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Eisenstadt is the state capital of Burgenland. It is located to the east. It borders by Hungary, for this reason the region is really influenced by it. The region is very popular for its wines and for the Lake Neusiedl, an attraction for many tourists.

After this short introduction, we can start with the typical foods of the city of Eisenstadt.



The cuisine of Burgenland, as we have said before, is very influenced by Hungarian cuisine, due to its proximity to this one. The foods, in this region, are more spicy than other cities (St. Polten, Linz, Innsbruck, Graz, Klangenfurt am Worthersee) and regions of the Asutria.

The dishes consist mainly of fish, chicken and pork; the potatoes, however, have their own importance.

  • Geröstete Kartoffeln – crushed potatoes with onions.
  • Buergenlandisches Erdbeerkoch – a type of baked strawberry mush dessert.
  • Buergenlandische Gaenseleber – goose liver with onions.
  • Bohnensterz – polenta with beans.
  • Krautfleckerl – noodles with cabbage.
  • Carpa – a kind of fish. You can eat, especially during the Christmas season.
  • Palatschinke – a typical Hungarian sweet (here we can find, hungarian influence again), it is kind of crêpe (ingredients: eggs, wheat flour, milk and salt and can be fried with butter or oil) that can be filled with fruit, nuts, chocolate but also with ricotta and spinach, mushrooms, excellent for lunch or dinner.
  • Maibock – a type of beer very famous in this city. It’s a clear version of the traditional Bock.




We can’t eat if we can’t find a place. Here’s fro you the places where you can delight your palate.

  • Country Inn at Nyikos Park- typical Austrian, European cuisine.
  • Zur Blauen Gans – typical Austrian, Hungarian, Mediterranean and European cusine.
  • Weingut Gabriel- typical Austrian, European cuisine plus wine bar with outdoor space to enjoy your drink or your food.
  • Ohr – typical internzionale, European cuisine.
  • Restaurant Limetti – typical Austrian, vegetarian cusine and guess what? Pizza! It’s also an American restaurant in 50s style.
  • Kaplan Am Kurpark – Cafe-Konditorei – bar.
  • Heuriger & Vinothek Fabian Cucina – typical Austrian, European cuisine plus wine bar with outdoor space.
  • Cebu Cafe-Bar.
  • In neighborhoods St. Georgen e Kleinhöflein you can taste a good wine, in a peaceful garden of a “Heuriger” (typical Austrian local).



It’s time to learn a few things. Concentrated? Go.

  • Bergkirche with Calvary – is a church called “church of Haydn”, inside of it is buried the famous musician.
  • Castello Esterhazy – a beautiful castle. You can visit the “Hall of Haydn”, made of wood by popular demand of the artist.
  • Haydn Haus Museum – is the home of the musician. Here, you can learn many interesting things about the artist such as: his dresses, his musical instruments, original letters written by Haydn, his musical scores. An opportunity to learn or to get to know this great artist. As you may have noticed Haydn is very important person in this city.
  • Eisenstadt Cathedral –  is the Roman Catholic cathedral of Eisenstadt, dedicated to Saint Martin. This cathedral is famous because every year takes place Haydn Festival, a musical concert.
  • The Bergkirche –  is a Baroque church. The architecture is very special. It is divided into two parts and the ceiling takes the form of a dome.
  • Jewish quarter –  a part of the city inhabited mainly by Jews. You will notice the presence of them, being the city rich in historical events, which includes also the Jews.
  • Österreichische Jüdische Museum – the first Jewish museum in Austria.
  • Landesmuseum Burgenland –  place rich in history, a deep history and full of cultural riches.
  • Landesgalerie Burgenland – a beautiful art gallery.
  • Leinnerhaus – cultural center plus an art gallery, in the Baroque style.

If you just want to take walk, you should definitely go through the historic center. It offers a pedestrian area with many shops, bars and restaurants.





A little bit more complicated it is the entertainment section. Here you can find mainly bar, lounge bar….

  • Café Alex Nöhrer.
  • Mango Bar e Bodega La Ina –  the most popular bar.
  • Ruckendorfer – cafè longue bar.
  • James Dean –  dance club

If, you are going to do anything else, you have to get out of the city of Eisenstadt. Don’t worry, we have thought about that. We will give you some advice, what you can do outside the city but still in Burgenland region.

  • Familypark entertainment center . An exciting attraction for children and families.
  • Nationalpark Neusiedler See Seewinke – there are lots of bike itinerary and it is a great place for horseback riding and to enjoy a beautiful view. You can also find a great vastness of animals, including donkeys and birds and lakes.
  • Steppentierpark Pamhagen – park with zoo and many outdoor activities and trails to explore.
  • Therme Stegersbach – how about a nice spa? Massages, swimming pools, sauna and more. For a total relaxaing day. What do you think?
  • l’Hochseilgarten Stegerspark – an adventure park. It offers various  outdoors activities.


And now we come to the end. Relax and recharge your batteries for the next destination.

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What do you like least and what more? We are curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.


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