Hello everyone. Today we’ll continue our trip to discover Spain and for this destination you have to be more than ready because we will visit the one that is considered the most famous city in the region. Did you get how what we are taliking about? Well, yes, we are talking about Barcelona. We just have to start our tour but first let’s know the destination.

Barcelona is the capital of Catalonia and is the second city of Spain for the number of inhabitants after the capital of Madrid. The city is one of the largest industrial and financial centers in the region with the largest commercial and tourist port in Europe. Every year are held different and important events (in particular musical events). Two facts about the city, maybe not everyone knows, are: it is really close to the France and that this is the city where the architect Antonio Gaudí lived and worked (and he is the author of a famous building that we don’t want to reveal now!). The things to say about Barcelona are so many that is not possible to enclose them in a few lines of presentation so let’s start our exploration and we will know more about Barcelona.

To know more (what to eat, where to eat, where to have fun, things to visit…) continue to read.

Barcelona is a city full of culture and for this we have a lot of things to tell you and to show you .. come on, let’s start right now!



                                                               Sagrada Familia
  • How could we not start our tour visiting the Sagrada Familia (each on of you knows it, right? If not, we do not believe it!). This Catholic basilica is the masterpiece of the artist mentioned above (now we can reveal it), Antoni Gaudí. Behind this building there is a world, a magnificent world that is worth reading and studying. However the Sagrada Familia has a very majestic look and is full of many points where emerge some statutes all with a great meaning (Face Portico, Escape in Egypt). The interior is equally spectacular starting from the organ to the various paintings till to the chromatic aspect given by the side windows that give a crazy and evocative color to the crypt. You have to see it with your eyes to understand and admire its beauty! This building is not a must, is more a reason to visit Barcelona.
  • Catedral de la Santa Creu i Santa Eulàlia: located in the Barri Gòtic (the Gothic Quarter) is the cathedral of the city. The building consists of two bell towers with ten bells inside and is located inside a square. The interior, in Gothic style and you can see this from the windows, owns a small cloister where at the center there is a fountain. The most famous chapel of the cathedral is that of Saint Lucia. It definitely worth a visit because of its inside and outside beauty.
  • Casa Milà (called Pedrera): this wonderful and unique, architecturally speaking, building has been declared by the Unesco World Heritage Site (and we can understand why!). The structure consists of about six floors with a courtyard and several apartments. The exterior facade is covered with rough stone (for this reason it is known as La Pedrera). The particularity of the palace is its curved design. Now we are sure you are wondering if the palace is can be visited and the answer is yes, you can admire the hall, a small museum, the terrace (perhaps the most beautiful part from which you can enjoy the view but also the architecture closer!) and a furnished apartment with old furniture. On the first floor there are some shops. Once again we have to thank Antoni Gaudí for this beauty.
  • Museu nacional d’art de Catalunya: is an art museum that reminds a majestic palace on the entrance there is a large staircase. The museum is not only a large art center rich in collections but also a center for spreading knowledge and research. The night the museum comes alive with a show of lights and water (thanks to the amazing fountains).
  • Arc de Triomf: is a structure located between Passeig de Lluís Companys and Passeig de Sant Joan. Unlike sculptures of this genre, this arc celebrates artistic, economic and scientific progress. In the inner part of the arch you can see the shields of the 49 provinces of Spain and at the top there are various statutes.
  • Museu d’Art Contemporani de Barcelona (MACBA): is a contemporary art museum, located in the El Raval district, which hosts works of the 20th century. The structure’s entrance presents windows and the interior is dominated by a monochromatic color: the white. The museum is also well-known because it is a meeting place for skaters, as the surrounding square, thanks to its conformation, allows to practice skateboarding.
  • Casa-Museu Gaudí: for years the building was the home of this famous Spanish architect so well-known in Barcelona. It is located in the Parc Güell (so in the middle of the green!) and now the building serves as a museum showing a collection of furniture and objects designed by Gaudì. The house consists of four floors (on the second floor there is a Library). Inside the house there is a map of all the structures that the artist has created such as: Casa Batlló, Casa Calvet, Casa Vicens (all very beautiful and original buildings that is worth seeing even without going into it, just to admire them with your eyes and maybe take some photos).
  • Casa Amatller: it is a modernist building, declared an historical-artistic monument, which together with Casa Batlló and Casa Lleó Morera form the Manzana de la Discordia (a block of buildings in the Passeig de Gràcia). The interior rooms reflect the style of the structure.
  • Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB): is a center of art located in the Raval district. The museum organizes exhibitions, festivals, concerts and many other activities. The various exhibitions are constantly updated and deal with themes such as contemporary culture and society. You can know all this through films, documents and so on. It is a very interactive place and plus it is always open to new discoveries to create interesting debates.
  • Museu d’Història de Barcelona: is a museum that preserves the heritage (through archaeological finds) and tells the story of Barcelona. Its main headquarters is in the plaza of Rei, the Gothic Quarter of the city. A perfect place to get to know Barcelona.
  • Palau Güell: is a palace (guess who is the architect? Eheh yes, Gaudí) which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. The exterior looks very amazing just like the interior, all meticulously studied…. We are accustomed to Gaudí’s mark. Surely one of the most beautiful parts is the tall and decorated ceiling.
  • Temple Expiatori del Sagrat Cor: is a Catholic church located on the top of Mount Tibidabo. It is not just in the center of Barcelona but if you have time go there not only because of its majesty that dominates the city but also for so many other reasons: the crypt inside the structure, the statue of Christ on top of the structure and the beautiful landscape that you can enjoy… wow! It is possible to get there by taking the funicular that will take you to the top of Mount where you can start to admire the beauty of the place and surrounding places.
  • CosmoCaixa: it is the museum of science in Barcelona. This hosts a series of temporary and permanent exhibitions. One of the most beautiful spaces of the structure is the “Bosc inundat” that reconstructs an Amazon ecosystem inside an aquarium and it also houses various species of animals and plants typical of the area; but there is also the geolocgic wall and a planetarium. It’s very particular as a place and if you are science lover and want to see something different this museum is you.
  • FC Barcelona Museu: for all fans of football we couldn’t mention this museum which is still an integral part of the city’s culture. The museum has several sections and rooms including the 3D movie theater, a room with an audiovisual screen and another one where is told the story of the football team ithrough photos, documents and trophies to know all you don’t know about FC Barcelona yet. A museum with modern and technical structure.

