the Albert Canal. Hasselt is considered the most sociable cities of the Flanders region but also the capital of taste. Here you can see the change in the standard Dutch language but also the diversity of the accent.

To know more (to eat, what to eat, where to have fun, acculturate …) continue to read.

We hope you are hungry because we have a lot of good food for you, is or is not Hasselt the capital of taste?!



Being the city, the capital of the province of Limburg, has a different culinary traditions from other Belgian cities. The Limburg cuisine includes lots of meat but also many dishes based on asparagus. They are often eaten with ham, boiled potatoes or boiled eggs. Now we are going to see what other dishes we can find in town.

  • Formaggio Limburger – is often eaten with sausages or with bread. Its smell is a bit strong but not for this less good.
  • Deep-fried chipped potatoes (locally called fritten), these are eaten with a traditional dish, the zoervleis, one sweet and sour stew made from horse meat or cow.
  • Konijn in beer – rabbit with beer.
  • Balkenbrij – ready-sliced meat ​​consists of a type of meat and various parts of the body (liver, lungs…) and lots of spices.
  • Tête de veaux – beef (it is the most famous in Hasselt) eaten with mushrooms and tomato.
  • Nonnevotte – a kind of round doughnuts, you can eat them especially during the Christmas season but also during the carnival.
  • Speculaas – typical local biscuits (you can find them in the city’s bakeries).
  • Vlaai – a large round pie filled with marmalade
  • Alken-Maes, Gulpener, Leeuw, Hertog Jan and Alfa – local beers.
  • Jenever – a typical and very famous liqueur in the city of Hasselt ( think that there is also the Jenever Museum, which we will see later).




Let’s go to the discovery of the places where we can have a great meal in Hasselt.

  • Restaurant 6 Zinnen – Belgian, European cuisine.
  • Vous le Vous  –  Belgian, contemporary, healthy and gluten-free cuisine. A perfect place for those who are intolerant or for those that are following a specific diet.
  • Maison Blanche – French, Italian, Healthy and vegetarian food. Great place for a good breakfast.
  • Wijnbar Dito – Wine Bar.
  • Sky Lounge – bar.
  • Het Pleintje – Belgian, European cuisine.
  • ‘t Kleine Genoegen – French, Belgian, European cuisine.
  • Entrepot– international cuisine.
  • Pizzeria That’s Amore – Italian pizza takeaway.
  • La Fontanella – French , Mediterranean, Italian cuisine and pizza.
  • Bistro Nano – typical Belgian, European, French cuisine.
  • Panachee Hasselt – fast food, vegetarian cuisine.

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