Hello our dear travelers, today we are off to a new Portuguese destination but we want you even more ready than usual because this will be our last adventure in Portugal. And so very slowly (so as not to let our last tour pass too quickly haha!) We begin to present it to you.

Aveiro is a Portuguese municipality divided into 14 freguesias (civil parishes, type of districts) and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The city hosts one of the most important universities in the nation. But it is not only known for this, the reasons are many and among these: it is one of the most populated cities in the center and it is famous for the production of salt and for the collection of algae, which is used as a fertilizer in the area and in the end for those who love shopping let’s say there is lots for you! Bute we will talk about this later. There is also a very beautiful place nearby, the Aveiro Lagoon, a Portuguese lagoon. One last gem that we want to add to our presentation is that Aveiro is defined as the Portuguese Venice for its many canals that run through the city and for the moliceiros, the typical wooden boats very similar to gondolas.

To know more (what to eat, where to eat, where to have fun, things to visit…) continue to read.

Now our tour officially begins, lets go!



Museu Histórico da Vista Alegre

  • Sé Catedral de Aveiro: the cathedral of Aveiro is the most important Catholic church in the city. Its façade, in Baroque style, is composed of a bell tower to the side and a door where above there are three statues (faith, hope and charity). In the church we can find paintings with religious representations, chapels, two pulpits. Furthermore the interior is decorated with the typical azulejo.
  • The Maritime Museum of Ilhavo: is it or not Aveiro an almost seaside town? And then there is right to talk about the Ilhavo maritime museum. It is a very varied and interesting place with the mission to preserve the memory of the work in the sea and plus preserve a certain identity that lasts over time. You will be able to see an original captain’s cabin inside of which there are bedrooms, the kitchen but also navigation instruments, an aquarium, models of ancient boats. Furthermore there are temporary exhibitions with many photos. Don’t miss it!
  • Museu Histórico da Vista Alegre: the museum, located in the porcelain factory in the municipality of Ílhavo, is focused on the evolution in the production of Portuguese porcelain showing a wide range of magnificent examples of decorative and domestic porcelain, plus there will be a lot of history focused on the factory. There are unique pieces and the level is so high that it is internationally recognized for the quality and excellence of its production. The museum has also undergone an expansion of the exhibition spaces (and so, there is to see!!) and has as its objective the safeguarding of this industrial heritage by making the ceramics culture known through the museum and its collections. We have to specify that besides the museum will be possible to visit the factory, the chapel and much more for a load of culture!
  • Fábrica – Centro Ciência Viva de Aveiro: this science center of Aveiro is (like all the themed museums) a place so interactive that it certainly makes it more suitable for children and for those who are passionate about science. The museum is divided into several rooms with various thematic areas (interactive room, the room concerning physics, chemistry, biology, computer science rooms…).
  • Museu da Cidade de Aveiro: the museum of the city of Aveiro (located in a beautiful old building in front of a canal) shows the moments, the events, the protagonists who, over time, have contributed to the history of this country. There will also be something about religion and a cloister to visit. There is no better place to get to know the city we are exploring.
  • Assembleia Municipal de Aveiro – Edifício da Capitania: The Aveiro Harbor Master’s Office, which currently belongs to the Municipality of Aveiro, has a very long history nice to know. Nice is also the “floating” building located precisely on a canal that is worth a visit even just to take a photo from the outside.
  • Fábrica Jerónimo Pereira Campos: a former factory today a convention center, for shows and also hosts some public services. The structure, still intact, is the best example of red clay industrial architecture. Not only the building is very interesting on an aesthetic level, but also the place in which it is located is so vast and beautiful. In fact there has been built an artificial lake (where sometimes circulate the typical moliceiros and where there are some small bridges) surrounded by paths where you can take a walk, ride a bike or why not practice a little sport.
  • Museu de Aveiro: it is hosted in the ancient convent of Jesus right next to the cathedral. The museum is composed of permanent exhibitions with painted collections, sculptures, jewels and then there are the exhibition halls (Crafts’Room and the Chapel of Senhor dos Passos), the cloister with its chapels. The art that reigns is the baroque one, accompanied by some decoration like the typical azulejos. It is really nice to see the way it is expressed and to observe the contrasts between the altars and the refectory and it is just as nice to walk through its silent rooms all to be explored. Obviously you should like the religious theme to fully appreciate this place.
  • Among the many very interesting activities to do in Aveiro we have: a visit to the Salinas de Aveiro, located at the Ria de Aveiro, it is a vast area where the salt is collected and it is really beautiful but not only, it is also very pleasant to listen to its history and be able to understand its importance in the various fields and its great weight in the economy. For this reason you can opt for a guided tour at the Ilha dos Puxadoiros, an experience to do absolutely, but only if you are ready to walk along the narrow path surrounded by water. Another nice activity to do is the painting and ceramics workshops to which you can take part and to do this you will just need to go to Oficinas de Pintura and Olaria Vista Alegre (building from antiga Creche) where in addition to that you will find more things to do and see.