About the theaters there are so many of them that we selected some for you: Gran Teatre del Liceu, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Teatro Apollo, Teatre Grec, BARTS, Auditorio de Barcelona (concert hall).

Casa Milà



Parc Güell

Barcelona is full of things to do and see and we will try to show you the most important (but also something more hidden and original!) parts of the city. Let’s see what our way brings to us.

  • Parc Güell: is a public park with gardens and lots of architectural elements that are another artistic testimony of Gaudí’s style. At the entrance you can see two first buildings then the staircase, mosaics, the oblique colonnade and the particular terrace all of this is located in a green space. So much is its beauty as well as the significance behind all these monuments thas has been declared a “UNESCO World Heritage List”.
  • Parc del Laberint d’Horta: is a labyrinth park located in the Horta district. There is no doubt about its beauty as it not only offers the labyrinth path (where you can find some sculpture too) but several gardens that own beautiful flowers or vegetal sculptures in the form of different types of animals. A place with an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.
  • Now let’s go to the center of Barcelona ready to walk to reach the most important areas of the city: Barri Gòtic, is part of the Ciutat Vella district, is the center of the old part of Barcelona and here there are the oldest buildings of the city in its narrow and characteristic streets and this is the place where is located the Plaça Reial (famous for the busy nightlife and the beautiful palms that surround it). Barceloneta is the seaside part of the city a place full of locals, shops, but also fun and original architecture but especially full of fun and beautiful and lively beaches. Plaça d’Espanya is one of the most significant squares (which is an integral part of nightlife but we will see it later!) where there is the fountain Font màgica de Montjuïc plus each section of it has a different color. Another important square is Plaça de Catalunya, from here are connected the main streets of the city such as the Rambla, Passeig de Gracia… Avinguda Diagonal is one of the city’s major streets in Barcelona, ​​a building that you will surely notice for its particular structure is the Torre Telefónica; The Avinguda Diagonal also hosts many important buildings as the Torre Agbar (next to the Barcelona’s disseny Museu). Last but not least this is the most famous avenue and that is the Rambla, we want to describe it with this quote by a poet “It is the only way in the world that I would it never to end” (nothing to add).
  • Mercat de la Boqueria: is the most famous market in Spain and the largest in Catalonia. It is almost halfway of the Rambla. Here you can taste the Spanish traditional dishes. It is so famous that it is not only a market but an attraction that attracts visitors from everywhere.
  • Port de Barcelona: the port offers a great opportunity for a nice walk, thanks to its seafront and lots of fun thanks to the amount of shops, clubs and shopping centers. A very pleasant and beautiful place. Don’t forget to go to the top of Monument a Colom, a belvedere from which you can admire the entire coast of Barcelona. One word: breathtaking!
  • Tibidabo Funfair: is a fun park on the homonymous hill in the city of Barcelona. It is the oldest amusement park in Spain and Europe and we would also like to add one of the most beautiful with many attractions for every age without any limit. One of the most famous is the Aviò, a perfect reproduction of the plane that first connected Madrid to Barcelona.
  • Parc de la Ciutadella: is a park built under the inspiration of the Luxembourg Gardens of Paris. What is most noticeable is its large fountain but going through the park you will see the ancient Arsenal of the Citadel, now home to the Catalan Parliament. Other buildings located there, are the Martorell Geology Museum and a zoological park.
  • Other nice activities to do In Barcelona are: Escape Barcelona (escape room) ​​a variety of tours and this time not only walk tour ( like the Feel Free Tours) but also on a motorbike (BrightSide tour) or on a vespa (Vesping tour). There are also many culinary tours (for all the foodie, a unique occasion!) and in end the night walking tour in the most fantastic places of Barcelona.


