Hello travelers, as you know (and if you don’t know, a mini summary is coming) we left Portugal and we finished our tour in Aveiro, asking you a question, what would have been our next destination to explore. Well, someone went very close to it (half good guys haha). So as you can see from the title, we’re headed to Andorra. While waiting to reach it, we tell you a little about it.

Andorra is a principality (a microstate) located in the eastern Pyrenees, between France and Spain and precisely in south-western Europe. Consider that it is the sixth smallest nation in Europe and the only one, together with the Republic of San Marino, to have two presidents that govern together. The two Presidents of Andorra are the bishop of the Spanish diocese and the president of the French Republic (the only case in which he is at the head of his own country and of a neighboring one).
In addition, the state is divided into seven parishes (they are a kind of districts) and some of these are: Ordino, La Massana and Sant Julià de Lòria…

Andorra being surrounded by mountains and its neighboring states, has no access to the sea and therefore there will be no coast in this destination; however, there are inland waters due to the presence of the mountains. The main rivers are two: the Valira and Ariège.

For the climate we have two variants, the alpine one (typical of the Alps and so as you can imagine the snow can also last until May) in the mountainous and continental (cold winters and cool summers) in the lowland areas. So now you know what to pack hehe!

Think that the inhabitants of Andorra, the andorran, constitute a minority in their own state and speaking of percentages they are only 40%. The rest of the population is so composed: Spanish, Portuguese and French.

The religion that predominates in the state is catholicism and the official language is catalan but minorities also speak Spanish, French and Portuguese.

As you could well understand, Andorra’s position is certainly not so favorable as regards its past. It has often found itself outside of the historical events that have involved Europe, creating ties mainly with neighboring states such as France and Spain (which their function was to be intermediaries). Despite this it is a principality full of things to admire and to tell, so much that the most flourishing sector is the tourist one. However thanks to the development of communication over the years, today Andorra has put an end to the word isolation; however there are no airports in the area but you can easily reach it through the access to international flights that are made available by France or Spain (and what better time to visit as many countries as possible!).

So tourism is the foundation of the economy of Andorra, due to its great beauty. Tourists are really attracted by this principality, on summer or on winter it doesn’t matter, every season has something special and beautiful to show. Obviously the economy becomes more and more important every day thanks to the opening of the economies of France and Spain to the single European market, in other words, it provides a great connection favoring more availability of goods and lower rates.

At the cultural level and in particular in the education sector, Andorra has only one university, the University of Andorra, located in the municipality of Sant Julià de Lòria.

Well, these are the salient information to have a first approach (which it will turn into a real knowledge soon!) of the destination where we are heading.

We can’t wait to begin this adventure and we are very close to start it, but meanwhile we tell you: welcome to Andorra.

A big kiss to everyone.





56 thoughts on “Andorra

  1. I enjoyed reading the information and trivia that you shared. Those small European countries interest me a lot. I wonder how life is in there? Is it urbanized? Is it simple? I wish I could explore Andorra.

  2. Thanks for the post, I have never been to Andorra before but it will be a good place to visit soon.

  3. Two areas I have ALWAYS wanted to check out – Andorra and the Basque region. I have heard amazing things about the food. I love and I think it is so interesting the melting of both Spanish and French cultures in Andorra… Somewhat similar, but a lot of differences too. I can’t wait to get here!

  4. Adesso sono super curiosa di conoscere la vostra meta. Io non sono mai andata in Andorra quindi verrò in viaggio con voi, anche se solo virtualmente.

  5. I actually haven’t heard of Andorra. I’d like to visit, in the season where it’s cool in the lowlands, not cold!! 🙂

  6. Non sono mai stata ad Andorra, ma non amando la montagna non ho pensato di andarci. So che è un paradiso fiscale (chissà quanti ci sono andati per questo) e mi pare che ci sia anche un grande centro termale. Poi aspetterò i vostri post per valutare sul da farsi. A presto allora!

  7. I honestly had no idea of Andorra location, thanks for the post, it really helped me with new info. It’s definitely a place to visit, I would have preferred to see a few photos, though.

  8. Sono curiosa di leggere la vostra opinione su Andorra, mi ha sempre intrigato in quanto Principato e minuscolo stato, ma in realtà ci sono ben poche informazioni date da viaggiatori. Attendo con ansia…

  9. These are interesting facts. I’ve never heard about some of them actually. I think it might be better when I pay a visit to this place.

  10. Sinceramente non conoscevo tutte queste cose su Andorra, anzi devo ammettere che me l’ero completamente dimenticata nell’assetto europeo. Adesso che mi ci avete fatto pensare e mi avete fatto scoprire di più su questa piccolissima nazione. Voglio andarci!

  11. Il giro in Portogallo mi è piaciuto molto (tra l’altro sto per tornarci e utilizzerò alcuni dei vostri post per farmi una miniguida personale), e adesso seguirò tutti i post su Andorra. Sono molto curiosa.

  12. Certo che c’è tanto da visitare qui in Andorra, sono curioso di conoscere che itinerario farete.

  13. Bello, non vedo l’ora di leggere il vostro resoconto su questa nuova magnifica avventura ma soprattutto non vedo l’ora di ammirare le splendide foto.

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