Hello everyone. Today we will take you around to another great city of the Netherlands, Alkmaar. Ready for this new adventure? So, let’s start!

Alkmaar is a city located in the province North Holland and is crossed by Noordhollandsch channel. In addition to its important history, the city is also known for its traditional cheese market (we will talk about it later) and its mills. Also important is the sport, football and cycling in particular. Not far from Amsterdam is easily accessible by public transport.

To know more (what to eat, where to eat, where to have fun, things to visit…) continue to read.

Now we can enter into the world of culture.



  • Grote or Sint-Laurenskerk: the most famous protestant church of the city, located in Koorstraat. Inside there are two world famous organs: the smaller the Koororgel and the greatest is the one built by Jacobus van Caltus Hagerbeer. The church also has a carillon.
  • Waag: the weigh house (place where the goods were weighed). Now houses the Hollands Kaasmuseum, the museum of Dutch cheese. Here you will know the role that this food has in Dutch culture, its history through films and photos. It is impossible to come to Alkmaar, “cheese city” and not visit this museum.
  • Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar: is a museum entirely dedicated to the history of Alkmaar. It is situated in the center of the city in Canadaplein square. The museum also houses a cafe.
  • De Boom National Beer Museum: national beer museum, located in a former brewery. Being this one of the most widely consumed beverages in the Netherlands, was impossible to not find a museum that will let you know about its history and production. After the tour as a reward for such a “effort” you can choose to enjoy a refreshing glass of beer.
  • Beatles Museum: the museum of museums for fans of the famous band The Beatles. Even if you think you know everything about them expect to visit the museum and you will be more informed than before! Exclusive photos and videos, their awards, John Lennon’s first guitar made right here in Alkmaar, wax figures… we could spend all day to list the many beautiful things that are there!

TAQA Theater De Vest is the biggest and most popular theater of the city.





The tour continues into the world of entertainment and of the beautiful and interesting things to do in Alkmaar.

  • The main attraction is, of course, the cheese market. This is held in the Waagplein square every Friday morning from the first Friday of April to the first Friday of September. Before the “show”, the cheeses are weighed and then transported to the crowd. This is just a demonstration, so if you want to taste and buy the famous Dutch cheeses (you will find the known brands as Edam and Gouda) will be set up some stands. A great opportunity to know about the folklore of this city.
  • Alkmaar it is not only the city of cheese but also of the mills. You will find different mills, each one with its own characteristics and its landscape. An example is the Molen van Piet Groot, a former mill in a peaceful environment.
  • Kaasmarkt: another traditional market, but this time we are talking about something more generic. You will find everything and more (even the famous wooden clogs) and you’ll also have the opportunity to know about flavors of the city.
  • Grachtenrondvaart Alkmaar: a pleasant and interesting tour around the city and even in the canals.
  • Alkmaar Citytours: boat ride on the amazing channels of Alkmaar.
  • Alkmaarderhout en Westerhout: a magnificent park with a lot of local fauna and flora.
  • Here for you some little street where you can enjoy a healthy walk (on your tour you will see the large amount of monuments that the city offers) or even go shopping: Bierkade, where there is the high Accijnstoren tower. Kooltuin, a characteristic streets flanked by a canal. Zijdam, also this street is very beautiful. Vismarkt, the fish market square (the place is constituted by two buildings one opposite the other with the outside counters). The Canadaplein square, where there is the de Vest theater that we’ve seen before. Langestraat is one of the oldest streets in the city center, perfect for shopping. As well as Laat, full of shops and clubs. If you want you can visit the Sint Josephkerk (a church) where there is a small bridge built over a canal.
  • De Meent: track for ice skating.
  • Escaperoom-Alkmaar.nl: escape game.
  • Vue Cinema e Filmhuis Alkmaar: two movie theaters.

Alkmaar at the scene of the nightlife takes place principlamente where the cheese market, being that place full of locals.

Here for you some locals where you can spend a pleasant evening.

  • Mojo’s: night club.
  • Mood Alkmaar: night club.
  • La bodega: night club.
  • Sportcafe Alkmaar: cafè with billiards area.
  • Proeflokaal de Boom: local.
  • ZiNiN Eten en Drinken: local.

In town there is also a red-light district located in Achterdam.




And now we will go into the food world. Let’s find out the dishes that dominate this city.

  • Hete bliksem: is a dish made of boiled potatoes and green apple (its consistency is similar to the mashed potatoes). It is served with treacle or the diced bacon.
  • Gehaktballen: meatballs (made with half pork and half beef).
  • Strammer Max: is slice of bread (sometimes it is fried in the butter) covered with ham and eggs. It can be added to the tomato and the cheese but that is not the original recipe.
  • Haagse bluf: it is a very similar to ice cream but it is creamier.
  • Krentjebrij: it’s kind of sweet soup (similar to the porridge) made with the berry juice. It can be eaten hot or cold. In both cases, the taste is really strong!




We just have to go in search of some good restaurants. Are you ready? Let’s go!

  • De Vlaminck: Belgian, Dutch, European cuisine and fast food.
  • de Koning eten &drinken
  • Bistro de 13 Balcken: Dutch, European, French, International cuisine.
  • The Hielander: European, British, Scottish cuisine.
  • Saladebar Oogst: vegetarian, healthy and gluten free cuisine.
  • De Waag: international cuisine.
  • Bakery Cafe Bloem
  • Mamma Peppino: Italian, Mediterranean and vegetarian cuisine.
  • Mylos Grieks Restaurat: Mediterranean and Greek cuisine.
  • De Binnenkomer: European, Dutch cuisine.
  • De Buren: pub/bar with Dutch cuisine, European, Belgian cuisine.
  • Echt alkmaar: Dutch, European, vegetarian, contemporary, healthy cuisine.


Our trip in Alkmaar is over but there is still some other cities to explore in the Netherlands. Stay tuned to find out what will be the next destination.

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What  you liked the most or least? We’re curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.


Below we will list the hotels that you can find in Alkmaar.

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?city=-2140374&aid=960457 – hotels in the city.
http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?landmark=325&aid=960457 – hotels next to the station.



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