The first continent where we will begin our adventure is the Europe and the first place that we will visit is the Austria.

Austria is a state located in Central Europe and is bordered by the Czech Republic, Germany, Slovakia, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

The capital of Austria is Vienna (in the winter, during the Christmas season, there are beautiful Christmas markets but of this we will deal later!). The official language spoken in Austria is definitely the German but there are also the dialects that bring some variation from the standard German ( dictionary will be your best friend for a while haha).

Their religion, as in most of Europen countries, is mainly Catholic.

Austria is a federal republic divided into nine federal states. The quality of life is very high there, as the economic sector and as their health systems.

The climate, don’t underestimate it because, you know, it can cause sometimes unpleasant/pleasant inconvenience hehe, summers are cool and windy and winters very cold, so in any season you decide to go never forget to bring some extra sweaters!

Austria has 9 regions and their respective state capitals. Now it’s time to analyze one by one, ready? Go!

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