We give space, time, culture.

  • Alter Platz – “old square” is a large and long pedestrian street, surrounded by beautiful old buildings, for example the Rathaus. At the center of the city stands out the Dreifaltigkeitssäule (Trinity Column).
  • Landhaus with Wappensaal – building in Renaissance style. You can visit the Wappensaal or hall of coats of arms. The building is located in the city center.
  • Castle Rosenegg in Ebenthal – particularly significant for its history.
  • Castle of Count Orsini-Rosenberg – a castle in which you can find the rococo stucchi, the most beautiful thing in Kärnten..
  • Tower with observatory. A show for your eyes!
  • The botanical garden as Klagenfurt- our evergreen botanical gardens haha (those who have read the previous post St. Polten, Graz, Innsbruck, knows that botanical gardens are almost in every city of the Austria). It has a collection of plants from all over the world even those of ancient times, like the prehistoric trees.
  • Klagenfurter Dom – the largest Catholic church in klagenfurt.
  • Heiliggeistkirche – other church in Baroque style.
  • Museum of Modern Art of Carinthia – Museum of Modern Art.
  • Architektur Haus Kärnten – is a platform and a place where you can meet the architecture, culture, design and art. Here there are exhibitions, tours, workshops and discussions.
  • ARTLANE Urban Art Gallery – contemporary art gallery and it offers the opportunity to see modern works of young local talent.
  • Eboardmuseum – music lovers, are you here? This is the largest museum in Europe, dedicated to pop music with some 1,500 instruments, jazz and even the beat and rock. Think that you can find the original instruments of some international stars!
  • Planetarium Klagenfurt – here you can see the stars. A unique opportunity to enjoy a moment of extreme relaxation.

Now, it’s theaters time.

Stadttheater Klagenfurt, Klagenfurt City Theatre (performances and classical musical..), Theater Halle 11 (you can watch the shows but you can also take a acting class ).





One word for you: FUN!

  • Reptilienzoo Happ – the largest reptile zoo in Austria. It hosts about 1,000 animals (among these exotic lizards or snakes). For the more adventurous, you can even get close and touch them while others, less brave, you can just admire them at a safe distance!
  • Wörtherseeschiffahrt – this is for those who want to take a ride on Lake Woerth on a boat and enjoy the magnificent views.
  • SUP – Stand Up Paddling on Lake Wörthersee – for those who want to try something new and at the same time love the water, you can practice a sport, known as SUP.
  • Adventure-Minigolf – right next to the beach, there is a new golf area.
    Minimundus – the small world at Lake Wörthersee – a trip around the world in miniature. A really lovely place to explore.
  • The shores of Klagenfurt – a healthy and beautiful walk on the sunny bay and crystal clear water, all this with the local culinary tradition. Really good mix to relax for a few hours.
  • Höflein Moor – Nature reserve.
  • Europapark – the largest green area of the city, located at the Wörthersee. A perfect place for yours free time. It offers lots of lawns, benches, a large play area (for children of all ages), fountains with drinking water, beach volleyball, paths for skateboarding, a bar, public restrooms and numerous parking. You can also relax along the shore of a beautiful lake.

Here, however, thanks to the great vastness of green meadows and lakes, you can spend much time outdoors, taking a bike ride, practicing some sport or enjoying the magnificent landscape that offers Klagenfurt city.

Now it’s time for the nightlife in Klagenfurt.

  • Stereo Club – a club where there are often musical events and you can enjoy live music played by a DJ.
  • Bond Lounge Bar – bar with terrace / garden. Easily accessible to disabled people.
    The Claddagh – beer.
  • Bronx Bar Club – a place where fun is guaranteed. In addition there is also the WI-FI free.
  • Café Bar Spektakel.


With this journey to discover klagenfurt, we hope to have given you the right energy to face another week.

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What do you like least and what more? We are curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.

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