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The Belgian city that we will visit today, known under the name of “Cité ardent” (the fervent city), is Liège. Located in the Walloon region, the city is located next to the Meuse river. It’s a very populated and vast city and very prosperous culturally and economically speaking, in fact, is part of the “sillon industriel”, a former industrial center of Wallonia. The city is also home to the “Royal Standard de Liège”, one of the most important football clubs in Belgium.

To know more (to eat, what to eat, where to have fun, acculturate …) continue to read.

There is so much to discover about this city, so make yourself comfortable that we are going to start (starting, as we all know, from the typical dishes).

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  • Boulets à la liégeoise: meatballs covered with a sauce made from sirop de Liege (after we will see what it is), onion and vinegar. The meatballs are generally served with fries, lettuce and apple compote. This is the dish par excellence of Liège.
  • Boudin blanc: a kind of sausage filled with white meat. You can eat it warm or cold, it’s up to you the choice!
  • Salade liégeoise: salad made of potatoes, bacon, onions, beans and vinegar (there are, however, some variants of the ingredients). It is served warm or as the main dish or as antipasto
  • Sirop de Liège: molasses made of pear or apple. Often the molasses accompanies various food, as the Herve cheese or rabbit à la liégeoise (rabbit) and can be also spread on the waffles or on the pancakes.
  • La mitraillette: a traditional dish commonly called “routier”. It is a half a baguette (type of bread) inside which there is cooked and warm meat (sausages or burgers or whatever), chips, different sauces (mayonnaise, ketchup…) and sometimes lettuce, carrots or cheese.
  • Lacquemant: it is a kind of waffle, but much more thin and crispy, covered with a special syrup (unfortunately the recipe is kept secret).
  • Gaufre de Liège: the famous Liège waffle (don’t confuse them with those of the others Belgian cities, since them have a different dough).
  • Bouquettes liégeoises: a kind of pancakes, stuffed with raisins and a sprinkle of powdered sugar.
  • Café Liégeois: a dessert that differently from the name has a French origin. It’s made of lightly sweetened coffee, ice cream flavored coffee and chantilly cream. This dessert is perfect for you, coffee lovers!
  • Peket: alcoholic drink made of juniper berries. You can find it in different flavors and it is drunk also with some dishes as fish or cheese.
  • Jupiler, Curtius, Val-Dieu: local beers.




We hope that after all these dishes you are hungry because we are ready to go in search of some places where we can enjoy local food.

  • Le Selys: French cuisine.
  • La Maison Leblanc: steakhouse, Barbecue, Belgian, European, French cuisine.
  • The Huggy’s Bar: American, Belgian cuisine.
  • Punto e Pasta: Italian cuisine.
  • La Roussette de Savoie: Barbecue, French, Swiss, European cuisine.
  • Le Dix-Huitieme: French, Belgian, European cuisine.
  • Chez Nathalie: typical French cuisine.
  • Terra Terrae: French, Mediterranean cuisine.
  • L’Ecuyer: Belgian, European cuisine.
  • La Charbonnade: barbecue.
  • La Frite: fast food with Belgian and European cuisine.
  • Glace & Moi: cafè.
  • Les Cuistots: typical Mediterranean cuisine.
  • MESSIEURS: typical French cuisine.
  • Le Pain Quotidien: perfect for a good breakfast and to eat healthy food.
  • Tout Simplement: Belgian, European cuisine.
  • Le 12-30 Boulevard: healthy food.
  • Brasserie C: restaurant/pub with terrace and French,Spanish cuisine.
  • NewS Bar & Restaurant: Wine Bar, French cuisine.

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  1. In 2017 we’ll probably be able to visit Belgium, I think by car. I always thought about Brussels, Antwerp and Bruges as the city we are going to visit, but reading your post I also put Liege in the list!

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