The lively nightlife of Barcelona can only attract you and will make you entertain as never before. The areas where this great liveliness is concentrated are: the Rambla, the Gothic Quarter, Raval, Gracia, El Born (for a more sophisticated evening but not for this inferior to other ones!) and Port Olympic (where on summer are organized parties on board).

As for the clubs, here are some of them:

  • Moog: disco
  • Macarena Club: night club
  • Marula Café: bar
  • La Terrrazza: night club
  • Mac Arena Mar: club on the beach
  • El Boo Beach Club
  • El Bosc de Les Fades: cafè
  • Le Pop Cocktail Bar
  • Cat Bar
  • Shenanigans Pub

Don’t forget to ask for the night club card that will give you many benefits during your nights (no additional payments and no queues) to enjoy your nightlife in the best way and in the best places of Barcelona.

Before starting with the typical food, we want to spend two words for something we are sure you will like.

It is well known that Barcelona is a very large city full of magnificent places to explore. Unfortunately its vastness doesn’t allow you to visit everything on foot and leave with your car is not always practical and certainly for many of you impossible. The best thing we can recommend to you is to rent a car. It is very useful especially when you want to move to more areas of Barcelona (or around the city) and everything can be done according to your needs and times.
An easy and low-cost car rental (surely cheaper than a taxi!) is EasyTerra Autonoleggio that offers a wide range of vehicles ideal for moving in comfort by choosing the car you like and that satisfies your needs.
You can not deny the practicality of the car…so run to rent your vehicle and you will see that it will be an integral part of your trip and will accompany you on your tour.



Esqueixada de bacalà

Barcelona is full of so many specialties to try, what about starting to try some of them?

  • Coca: it is a street food dish and it is a focaccia seasoned with eggplants, peppers (both roasted and chopped) tomatoes, onion, olive oil and vinegar.
  • Pollo asado a la catalana: very particular roast chicken, it is served with dried fruit. So good!
  • Esqueixada de bacalà: this is a cold salad where the main ingredient is the baccalà that is cut into pieces with the addition of chili pepper, tomatoes, onion, olives and vinegar. A perfect dish for the hottest days of the year.
  • Crema Catalana: we couldn’t not to mention the famous and typical Catalan cream. For those who don’t know it is a dessert very similar to the taditional pudding but with a flavor of citrus and cinnamon. The sweet is characterized by a superficial layer of caramelized sugar. Just try it!
  • Mel i Mato: it is a typical dessert in Barcelona and it is a sweet mainly made from milk, with a fine flavor. An excellent alternative to the Catalan cream.
  • The wines in Spain are of great quality and among them the most famous are: Ribera del Duero and Rioja, Jerez, Valdepenas (it is a very alcoholic wine).

Mel i Mato



Now it’s the time to get to know some restaurant to taste the typical dishes of Barcelona.

  • Abanik Bar: international, Mediterranean, European, Spanish, vegetarian cuisine, gluten-free menu option, vegan options.
  • Blavis: Mediterranean, European, Spanish, vegetarian cuisine, vegan options, gluten-free menu option.
  • Bodega Biarritz: wine bar with Mediterranean, Spanish, European, vegetarian cuisine, gluten-free menu option, vegan options.
  • My Restaurant: Mediterranean, European, Spanish, vegetarian cuisine, vegan options, gluten-free menu option.
  • The Box: pub/bar fast food.
  • Bodega Biarritz 1881: Mediterranean, Spanish, vegetarian cuisine, vegan options.
  • Crudo Bar: Mediterranean, European, healthy, Spanish, vegetarian cuisine, gluten-free menu option, vegan options.
  • Gasterea: Mediterranean, Spanish, vegetarian cuisine.
  • aQistoi: Mediterranean, Spanish, vegetarian cuisine, vegan options.
  • Viana: international, Mediterranean, Spanish, vegetarian cuisine, vegan options, gluten-free menu option.
  • La Terraza Miro: bar with Mediterranean, European, Spanish, vegetarian cuisine, vegan options, gluten-free menu option.


Ends here our long but beautiful tour in Barcelona; but other long and beautiful cities of Spain are waiting for us. So you just have to recharge your forces to start a new adventure in another Spanish destination.

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What  you liked the most or least? We’re curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.


Below we will list the accommodations that you can find in Barcelona.

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?iata=BCN&aid=960457&no_rooms=1&group_adults=1 –  accommodation near the airport of Barcellona-El Prat.

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?city=-372490&aid=960457&no_rooms=1&group_adults=1 – accommodation in the city.

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?district=2287&aid=960457&no_rooms=1&group_adults=1 – accommodation in the city center.

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?landmark=10282&aid=960457&no_rooms=1&group_adults=1 –  accommodation in the Barceloneta district.



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