Hello everybody. Are you ready for an other fantastic adventure in the Netherlands or are you still tired from our big tour in Amsterdam? We hope that you are not because the city of Zwolle is waiting for us! As usual, before starting our adventure, let’s know our destination.

Zwolle is the capital city of the province of Overijssel and it is considered an important industrial center. The city has four rivers: IJssel, Vecht, Aa and Zwarte Water. Its greatest particularity, that struck us, is its shape that reminds a star. Zwolle is a city rich in history and its monuments (that now we’ll see) are the proof.

To know more (where to eat, what to eat, where to have fun, what to visit…) continue to read.

Now we will officially begin our tour. Are you there?? Let’s do it!



  •  Grote Sint Michaëlskerk: the beautiful church of the city that is home to a majestic monumental organ built by Arp Schnitger.
  • Basiliek van Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-ten-Hemelopneming: the medieval church of the city. It is flanked by a tower (with a clock on the top), called Peperbus, one of the highest and most famous towers of the Netherlands…. It will not go by unnoticed!
  • Dominicanenklooster: is a beautiful neo-Gothic building, located in Assendorp district. Still today the monastery hosts the Dominicans.
  • Sassenpoort: ancient city gate. It looks like the entrance of a castle and has a very majestic look… You will feel a nice sensation passing inside it!
  • Het Vrouwenhuis: Zwolle art museum, located in Melkmarkt 53. The museum is focused on the works of Aleida Greve (painter of Zwolle). You can visit it on special request.
  • Museum de Fundatie: art museum that houses works by great artists such as: Chagall, Mondrian and Van Gogh. Its architecture makes this building unique, on the museum’s roof there is what is commonly known under the name of “eye” or “cloud” (a huge mass of stone, if we want to call it like this). We would like to specify that the museum in question is located in Blijmarkt since the latter also has another office located in another province of Zwolle.
  • Stedelijk Museum Zwolle: antiquities and natural history. There are several exhibitions of contemporary art.
  • Bonami SpelComputer Museum: this museum is perfect for technology lovers. It will show you an overview of the technology world from ancient times to the present times. You will find computers of all shapes and sizes (including the first real PC), console, floppy, jukebox, pinball and…. you can also play with them! If you are a big fan of all this, put the museum on your list because you can’t miss this amazing place.
  • Historisch Centrum Overijssel: a center that will let you know about the history of the province of Overijssel (from the Middle Ages until today) through videos, photographs, books, newspapers and so on. The building has a very modern structure in the interior side and exterior side.
  • In the western part of the city, in the neighborhood of Art Nouveau buildings (to be more precisely in Koningin Wilhelminastraat, Prinses Julianastraat and Prins Hendrikstraat) you find amazing homes and shops in a very particular style that recalls that particular artistic period. Most of these buildings are protected by the Dutch government.

As for the theater, the best known is the Theater De Spiegel and the most famous concert hall is the Hedon.



Vanaf het orgel

Finished the culture moment, we are ready to give ample space to the fun. What do you think?

  • Broerenkerk: by the name (“kerk” that means church) would appear that we’re bringing back to the “cultural moment” but it’s not what it seems. This building was part of the Dominican monastery (and still has that aspect) but entering you will find that it is no longer a sacred place but a large and beautiful library (with different levels), which fortunately has kept its magnificent frescoes.
  • Park de Wezenlanden: a large green area that thanks to this vastness allows to organize many open events.
  • Het Engelse Werk: a beautiful and romantic park with lakes and a beautiful view over the nature. Don’t miss it!
  • Thorbeckegracht is a very attractive place for a quiet and romantic walk along the canal. You can breath the same atmosphere in Praubstraat, Melkmarkt (square with different local) and Blijmarkt Square (another square), Oude Vismarkt, Luttekestraat, het het Grote Kerkplein Rodetorenplein, Grote Markt and finally, perhaps the most busy street, Diezerstraat (the main shopping street in Zwolle).
  • Other options are the bike/walk tours and lots of outdoor activities. An example? Wijthmenerplas, a large lake where you can have relaxing moments and plus here are organized various water activities.
  • Landgoed Anningahof: it is a park-culture, now we will explain better. It is an outdoors place, that can be considered a park, where there are several sculptures that change from year to year. It is an interesting and fun place at the same time. The only flaw is that it is temporarily closed but don’t worry because it always opens during the summer season. What more appropriate time to mention this park being us so close to this season?!
  • The Great Escape: escape room.

The night is coming but if for you the word “night” is equivalent to the word “fun”, we’ve got what you need.

  • Club 38: nightclub.
  • Het Vliegende Paard: nightclub.
  • DJ Big Blender | Bruiloft DJ | Drive In Show | Ervaren & Allround: disco.
  • ClubZo: disco (opened only on Saturdays).
  •  The squares of the city (already mentioned) that at night they are busier. You will find local, restaurants and cafes such as: the cafe foyé and Sally O’Briens pub.




We are curious to know the typical dishes of Zwolle and you?

  • Overijsselse spekpannenkoek: bacon pancake. To the classic pancake batter are added the bacon slices (that previously have been fried).
  • Saté: is an Indonesian dish, which has now become integral part of Dutch cuisine. The dish consists of meat skewer (chicken or beef) served with the sauce or fries (there are some variation depending on the area where you are).
  • Among the typical dishes there are certainly the different types of fish and the rye bread (that we already knew in Arnhem).
  • Kampersteur: a food that is perfect for vegetarians and not. It is a dish made of boiled eggs on a bed of mustard sauce, you have to be a fan of the latter to appreciate the dish at its best!
  • Deventer koek: this is a perfect cake for a snack or for breakfast. It’s very tasty and the flavor reminds gingerbread’s. This cake has become the symbol of the Deventer city (where it is actually born).
  • Zwolse blauwvingers: Zwolle biscuits. They have a particular shape, are long and the end covered with the chocolate. They look like a… finger!




And now what we are going to do? Obviously we are going to find some restaurant so we can “know” closely the typical dishes.

  • We want to make a special mention to the restaurant “De Librije” (French, Dutch, European and gluten free cuisine) that has won several awards, including Restaurant of the Year.
  • Baiyok: Asian and Thai cuisine.
  • Waanders in de Broeren: Dutch, European and vegetarian cuisine. Do you remember? This is the fantastic library (we have shown it in the entertainment section) in which you will also find a place to eat….well the culture consumes energy, isn’t it?
  • Van der Valk Restaurant: French, Dutch, European, Central European and gluten cuisine.
  • Os en Peper: Dutch and European cuisine.
  • Vaca Negra: Argentine, South American, Latin, Spanish cuisine.
  • ‘t Pestengasthuys: French, European, Belgian, Dutch, International, Central European and gluten cuisine.
  • Vito’s: Italian and European cuisine.
  • Ingeburgerd: Dutch, International and European cuisine.
  • Bistro De Buik van Parijs: French, Dutch, European, Central European cuisine.
  • Bij Broeders: French, Dutch, International and European cuisine.
  • Las Rosas: cafè/wine bar with Mediterranean,European, Spanish cuisine.
  • Poppe: European, French, Central European cuisine.
  • Grand Cafe Het Wijnhuis: European, Dutch, International cuisine.
  • Everyday Bread: cafè.


Our tour in Zwolle is over but stay tuned to find out in which other city of the Netherlands we will be next time.

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you have been or are you going to go? What did you like least and what more? We are curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.


We will list below the hotels of Zwolle where you can stay during your trip in the city.

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?city=-2156821&aid=960457  – hotels in the city.

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?landmark=672&aid=960457  – hotels next to the station.



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