Hello everyone. Today we want to suggest an unusual and quite interesting topic because instead of talking about the “things to do during your vacation” we want to talk about “the things to NOT do during your vacation.” Are you curious enough? Just keep read!

Let’s begin by saying that the best thing to fight something is to know its weaknesses. This is what we’ll do today. Knowledge will be the key to make your stay in a foreign land very special and avoid unpleasant inconvenience.

It’s time to get to the point and show you the “things to NOT do during your vacation.” Ready? Let’s start!

  •  Don’t rush. A little bit for the thirsty to know and a little bit for time that flies, we are often caught by this bad and contagious “disease.”  This will only bring stress, exhaustion, and plus you will learn anything new and you will never have the time to enjoy moments. Now you’re wondering what is the secret to do things as they should? The secret is the organization (and it’s easier than it sounds!).


  •  Don’t worry about to do all the things you want to do or see  in only few days of vacation, there is a limit to everything. Choose priorities and work on them… for the remaining things, you have one more excuse to come back!


  • You shouldn’t go to a foreign place and not knowing some basic words. It is good for your personal culture (you will be more culturally enriched) and it is useful to make communication easier (remember not all countries know English) and then what if there will be the opportunity to get to know someone, how do you think to talk, eh?


  • Don’t just visit museums or churches. This doesn’t mean that you have to reduce visits but that means that you should find the time to walk, get lost in the surrounding atmosphere (but also in the typical streets) or enjoy the view of the city or also do some unusual activities. All this things combined together and in the right way will give you unique emotions.


  • You should never give up doing something you want, especially if you are with your travel mates. For example, if your friends have decided to not go in a  place, that doesn’t mean you should give up but you should have the “courage” to do what you want with or without them. We are sure you don’t want to go home with regrets or blame your friends for the rest of the life!


  •  Don’t get stress to buy lots of souvenirs. Sometimes this point is underestimate. It’s right to buy something but only for the people who you really want to give them, or you will waste time and money (and w are sure you need them!). A great idea for a present, it is original and economical (at almost zero cost) is to give a few photos that you have taken, like a postcard but it will surely be more appreciated and beautiful.


  • Don’t spend too much time to post your pics or spend the time on your phone. We are not saying  that you don’t have to use it because we live in a world dominated by technology (and we first of all are involved in it) but you can do at the end of the day or when you’ll come back in your country. Look for a balance and enjoy the moment, there is always time to post.


  •  Don’t forget alternatives. Unfortunately it could happen few days of rain so take a deep breath and keep calm,  just simply find a viable alternative and exclude outdoors places. Do some indoors activities there are so many options in the city. Maybe you might even be “happy” for this unfortunate incident and take the opportunity to learn something new. From now on, no more without alternative!


  •  Don’t be too strict with yourself. Give yourself some “guilty pleasures” about food or about fun, whatever you want… the important thing is to seize the moment and enjoy new experiences in serenity.


  •  Don’t forget to travel with a map. Even if it doesn’t seem, it is an important detail because the GPS is not always reliable. Before your vacation starts get a map and mark on it what are the places that you want to visit.


  • Don’t always move in a taxi as this is more expensive than public transportation.



With this eleventh point, our suggestions are over. We hope this have been useful so that you can travel with more awareness and enjoy it in total serenity.

Don’t forget to let us know your opinions about it by leaving a comment in the section below the article, we will be happy to read you all.

A big kiss.

56 thoughts on “11 things to NOT do during your vacation

  1. These are all great tips and reminders of how to slow down and enjoy your time exploring an area. I agree it’s a good idea to do the things you want, even if others are not on board. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Some great tips, things I actually take for granted like learning some of the language, not buying souvenirs and even taking a break from my social media life to actually have a holiday

  3. Great points! Especially about not rushing or spending too much time on your phone. Nothing spoils a trip for me like trying to cram too much into it, or trying to share everything that happens.

  4. I agree – the experience is always in losing yourself in your surrounds, watching life in another country, chatting with locals and having authentic cultural experiences rather than how many souvenirs one might buy or how many churches you visit.

  5. Thanks for these tips! When I travel I enjoy every moments of it, and not in a hurry. But I couldn’t helped noticed about some travels who acts like a diva, just because they are guests. Its annoying, and they keep on whining.

    1. There are different types of traveler in this world, but for us the best category is the one that enjoys the trip with passion and fun, learns from it and does everything with rationality!
      Travelling is an experience that forms you!!

