Hello everybody. Today we are super ready to face another amazing adventure together and you, are you ready?? Come on!

The city we will visit today is Mons, capital of the Belgian province of Hainaut. It is situated to the south-west of the capital Brussels and to the north-east of Paris, is houses the headquarters of the NATO. City of great importance for its university and for its economy. Mons also was chosen as European Capital of Culture in 2015.

To know more (to eat, what to eat, where to have fun, acculturate …) continue to read.

First of all let’s start by giving a look at the typical dishes of the city (we need energy to explore the city in a better way!)


  • Soupe montoise: vegetables soup.
  • Ratons du Car d’Or: typical dish of the place, consists of pancakes stuffed with béchamel, cheese and ham.
  •  Numerous are the dishes prepared with the local beer such as: Fricassée de poularde à la bière, Lapin à la gueuze, Ris de veau à la bière, Moules à la bière..
  • Escavèche de Mons: a dish made of fish (eel or pike) completed with onion rings and lemon.
  • Truite Antoine Clesse: dish made of fish, specifically trout, accompanied by a sauce, the sauce mousseline.
  • Tarte à groseilles: currant cake.
  • Macarons de Mons: sweet made of almonds.
  • Pavés de Mons: butter cream cake (among the ingredients there is also the coffee).
  • El Cayau Montois: you can not leave Mons without tasting one of the most characteristic sweets of the place. A chocolate cake with nuts and cookies. Its form reminds that of the city. You can find this delight at the bakery Hoquart (Place de la Citadelle) or at Salon de thé “L’Exception” (Grand Place).
  • Gâteau aux pommes: apple pie.
  • At the Grand Place, you can find the kiosk of “caricole” a stand that sells the snails typical of this area.




We continue our tour in search of the places where we can taste the specialties and not of the place.

  • l’Art des Mets: French cuisine and fusion.
  • L’Envers: French cuisine.
  • Vilaine Fille Mauvais Garcon: typical French cuisine.
  • Tocco D’Italia: typical Italian cuisine.
  • Twenty Buns: American cuisine.
  • Le Salon des Lumières: a really special local, it feels like eating in a dining room in ancient times.
  • Cocotte Mons: European,healthy, vegan cuisine.
  • La bergerie: French cuisine.
  • Mimolette Cacahuète: Mexican cuisine.
  • Chez Henri: Belgian, European, French cuisine.
  • Yogorino: fast food and Italian cuisine.
  • EAT enfin a table: cafè.
  • Texas Coffee House: american cafè.
  • MoMA Coffee Mons: great american cafè.

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  1. Your recommendations are great, more so the images used tell it clear to whoever wants to be on this one. I am a first timer on this blog and I am already blown away… Blessings.

  2. I’m not familiar with Mons, but I do love Belgium! They have such great lunches. Did have a Belgian waffle? It looks like Mons is really alive. So since I live close to Belgium I might visit.

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