That you all had a good weekend or not (we hope you had a good one!), don’t worry we are here to cheer you up and so you can start the week in a wonderful way. We decided to bring you around the city of Klangenfurt.

Klangenfurt is the state capital of Kärnten. This is the southern region of the Austria. Here you can find a lot of lakes such as: Lake Ossiach, Lake Millstatt, Lake Woerth… They are highly appreciated by the Austrians. Small curiosity, the stadium in Klagenfurt hosted the European Championship in 2008.

To know more (to eat, what to eat, where to have fun, acculturate …) continue to read.

Of course we have to start from the food!


  • Kärntner (it means Carinthian ) Kasnudeln – are ravioli filled with ricotta, boiled potatoes and herbs (chervil, mint, etc.). Yes, maybe its is substantial but it is really tasty.
  • Forelle – Trout, one of many famous fish of Lake Wörthersee.
  • Kärtner Reindling – is a dessert made with yeast, cinnamon, stuffed with raisins. It tastes very spicy but nice. It’s a classic Carinthian cuisine.
  • Villacher Bier – beer produced in Villach and very appreciated in most of Austria, especially for its quality. His is a mix of crystal clear water, barley and selected hops.
  • Grüner Veltliner – famous white wine.
  • Grosser Brauner – is not typical of the region, however, it is great for those who want to enjoy a good coffee with milk.

Don’t forget about cheese and cured meats, very present in the region.




As you already know, now is the time to know the places where you can eat delicious food.

  • Zum Pumpe – pub with typical Austrian, European, German cuisine. And the oldest pub in the city.
  • Zum Augustin – typical German, Austrian, European cuisine. This place had an interior courtyard where you can eat and also produces its own beer called Augustin Wirtshausbie.
  • Landhaus– typical German, Austrian and European cuisine. It had a restaurant on the ground floor with beautiful outdoor space with tables.
  • Salzamt – typical German, Austrian and European cuisine. It also offers a beautiful outdoor space where you can eat. It ‘s a place characterized by its arches.
  • Maria Loretto – restaurant where you can taste the typical fish of the place.
  • Villa Lido – even in this other restaurant you can eat famous and typical fish of the place.
  • Tandoori Delight – typical Austrian bar.
  • Como Cafe – bar

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