  6. I totally agree about not rushing and also not just visiting museums. One of my favourite things to do at a destination is to explore and get to know the neighbourhoods and streets.

    In terms of your taxi suggestion I think it’s always best and cheaper to use public transport as much as possible. This is what the locals probably do, or even walk between places if possible. You’ll see so much more.

    1. Exploring the neighbourhoods and streets is a good way to know better a place, to get in touch with the people who live there. Plus if you want to learn more about the culture, of the place you are visiting, you can act like a local; for example using public trasports! There are so many things you can do 🙂

  7. It’s so tempting to rush. Just because you have the feeling you want to see everything. I love your post. We shouldn’t rush and just take the time and enjoy everything. I used to stress out about souvenirs as well. Luckily I’ve decided to let it go. And only buy something when I accidentally see it. But I don’t go looking for it. (Except for a fridge magnet haha, I buy one in every country I visit)

    1. Enjoy the moment is one of our favorite! We know that it’s impossible to visit everything in few days but it is better to vist few things that lots of things without understand nothing. Quality over quantity!
      Fridge magnets are a classic for everyone 🙂

  8. These are some great tips. I agree museums are good but there is so much more to see in a city. Also Taxis are really expensive. I love exploring the city on foot& via local transport.

  9. These are amazing tips! It is so important not to stress and trying to do it all. I can relate to this when I planned my trip to Cuba. It was better to spend more time at 3 places then to see 10 places in a short time. A map or Lonely planet Guide book is essential I think 😀

  10. When I used to to travel with my whole group of friends it was a nightmare getting into places and making decisions on what to do; now that I travel in small groups, I’m amazed at how smoothly travelling can go!

  11. These are great points while travelling! I like that you reminded us about the details we usually take for granted like not knowing some basic words from the foreign places we visit or even spending too much time posting pictures. Great post!xx

  12. Totally agree! Your tip about ‘not worrying about getting to everything, it gives you a reason to come back’ is great. My last vacation was very last minute so nothing was planned out. The last couple days we tried to fit in as much as possible and it was too late. At first, I was bummed that I missed so many amazing sights I didn’t even know existed until we got there, but then I realized it was the perfect excuse to go back!

  13. I like your advice about not just sticking to museums etc. don’t get me wrong I love museums (Spent the days wandering Glasgows museums today) but some of my best travel memories are from when you just simply go for a walk and explore. Great advice !

    1. Visiting museums is very important not only to know the history of the place but also to know the present. You don’t have to explore only them also because one of the best way to understand the society is to live between the locals!

  14. Could not agree more to these best tips. Knowing a few words of the foreign language is a gem of a tip and has saved my life a few times in Europe. It’s much easier to get a conversation started with a local. Thanks 🙂

  15. Great post and quite useful tips ! When I’m in a new city I normaly go and lose myself. I love wandering in the streets without know where i am. You normally have really good surprises 🙂

  16. I really like your second point because sometimes I do find myself caught up in the hustle and bustle wanting to get to see everything and in turn seeing nothing. YOU CAN ALWAYS COME BACK

  17. E non cercare di sentirsi come dei colonizzatori appena arrivati su un’ isola, accettare senza se e senza ma gli usi e costumi di un posto, rispettare le file, i luoghi etcc… etcc… questo è un post che fa venire voglia di scrivere tante cose sull’argomento! 🙂

    1. Pienamente d’accordo con ciò che hai scritto, il rispetto prima di tutto. In fondo siamo degli ospiti lì ahah
      Ci sarebbero molti altri suggerimenti da dare, ma l’articolo diventerebbe molto lungo… Un’idea per una seconda parte!

  18. D’accordissimo con queste “regole”…. l’unica cosa che io non riesco a fare è star lontano dal telefono…. sono molto social e mi piace postare in diretta dove sono, cosa vedo, cosa faccio 😀

  19. Bellissimo articolo! Sono d’accordo devi ammirare la città senza fretta e conoscere almeno qualche parola nel paese dove vai. La comunicazione è indispensabile 😉

  20. This is a good list. Unfortunately I am guilty of many of these. We try to limit our time on social media when travelling. Often time zone differences help with this. We often travel for long periods so we always have a list of different kind of things we can do. Especially if the weather craps out. Thanks for sharing your experience. Linda

    1. Hi Linda, you’re welcome and thank you for your reading!
      These are some good way to live fully your travel but sometimes it can be subjective what to do or not to do. It’s nice you agree with our steps 🙂

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