The main theater we find in Aveiro is the Aveirense Theater.

Museu da Cidade de Aveiro



Costa Nova

Let’s go ahead, it’s not over yet! There is still much more to see, we only change the section… Let the fun begin!

  • We start well, because we start from the beaches. First of all we must say that Aveiro doesn’t overlook the ocean but being very close to seaside places it allows visits of a few hours in total relax by the sea. Among the most beautiful beaches in the surroundings of Aveiro (just a few km, think that are only 10 km) there are Costa Nova, a must to visit for its characteristic striped wooden houses in the most varied colors that will leave you speechless and it will allow you to have many nice photos, as today we will say “instagrammable” photos haha! And then we have Praia de Barra where you will be able to admire the most famous and tallest lighthouse in all of Portugal and moreover you can also enter inside and reach the top and enjoy a wonderful panorama. Also in Praia da Barra, near the lighthouse, is located Ponte de Praia da Barra just above the river Ria Aveiro, on the west coast that connects the river to the Atlantic Ocean. In addition to the south there is the beach of Costa Nova do Prado and to the north the beach of São Jacinto.
  • Natural reserve São Jacinto/Praia de Sao Jacinto: not far from the city center there is this natural oasis situated very close to the sea and the lagoon. The beauty of the landscape and especially all the dunes present, which you can admire along the wooden crossing, will conquer you, we are sure. Of course there will be much more waiting for you, including lots of local wildlife, hiking, bird watching, access to the beach and the view of the coast.
  • Aveiro’s fish market is one of the most loved attractions because it is from here that you start to taste, smell the local specialties based on seafood (all types and cooked in all ways) for example, and here is the true heart of the city’s gastronomic tour. The market is held at Praça do Peixe and therefore if you are in the area, not only go there, but also go to eat at one of the restaurants nearby, which are replenished early in the morning with the harvest made by fishermen during the night. A great opportunity not to be missed!
  • Parque Dom Pedro Infante: the city park is located near the Franciscan convent of Sant’Antonio (so you can imagine the great sense of peace) and has many beautiful paths to get lost in, where you will also find picnic areas. Palms (that give that oriental air), lakes, small bridges to cross and a portico to be crossed full of beautiful flowers… Such a beautiful and romantic place!
  • Rossio Garden: it is a garden located right on the banks of the Aveiro river and the best place for a walk with a view or even better to enjoy a beautiful Portuguese sunset (if the weather is good! But we can say that even bad weather can have its charm and create shades all to be photographed). This garden as well as having some buildings in local Portuguese style is also home to various fairs such as the art one for example.
  • Passadiços Ria de Aveiro: a long walk, about 7 kilometers, on the walkway that runs along the famous river of Aveiro. It is an almost obligatory stop because it allows you to contemplate a wonderful view of the local fauna and flora. There will be points to refresh yourself during the walk. No matter whether on foot or by bike (which we believe is the best choice, it makes the excursion more pleasant), doing jogging (why not!), at dawn or at sunset, this path has it to do!
  • It is hard to choose between the various activities that can be done in Aveiro. You can opt for a nice and healthy walk in the city and visit the various squares (such as Praça da Repubblica for example). Go along the Ria de Aveiro and its canals, surrounded by the characteristic colored houses, like the Canal de S. Roque with the Ponte dos Carcavelos. Get on the typical boats and visit the canals aboard these to get to know the city from another point of view; or you can opt for some shopping (and there are plenty of places to go) and choose between the “Loja a Porta Verde” shop that offers a wide selection of vintage clothes and the various shopping centers like the Aveiro Forum, a beautiful center aesthetically speaking, full of traditional local shops and not with a cinema and restaurant area. And then there are the various tours to take part in, such as Marinha Passagem, a gastronomic tour with a final tasting of seafood (excellent!) and an opportunity to learn about local fauna and flora. Ecoria or Lancha Praia da Costa Nova for a tour aboard the typical moliceiros along the canals of Aveiro for an itinerary to be experienced!

