St. Pölten is the state capital of Niederösterreich. It is the largest region of the Austria, so don’t worry, there is so much to see! It is rich in archaeological digs, abbeys and baroque castles. For all wine lovers this is your place, Niederösterreich is very appreciated for its wines.

To know more ( what to eat, where to eat, where to have fun, things to visit…) continue to read.

We start from our source of energy, food. You can’t go to a place and don’t taste the typical foods (you have to taste them before you judge them!). We just have to give a look at the dishes that can be found in Niederösterreich.

TYPICAL FOODS20091215-sigmund-caraway

  • Spargel mit Petersilienerdäpfel (Asparagus with parsley potatoes and hollandaise sauce)
  • Marillenknödel (sweet stuffed gnocchi)
  • Erdäpfelpuffer Räucherforelle und mit Chili (savoury pie potatoes with smoked trout and red pepper).

If you want to opt for something light, any food made with the potatoes will be fine, even a pizza, for example, as long as it has the potatoes over it, because these are grown in this region and this give them the nomination of the excellence food of the place.

Here, as into Austria in general, you can taste also the famous Pretzel.marillenknoedel-aus-topfenteig_1454


  • La Dolce Vita – typical Italian cuisine.
  • Saloon Milwaukee – typical American cuisine
  • Rhodos – typical Greek cuisine
  • Gaststätte Figl – typical Austrian and European cuisine.
  • Cafe Schubert – traditional Austrian, international and European cuisine.

To you the hard choice!

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