Hello everyone. Have you already figured out what we are going to talk about today?? Whatever the answer is, let’s discover together the new destination.

Leuven (Louvain) is the state capital of Flemish Brabant (one of Flanders’ provinces). Almost in the center of Belgium, it is a few kilometers far from Brussels and is located on the Dyle river. The city is divided into 5 municipalities: Leuven, Heverlee, Kessel-Lo, Wijgmaal and Winksele. Leuven is the “University City”, right here, it was created the first University of Belgium. The city is also the capital of beer (here is produced the famous beer Artois) and its train station is considered the fifth busiest station in Belgium.

To know more (to eat, what to eat, where to have fun, acculturate …) continue to read.

If you are ready, we would start with the knowledge of typical dishes of the city. So, are you ready? Come on!



We begin by saying that traditional dishes include cheese, sweets but also wine and beer. The dish that occupies the place of honor is the meat and sausages, including pietermanworst (spicy sausage made of veal with mustard and cheese).

  • Leuvense Paté – dish made of chicken liver and rabbit with rhubarb and gingerbread.
  • Leuvense Metteköu – typical local meatballs.
  • Paepthoonsla – fresh salad with ham and onion.
  • Frikadellenkoek – ready-sliced meat ​​made from chopped meat and spices.
  • Leuvense Ham – typical local ham.
  • Leuvens Fonske – savoury pie made from turkey meat with herbs and spices.
  • Leuvense pralines – chocolates with different tastes (white chocolate, dark or milk chocolate) stuffed with hazelnut and with the distinction of having designed over the image of the town hall of Leuven.
  • Lovania and Hete Mie – typical local wines.
  • Oude Geuze e  Stella Artois – local beers. Stella Artois is the most famous beer in this city, because the factory that produces this beer, it is located at the city center near the station. Every April takes place an important festivals, the Zythos bier(beer) festival.



Forks in hand it’s time to get some good food, we are going to see where.

  • Zarza– French, Belgian, European, international and fusion cuisine.
  • Bistro Tribunal – French cuisine, steakhouse but you can also taste the fish.
  • Royal Indian Food (Take Away) – typical Indian, Asian cuisine.
  • Sakura Sushi & Sashimi – Japanese and Asian cuisine.
  • La Filosofia – Italian, Mediterranean cuisine and pizza.
  • Restaurant EssenCiel
  • Sticky Fingers BBQ – American cuisine.
  • The Loving Hut – vegetarian food ( after all this meat, we managed to find this little place for vegetarians!).
  • De Werf – pub.
  • Donki – Mexican cuisine.

P.S. Have you noticed the variety of restaurants, not only with the local culture cuisine but also with a mix of the others cultures cuisine too?? A great opportunity to get to know different customs from ours.

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  1. I’ve been to Leuven one. At that time it wasn’t very special for me. But now I’m reading your blog and I’m thinking again. I should give it another try. I really like all the things you can do there. Would love to visit the botanical garden.

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