Passadiços Ria de Aveiro

It is true that the city is not very big, but this doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer for nightlife. In particular, the centerpiece of the nightlife is Praça do Peixe but then, later in the evening, you can move in the various places nearby that now we will show you:

  • Estação da Luz: nightclub
  • Dokk Club: bar
  • Belas Artes Clube de Dança: disco
  • Subsolo the club: disco
  • Danceteria Alex: nightclub
  • Luxor Lounge – Tea Room Bar Gallery
  • Subsolo the club disco



Arroz de polvo

Well, it’s the time for some typical dishes. Did you keep yourself light to savor the typical delicacies? We did!

  • Pasteis de Bacalhau: they are fried codfish. Warm, soft and delicious, these are their characteristics that these wonders must have. The dish is accompanied by rice with tomato sauce.
  • Arroz de polvo: it is a kind of risotto with seafood with the difference that instead of the latter, the protagonist of the dish is the octopus and with the difference of being more creamy.
  • Alheira de Mirandela: a type of sausage or better is considered a typical sausage of Portuguese gastronomy. This is often accompanied by a fried egg and fries. What a combo! Excellent, do you agree?
  • Leite creme: the consistency of a pudding but with a much more intense flavor. The ingredients that make up desserts are simple, eggs, milk or cream and sugar used to form the crust on the surface. Simple but super good!
  • Ovo mole: this is the typical dessert of Aveiro and therefore you cannot leave the city without having tasted it. The filling of these little sweets is mainly composed of eggs (from here its intense yellow color), everything is wrapped in a host. The taste is very particular and their shapes too!

Ovo mole



To taste the typical dishes there is no need to go around the city in search of the perfect place, beacuse we have the perfect solutions for you.

  • O Buraco: Mediterranean, European, Portuguese cuisine.
  • O Bairro: Mediterranean, European, Portuguese cuisine.
  • Restaurante Marisqueira Mare Cheia: Mediterranean, European cuisine.
  • A Peixaria: Mediterranean, European cuisine.
  • O Batel: Mediterranean, European cuisine.
  • O Batista do Bacalhau: Mediterranean, European, Portuguese cuisine.
  • Biscoito: European, healthy, Portuguese cuisine.
  • Cervejaria Alicarius: European, Portuguese, vegetarian cuisine.
  • Restaurante a Nossa Casa: Mediterranean, European cuisine.
  • A Mulata: healthy, vegetarian cuisine, vegan options.
  • Trincaxa: bar with European, contemporary cuisine.


Dear travelers, we ended our long journey in Portugal. We say goodbye to Aveiro and the Portugal in general with all its beautiful places and let’s reach… well we can’t reveal it yet, try to guess (without even a clue!) by logic or by chance, what you want and then tell us; meanwhile we are organizing for the next adventure.

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What you liked the most or least? We’re curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.


Below we will list the accommodations that you can find in Aveiro.

Accommodation in the city

Accommodation next to the central station

Accommodation next to the old Captaincy




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  1. Aviero is a good place to visit with many things to do and u indeed had a good time. When I traveler there in 2015 I kinda felt like as spending a day (or part thereof) strolling around the canals in Aveiro is a nice experience. There are many cafés and good seafood restaurants in the city. The city center is dense, which means that walking distances never are long.

