Hello everybody. Today we are ready for a great adventure around the city of Leeuwarden. Are you ready to know more about it? So, let’s start!

Leeuwarden (“leeuw” in Dutch means “lion”, the figure adopted as the emblem of the city) is the capital of the province of Friesland, located to the north of the Netherlands. First of all it must be said that this is the only region of the Netherlands to have its own language, the Frisian language (which is derived from the Germanic branch, iy is spoken also in Germany and Denmark). It is divided into three sub-categories, so in this case we can say that in Leeuwarden is spoken Western Frisian. Said that, we can continue to learn more about the city. Leeuwarden is the seat of the most important market of livestock in the Netherlands and during the Ascension (religious feast) takes place a large flowers market. The city is also home to the famous ice-skating race (Elfstedentocht) that is held on the surface of the channels when they are sufficiently frozen. It must be said that this sporting event is very rare because there aren’t always the favorable climatic conditions to do that. Guess what? Leeuwarden will be the European Capital of Culture for the year 2018.

To know more (where eat, what to eat, where to have fun, acculturate …) continue to read.

As we said there is a lot of culture so we’ll start by this one.



  • Kanselarij: a former chancellery, the first seat of the Fries Museum, now the seat of a famous Academy.
  • Stadhouderlijk Hof: former residence of the Dutch royal family.
  • Waag: old trade centre of the city, where the goods were weighed and measured before being put on the market.
  • Sint-Bonifatiuskerk: Neo-Gothic church in the city, dedicated to St. Boniface. The church is part of the Roman Catholic diocese of Groningen-Leeuwarden.
  • De Oldehove: a church tower located in the medieval center of the city. It has the nickname of the tower of Pisa (in Italy) just because the church has the same oblique structure of the tower of Pisa.
  • Keramiekmuseum Princessehof: museum that houses a large collection of ceramics, inside the museum there is also a souvenir shop and a tea room.
  • Fries Scheepvaart Museum: a museum that will let you know about the history of Friesland from the seventeenth to the twentieth century.
  • De Blokhuispoort: former prison, now a cultural center located in the center of Leeuwarden. It has the particular aspect of a castle.
  • De Grote of Jacobijnerkerk: it is the largest medieval church in the city. It has a Gothic structure and on the inside a precious pipe organ.
  • Galerie de Rose di Tudor: contemporary art gallery with works by famous and emerging artists.
  • Natuurmuseum Fryslan: a museum entirely dedicated to the fauna and flora of the area. The museum offers several exhibits, videos and many interactive games for children.
  • Het Pier Pander Museum: a museum dedicated to the sculptor Pier Pander. Here you will find its collections and its marble sculptures, but this is also a perfect opportunity to get to know some curiosity about the artist.
  • Museumhaven Leeuwarder: there will be a guide who will lead you along the canal and show you the ships located on the bank of it. You will know all about the history of these old ships.
  • Museum de Grutterswinke: more than a museum it has the air of being a small vintage food store. This is really a must-see place for anyone who loves food. You will do a tour of few seconds but that will introduce you to all the typical aromas and flavors of the city and you can also buy something that you loved the most! An original idea for a museum, isn’t it?
  • Boomsma museum: this other museum is for the fans of the drinks. You will discover all about traditional Dutch liqueurs. You can also taste them and buy the one / ones you prefer ( but not all! ).
  • “Historische binnenstad Leeuwarden” or a fantastic tour through the historic center of the city with a guide that will show you the beauty of Leeuwarden and will tell its story.

The most famous theater of the city is De vier Pelikanen while De Harmonie is the best known concert hall.





  • Froskepôlemolen: a healthy walk to find the windmill, the last one to be still intact in the city of Leeuwarden. Worth a visit, don’t you believe it?
  • Praamvaren: it organizes rides on the boat over the canals.
  • Friese Food Tour: This is for people who want a tasty gastronomic tour (so don’t go with a full stomach!!)
  • Rengerspark, De Prinsentuin, Westerpark: they are all of the magnificent parks with ponds, trails and breathtaking scenery.
  • De Kleine Kerkstraat: one of the nicest shopping streets in the Netherlands.
  • A pleasant self tour in the historic center of the city (where is situated the Sint-Bonifatiuskerk) maybe you can do it on a bike as well.
  • Tivoli: cinema
  • Escape Room 058

And for a great night of fun ?? We have the answer!

  • Club Hemingway: night club.
  • Fire Palace B.V. disco.
  • De Toeter: cafè.
  • Het Wapen van Leeuwarden B.V. cafè.
  • Club RED: night club.
  • Club Noa: night club.



Now we will suggest some hotel and you can choose the one that adapts to your needs.

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?iata=LWR&aid=960457 – hotel next to the airport.
http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?city=-2148497&aid=960457 – hotel in the city.
http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?landmark=510&aid=960457 – Leeuwarden station


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