Hello everybody. Finally, in a few minutes, you’ll know where we’re going today. We bet that you have been in a curious mood for all the weekend? Right? Don’t worry, now we can start our adventure.

 Bregenz is the state capital of Vorarlberg region (the region is located to the west of the Austria). The city is situated on the shores of Lake Constance, one of the largest lakes in Europe.  It is loved in the winter for skiing and summer for its beautiful landscape.

To know more (to eat, what to eat, where to have fun, acculturate ) continue to read.

We start talking about food aka the typical foods.



  • Bergkäse – is the most characteristic product of the city.
  • Käsesuppe cheese  and vegetables soup.
  • Spätzle gnocchi with local cheese of Vorarlberg.
  • Zwiebelrostbraten – roasted rib of beef with crispy onion pieces.
  • Strudel with ricotta
  • Zweigelt –  Austrian red wine.

As you can see, almost all dishes are made with local cheeses.




Where can you get this food? Here are the places for a nice break.

  • Goldener Hirschen – traditional German, vegetarian, Austrian, European food.
  • Wirtshaus am See  – American 50s style restaurant with barbecue and typical German and Austrian cuisine.
  • Susi’s Zauberei – vegetarian, vegan. A place to eat all dedicated to vegetarians!
  • Zum Kornmesser  – typical German cuisine.
  • Isola Bella – typical Italian cuisine, pizza and ice cream too!!
  • Cafe Gotze
  • Restaurant Poseidon – typical Mediterranean, Greek cuisine.
  • Buehnedrei – typical Austrian, international, Mediterranean, European, vegetarian cuisine.



We fly, now, to the world of culture. Come on!

The city of Bregenz is divided into 3 districts that now will be analyzed. In the Upper City (the oldest part) we can find  Martino Tower (landmark of Bregenz), the Gothic parish church of St. Gallen and another church Heart of Jesus. Lower Town has the Chapel at Lake in Gothic style, a Protestant church and a parish church, the Church of St. Columba, Kunsthaus Bregenz (contemporary art museum), tourist office, the ex Kornhausmarkt now a theater. District Vorkloster offers the parish church Maria Hilf , monastery Mehrerau and the remains of the fortress of Hohenbregenz.

  •  Vorarlberg museum – it shows collections of Roman history of the region, art and the cultural history of the region Vorarlberg.
  • Künstlerhaus Bregenz –  exhibition of contemporary art by international artists and Austrian.
  • Magazin 4 (Bregenzer Kunstverein) – exhibition of modern art that  give space especially to the young artists.
  • Schattenplatz-Brunnen – it is a shaded area surrounded by a fountain in the center of Bregenz. It owes its name to the fact that this square is always in the shade.
  • Hugo-Von-Montfort-Brunnenis a fountain representing the minstrel Hugo von Montfort.
  • Pilzkioskis a kiosk located near the port. This has the characteristic of being in the shape of a mushroom. It’s also called “milk mushroom” beacuse you can have a variety of milky drinks.
  • Wettingen-Mehrerau territorial abbey with the oldest library.
  • Landesbibliothek Baroque church in which we can find a large library.
  • Martin Sturmis a historical place. It is an ex granary, the symbol of the city. It has the characteristic of having an onion dome.
  • Pfänderbahn-Talstation is a cable car that will offer you a breathtaking landscape of the city from a higher part. A unique opportunity!
  • Fischersteg- lake where you can fishing, it is a platform where you can admire beautiful sunsets.
  • Sporthaus the sports house with restaurant.
  • Die NepomukkapelleBaroque church.
  • Die Seekapellebaroque church with an altar in Renaissance style.
  • Kloster Marienberg – neoBaroque castle. The building has a convent and a school.
  • Kloster Riedenburg – It is a monastery that has a private high school for girls (Sacré Coeur).

Here are the city’s theaters.

Vorarlberger Landestheater (interpretation of classics and premieres of contemporary plays), Theater Kosmos, Seebuehne e Bregenz Spring. 





Now we can distract ourselves and we can go in search of fun!

  • Bregenzer Festspiele is an international festival and takes place from July until August, every year. The program changes every two years and includes games on the lake, the floating stage, concerts. Before and during the festival there are also programs for youth and children.
  • Jazz Festival it takes place each year in June at Kornmarktplatz, immediately after New Orleans Festival, a summer festival in the center of Bregenz.
  • Bregenzer Frühling –  is a dance festival of various companies from all over the world. It takes place every year between March and April at the Festspielhaus building.
  • Militärbadeanstalt Bregenz  – is a beach resort that includes a wooden walkway, changing rooms a perfect place for a hot summer day!
  • Bregenzer Strand und Hallenbad –  beach resort with swimming pool.
  • Heilbad pool center where next to it you can find a spa (Gasthof Schiff ).
  • Vorarlberg Lines Bodenseeschifffahrta fabulous boat trip to explore the beautiful city.
  • Bregenz Hafenpath for a nice walk.

If you love sports, you can practise a lot of them, in winter and in summer. In winter you can skating or skiing (like in Innsbruck), in the summer you can opt for hiking, swimming, bike and jogging along Lake Constance. There are a lot of choice!

Lovers of the night here is where you can spend your evening.

  • Casino di Bregenz
  • Bar/Pub Ambiente
  • Ihre Billard-Bar in Bregenz – bar.
  • A.nette Bar –  bar with live music.
  • BeachBar Bregenz – local on the lake with disco and theme nights uhuh!
  • Cuba Club Café – a place to drink and listen to music.
  • Königs Lounge bar
  • DIsco Calypso Bregenz – disco bar.
  • Tanzbar Nachtigall – disco with bar.


It seems that we have said all, so we just have to say bye; but first we want to give you a clue about the city that we will espolrare next time it is one of the most important cities in Austria. It is not difficult. Do you already understand? Stay tuned to break any doubt!

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you have been or are you going to go? What did you like least and what more? We are curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.

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