Hello everyone. Today’s article is about a basic and essential topic. We are talking how to save money for a trip or to start a series of trips. Now you just have to keep reading and taking notes!

The first thing to do is to set goals and deadlines. It will be much easier to save money in this way because you have something to aspire and this will give you the motivation to continue to do what you are doing.

However this situation takes time (so it can’t be solved overnight!) but with so much patience and willpower you come more quickly to the top.

First of all you should deposit a small part of each salary. Alternatively you can get a piggy bank and put there some bills every week (this was the favorite method of our grandparents and we must say that it worked great!).

It would be appropriate to make a personal budget to keep the situation under control. In this way you can check how much you have spent in a week (but also monthly) and understand if you have exaggerated with the expenses or if you have been careful to not spend a lot. To make things easier you can establish a budget (maybe at the beginning of the month and calculate how much you want to spend in that particular period).

Then, always to control your expenses, take note (today is easier thanks to the use of specific app) or keep all your receipts and at the end of the month you can get how much you spent (this is a trick that serves to realize how many useful and useless things you bought).

One of the things not to do is definitely run into debts. Obviously there are circumstances that don’t allow it, and if this thing were to happen it is recommended to pay them as soon as possible. So, no debts (if you can!).

Now we are going to talk about the objects we could do without. The list is long but avoid to buy luxury things will be a decisive step. There are always a lot of unnecessary things we buy, or just because it is a current trend or we bought them but we use them only once (or sometimes never). So you have to buy only the main things and eliminate the expensive and unnecessary objects from your list. Think that a brand dress can cost as much as a plane ticket, so why buy it when you could save a lot of money and go straight to the goal ?!

However this is not just about luxury things. We spend lots of money for the food as well. We buy a lot of snacks or fast foods, and food that we will not consume in the shortest possible time (and so there is so much wasted food!). The solution is going to spend where there are discounts and buy few and often (in this way you will save some money to taste the typical dishes of the city where you want to go).


If you can walk or use your bike (just as Netherlands taught us) or the public transportation and leave your car at home. It is also a good way to keep fit!

Time with your friends (another thing to revisit). There are many inexpensive activities you can do with them rather than spending an evening at a restaurant. Of course once in a while, if is in your program, you can do it. It would better to opt for some outdoor activities or a party with pizza or some homemade food that your friends will bring to your home. You can also keep you busy attending some clubs. But there are infinite possibilities; it is not important the place or what you will do but the company, right?

It’s more convenient to do open air sports or at home rather than to the gym. Today there are so many DVD!

One last suggestion to earn something, would be to sell some electronic things or other objects that you don’t need.

These are the basic tricks that you can do to achieve your goal. Of course there are many other small daily actions that we need to be careful. There are sacrifices to do (as in everything you do!) but if you love to travel, like us, nothing will stop you. The suggestion is to spend wisely and never give up despite sometimes you can make some mistakes.

The only contraindication is that all this shouldn’t become an obsession!

And you, would you be willing to follow these methods? We hope that these tips will be useful to the achievement of your dreams.

As always if you have questions or some curiosities please let us know in the comments.

A big kiss to everyone.

80 thoughts on “How to save money to travel

  1. Saving for travel is always so hard. I always get the actual cost of the trip and then can’t seem to get my spending money set. Love to travel, so I get it done.

  2. I try to save money to go on one bigger holiday (2 to 3 weeks) a year. And also for a few smaller trips. Mostly comic con related. I just save up for that as much as I can. While also enjoying other things I do.

  3. I’m awful at saving. I don’t earn much, but I am committing to saving Β£5 a week, it sounds lame but adds up over time.

  4. I have never been good at saving for travelling, maybe your tips here will help me. At the moment when I travel it is on a shoestring but I would like to travel and experience finer things.

  5. Everyday I save at extra coins from my purse and put it to my travel fund jar (yup like a kid, but works!) Or sometimes I sell my unwanted and useful stuffs for extra funds.

  6. I think my biggest problem is probably because I don’t have anyone to travel with, but, yes the money is on the second place. People somehow spend more money after they decided to save it. Don’t know why.

    1. Travel with friends or with family is super but also traveling alone is not so bad… you can test lots of your abilities and learn how to survive without depending on someone.
      And yes, without money is difficult to travel hahaha

  7. I’ve been saving up to travel for a year. The only problem is as an American, I only have a week off for traveling, once a year. Anywhere I want to go always takes up about 3 days getting to/from my destination!


  8. Me and my boyfriend have a saving bank account just for travel money. This was a very helpful article. It’s important to save so we can have our peaceful and well deserved holidays πŸ™‚

  9. Saving money for travel is in fact one of the most difficult things to implement. Thanks for these great tips. They can really help out

  10. Very important to get out of the debt first and then saving will be easy. πŸ™‚
    Credit cards are useful but it you are an impulsive person, you could end up nowhere.

  11. Great tips, I can surely use them since I seem to spend money like water. Currently saving for my Europe trip for begin next year and it is not easy. These tips might help me. Thanks you for posting.

  12. Great advice thanks for sharing! Time to put some of those tips into action this week, now I just need to figure out where I want to go.

  13. For me, saving money is so hard especially when traveling. There are a lot of expenses when you travel but thanks to you! I’ve learned something about saving money when traveling. Your tips are just really useful and helpful!

  14. A very helpful post! I do many of these things, like putting a small part of my salary in a savings account each month (have done this for many years now). I find that if you have a target date or a destination in mind, its so much easier to save! Thanks for sharing

  15. Great tips, thank you!! Saving while traveling is really a challenge for me. I like how you incorporate fitness and health while saving… I do a lot of walking while traveling too and avoid fancy restaurant if I have other options. πŸ™‚

  16. I agree! The very first step to be able to save for your travel fund is to create a budget. This way, you’ll know when money is coming in and on what expenses they are coming out. Thanks for the tips!

  17. Whoa! This post is awesome. This is what I need to be able to save. And this is perfect. I love travelling and sometimes having the means to do so makes it easier for me to go from one place to another. Thanks for sharing!

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