Hello and welcome.

We are Amalia and Paolo, two siblings.
We decided to create this site because between our many passions there is one that we have more in common: travel.


“I like to photograph everything that is simple but significant”- Amalia

I love exploring the world and everything around me because every experience has something to teach and opens your heart and mind.

I have always had an innate passion for foreign languages (so much that I decided to study them!) and I really love listening to stories of strangers because I think that every story has its value and I try to learn something from their precious advice.

In every place that I visit I always leave a piece of my heart.


“I like know cultures and customs different from mine”- Paolo

One of my favorite parts about traveling is just the journey (understood like way) because it gives you the opportunity to observe landscapes that sometimes you can only see on tv or on the web.

Furthermore traveling allows you to discover things that, from my point of view, not even the books are able to explain or gather the essence.

Oh I almost forgot to say that the food, especially the different ones from what I usually eat, is one of my obsessions!! A real magnet.


This site is a guide for you wherever you go and whoever you’re with.
We hope you like it, impassion you but especially that it will be useful.
Greetings from Italy to each of you, wherever you are.
Amalia and Paolo