Welcome back to everyone. After the Austria tour, today we will continue our trip to Europe, to discover Belgium.

Belgium is next to the North Sea and it is a federal state located in Western Europe and is bordered by the Netherlands, Germany Luxembourg and France.

Belgium is divided into three regions. Flanders in the north, its population is Dutch-speaking (locally knows as Flemish ); Wallonia in the south, mostly French-speaking; the region of Brussels (capital of Belgium) located in the center, officially bilingual, but there is a mostly French-speaking.
So, basically, we can say that the languages spoken in Belgium are three: French, German and Dutch (let’s do a full immersion in at least of one of these languages!). Will be a normal thing to find many ethnicities.

Their religion is mainly Catholic, with Muslim, Jews and Protestants minorities.

Belgium was also among the founders of the European Union.

Belgium’s strongly globalized economy, due in part due to its strategic location, which facilitates communications.

Now we are going to give a look to the climate. The climate is an Atlantic type, on the coast is very wet while in the regions there is an increase in temperature. Summers are pretty cool (a nice place to escape from the sultry heat of the cities) and cold winters, especially on hills. Rainfall is regular but well distributed among the various months of the year.

Belgium offers many protected areas and an ample fauna and flora (we will see in the next days).

We have something in store for you such as: foods, places to visit, entertainment and much more. Day-to-day we will look at the various regions and their traditions, you just have to stay tuned!


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