  2. Ho letto con molto piacere questo articolo. Con dispiacere ammetto di non aver mai visitato questi luoghi e mi rendo conto di essermi persa molto.
    Cultura, tradizioni che mi affascinano tantissimo.
    Grazie anche per le bellissime immagini.

  3. Aveiro looks absolutely beautiful and it seems like there is plenty to do. I love how colourful those buildings look, they’d definitely put a smile on my face if I passed them on a daily basis.

  4. What a great round up of what is available in the area. The photos are great. It looks like a very instagrammable location 🙂 I haven’t visited Portugal yet, it is on the bucket list though.

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  7. This is great, thanks for sharing! I’ve never been to Aveiro or Portugal in general for that matter. I was actually in Spain last week, but I didn’t have enough time to visit Portugal while I was there. Now you’re giving me such wanderlust with all of your awesome recommendations!

  8. Un altro posto bellissimo, ma ho constato anche io quanto il Portogallo sia magnifico. Mi avete fatto venire voglia di andarci al più presto, magari seguendo il vostro itinerario! Il pasteis de Bacalhau ho avuto modo di assaggiarlo a Faro il primo giorno ed era talmente buono che ho finito per prenderne uno al giorno.

    1. Davvero sono in molti i turisti che adorano il Portogallo. Fino ad ora nessuna delle persone che ci hanno scritto si sono lamentate del paese, solo belle parole. D’altrone è uno dei paesi dove la qualità di vita è la migliore…
      P.S. La categoria inerente le guide di viaggio portoghesi è completa, lasciati ispirare 😉

  9. Portugal truly is a beautiful country, so much to see and so even more things to do. Unfortunately I haven’t been to Aveiro before, but after reading your well-written and informative post, it truly seems like an amazing place! Thank you for sharing, will bookmark this for my upcoming travels!

  10. Aviero is a good place to visit with many things to do, really like to visit this place one day! Love the food as well btw… Def. will plan for this.

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  12. Conosco poco il Portogallo e non avevo mai sentito parlare di Aveiro.
    Sembra un posto molto carino, l’articolo è completo e fa venire voglia di andarci subito ed assaggiare tutti i piatti tipici che avete descritto!

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    1. Noi siamo del parere che una visita ci sta. Aveiro è una delle città più caratteristiche del Portogallo e in più è completamente differente dalle solite grandi città, ha le sue peculiarità che la rendono unica!!

  15. Finalmente una guida completa, dove oltre alla cultura è descritto anche un lato più divertente, e anche la movida con i locali dove passare le serate. Sembra che abbiano tutti la sindrome di Cenerentola. Deliziose le casette di legno di Costa Nova, ci devo ritornare in Portogallo.

    1. Esplorare un luogo a 360 gradi vuol dire anche vivere la vita notturna, non solo la diurna. Ci sono posti che con il calar del sole assumono tutt’altre caratteristiche (positive e/o negative) che rendono l’esperienza completa.

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  17. Quando penso ad Aveiro penso sempre alle casette colorate. Scopro invece che davvero molto di più. Dai musei, alla chiese, ai mercati, alle piazze, al buon cibo e alle riserve! C’è davvero qualcosa che qui non si riesce a trovare? Da includere in un itinerario sicuramente!

    1. Infatti nel suo piccolo Aveiro ha abbastanza da offrire. È tutto ben concentrato e collegato in modo tale da poter visitare più cose nella stessa giornata. Tutto ciò senza dimenticare le gustose pietanze ahah

  18. Wow, che incredibile descrizione. Non sono mai stata, spero di poter visitare più posti possibili tra cui il Portogallo.
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    1. Grazie davvero per lo splendido commento ed accostamento ad un’istituzione del settote come Lonely Planet 😀 😀
      Fittarla sul luogo è consigliabile però se non hai particolari problemi ad affrontare viaggi lunghi (come sembra dalle tue esperienze passate) non te ne pentirai di certo. Aveiro, come tutto il Portogallo, è ben collegata.

  23. Ho letto con interesse il vostro articolo e ho ammirato le bellissime foto! Chissà che non possa visitarla… Quale è la stagione migliore per visitarla?

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