Welcome back to everyone. Today we are ready for another fantastic adventure around….. Arlon. Let’s start!

Arlon is the capital of the Belgian province of Luxembourg (don’t get confused with the state of Luxembourg on the border with Germany, France and Belgium) and the place where starts the Semois river. The city is an important commercial and administrative center, but is also known for its importance in the sector of education (like schools and universities).

To know more (where to eat, what to eat, where to have fun, acculturate …) continue to read.

Today we’ll begin in a different way because we will nots start from the typical dishes but will start from the culture. Okay, we can go on!




  • Musée archéologique d’Arlon: a museum that houses an important collection of archaeological finds. Important and famous is the Gallo-Roman section, one of the largest sections of Europe. The museum also has a beautiful park where you can have a nice break.
  • Musée Gaspar: museum located in the heart of the city, all dedicated to the art and history of Arlon and its region. Surrounded by a wooded park, the museum offers some activities for young visitors and is also the headquarters of the archaeological institute of Luxemburg and its library.
  • Musée du Cycle: museum dedicated to the history of the bicycle (more than 100 models) and cycling in general.
  • Les Archives de l’État à Arlon: open to the public, the center preserves many of the city’s archive documents. It’s located at the “Parc des Expositions”.
  •  Saint Donat Church: located on the Knipchen hill, the church has a carillon.
  • La synagogue d’Arlon: place of worship in neo-Roman style, was the first synagogue to be built in Belgium. It was also classified as major heritage of Wallonia.
  • L’église Saint-Martin à Arlon: one of the main church of the city in neo-Gothic style. Also this building was classified as a major heritage of Walloon, except for the organ which is classified as exceptional heritage of the Walloon Region.
  • L’abbaye de Clairefontaine: the abbey is located in Clairefontaine, 4 km from the city center The beautiful abbey has remained almost entirely intact and it is classified as a cultural and architectural heritage.
  • Le Palais Provincial
  • L’Ancien Palais de Justice: located on the north of Léopold square.
  • Tour romaine: sculptures and monuments symbol of the city. You will notice also fragments of the defensive wall built in the third century.
  • Château d’Autelbas,Château de Guirsch,Château de Sterpenich: they are all beautiful castles. The only flaw is that they are not so close by the city center.
  • L’Appel de la forêt or Cerf bramant: the statue represents a deer, a symbolic animal well known from the region. It is situated in the Astrid Square. The builder of this statue, Jean-Marie Gaspar, get inspired during a nocturnal walk in the Ardenne forests.

As for the theaters, here is the principal.

Maison de la Culture d’Arlon (exhibitions, shows..)





After the  culture, we can give space to the fun/relax.

  • Montée Royale: one of the strong points of the city. A staircase that will make you enjoy a great view and will take you to Saint-Donat.
  • Les Charmilles de Cornouillers: an evocative passage through this tunnel completely covered by trees. According to the tradition, the Charmilles de Cornouillers  has more than 350 years.
  • For those who love walking or cycling there are many paths that will make you discover the most hidden places (such as The Arboretum de Frassem). To request the map or the precise places where to go and what to do, you can have information at the Office du Tourisme d’Arlon. You can also make a beautiful horseback ride.
  • You can opt for a good outdoor break (hoping well for the weather, fingers crossed) in the center of the city, at the foot of Saint-Donat church there are picnic tables. You can also choose to have your break time at the Gaspar Parc, behind the museum from which the park takes its name; or also at the archéologique site de Clairefontaine immersed in nature (you can use the barbecue, which is available on request).
  • If you are there on Thursday morning, you can’t miss the market that takes place in the city.
  • Many and various are the festivals that take place in Arlon (who knows maybe you might be there and be in the midst of a feast!) such as: carnival of Arlon (colorful parade in the city center, dances, music..) les Aralunaires (great variety of concerts), the Maitrank festival (we will see it later when we will talk about the typical dishes).

Let’s see, now, where to have a great evening.

  • La Marmite Ukrainienne: cafè.
  • L’insolite: cafè.
  • Cotton Club: disco.
  • La Garçonnière: longue bar.
  • G’n’G Resto Bar Tapas: longue bar.


TYPICAL FOODSdu-fromage-de-chevre-encore

Someone said the word “food”? Oh yes, that’s right, we’re going to give a look to the typical dishes of Arlon.

  • Since we are still in Wallonia, the typical dishes we can find in the city are not so different from those of the cities of the Walloon Region, that we have already explored (for a review here they are: Namur, Wavre, Liège, Mons). Among the dishes of the city there are: chèvre cheese, yogurt, salaisons gaumaises, jam, the sirops liégeois.
  • Il Maitrank (drink of May) is the most popular drink of the city. It is a kind of white wine with the addition of a particular flower, the Woodruff odorata but, in some recipes, it is possible to find in also the cognac. The drink is so popular that in Arlon, every fourth Sunday of May, takes place the Maitrank festival.
  • Bière Aramiss: local beer.




Let’s go to eat!!

  • La Regalade: French cuisine.
  • Da Franco’s: Italian cuisine.
  • Le Fils de Paul: typical French cuisine.
  • Or Saison: typical French cuisine.
  • Wasabi Restaurant: barbecue and Japanese cuisine.
  • Le Belvédère: Brazilian, Belgian, European, South American cuisine.
  • Friterie Place De L’yser: fast food.
  • PLAKA: Greek, Mediterranean cuisine.
  • ZINC du Peiffeschof: This restaurant has a beautiful garden where you can enjoy the food and have a great view.
  • Taverne Chez Tony & Lucy
  • Cocoon Arlon: American cuisine.


Also Arlon has been explored. For the next stop we have lots of things for you!! If you want to discover it with us, stay tuned.

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What  you liked the most or least? We’re curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.


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