Hello everybody. A new week begins and a new adventure as well. So let’s go!

Gent (Ghent), cities of Belgium and the capital state of East Flanders, has a rich history, an important rail network and a beautiful harbor. The city is located next to Lys and Scheldt rivers that create a link with the North Sea. It is spoken, in addition to the official language, “Gantois” (the most typical dialect in Belgium) dialect.

To know more (to eat, what to eat, where to have fun, acculturate …) continue to read.

Gent is considered the gastronomic capital of Flanders, we bet that you are curious to discover its typical dishes, isn’t it? So, let’s start now!



  • Gentse Waterzooi – for those who read Brugge, already knows this dish, for those who didn’t read the previous post now we will say what it is. It is a dish made from fish or chicken with panna, greens and vegetables (such as carrots, celery, potatoes, leek).
  • Chicon au gratin – endive gratin.
  • Gent Mustard – with slightly spicy flavor.
  • Cuberdons (the “noses” of Gent) – candies stuffed by a creamy raspberry juice. They can be found at the stand in the form of wagon in Groetenmarkt. Attention please, you can found these candies only in this city, so if you want to taste them, you do have to make a trip to Gent.
  • We can’t forget, of course, the chocolate pralines.
  • RoomeR – cocktail prepared with elder flowers.
  • Duvel – typical Belgian beer.



Any vegetarian among us? Because we are going to give you a nice announcement. In Gent there is the initiative of Donderdag Veggiedag, in other words, vegetarian Thursday!! After this good news, let’s see where we can enjoy a good meal.

  •  Avalon – family run local, it’s very popular. It is located in front of the castle of the Count of Flanders, the Gravensteen.
  • De Warempel – this  restaurant offers a wide choice among dagschotels vegetarians or fish and vegan desserts. Located next to the Central Belfortstraat.
  • De Panda – the oldest vegetarian restaurant in Ghent. It overlooks a canal in Oudburg. 
  • The House of Eliott – local cuisine.
  • Oak Restaurant – French,European cusine.
  • Du Progres – French, Belgian, European cuisine.
  • Gillis – French, Belgian, European cusine, steakhouse.
  • Lkkr gent – cafè.
  • Chocolato gent – cafè.



Now we will enter in the heart of the city and in its history and culture.

    • Graslei e Korenlei (the herbs bank and grain bank) – are two platforms located on the Lys river side. Once these banks were called Tusschen Brugghen (“between the bridges”) thanks to the presence of the two bridges, the Grasbrug and Sint-Michielsbrug. At first, the two banks, had the home port functions, loading and unloading goods. This place was considered, we can say, the commercial heart of the city. Today, it is one of the more touristy parts of the city. It has been recognized by the Belgian State (in 1952) as “protected landscape” and then, later (in 1994) as “protected City.”
    • Gravensteen – it is the only intact medieval castle. This was the center of power of Flanders count.
    • Belfort Gent – is one of the most beautiful towers of the Europe, it symbolizes the autonomy and the independence of the city. It  registered in the World Heritage UNESCO list. It also houses the museum of bells.
    • San Bavone Cathedral – the beautiful Gothic cathedral is located in the heart of Gent. This hostes the Adoration of the Mystic, the painting by Jan van Eyck, considered one of the artistic wonders of Belgium and the rococo pulpit made of wood and marble.
    • Sint-Niklaaskerk – the oldest church in Gent, in Gothic style, located on the Korenmarkt (Wheat Market). Behind the church there is a small park with inside the De Bron der Geknielden, the fountain of kneeling, it represents five young that reflect themselves in the water.
    • Museum voor Schone Kunsten– art museum that offers a beautiful collection of works of Flemish art from the fifteenth to the twentieth century and different works of some Flemish artists.
    • SMAK o Stedelijk Museum voor Actuele Kunst –  Contemporary art museum.
    • STAM – a modern, multimedia museum, a perfect blend of past and future. There is also the city map on which visitors can walk and get an idea of ​​the city before exploring it in detail.
    • Design Museum Gent – this museum contains an important collection of objects and furniture of the Art Nouveau, Art Deco and contemporary. But we can also find jewelery and ceramics created by young designers.
    •  The House of Alijn – a museum where you can discover the details of daily life or how the family room was decorated in the 60s, 70s or 80s or you can also listen to the audio recording of Flemish accents from different parts of the country. The museum also offers a beautiful garden and a cafe.
    • The World of Kina – the garden with over 1000 species of plants but also a colony of bees and tarantulas.
    • Illuseum – a place that will confuse you with the many games and optical illusions.
  • UGent Observatory Armand Pien – observatory.
  • Museum for the History of Sciences – a museum which houses an extensive collection of scientific instruments.

One of the most famous theaters of the city is the Royal Dutch Theatre.




Let’s have fun now!

  • Patershol – perfect area to spend a few hours in total relaxation and enjoy the Flemish vibes.The narrow streets are filled with small shops and restaurants.
  • You can enjoy a beautiful and healthy walk along the illuminated street of Gent that begins and ends in Koute.
  • Every Sunday take place lots of markets where you can find books and antiques, flowers, souvenirs or even gastronomy.
  • Chateau route – a road that will take you through beautiful parks. The main attraction is the Laarne castle, a fortress with a moat dating back to the Middle Ages.
  • Countrywide cycle routes– cycle path to explore the most beautiful landscapes of the city. Gent is the right place for those who love cycling, in fact, at the Gent Tourist Office you can find brochures with various cycling routes.
  • You can opt for a nice boat ride. From the water the city has a different perspective! Or you can have a canoe and kayak tour not only by day but also by night to admire the illuminated city.
  • And if you’re tired of walking and walking, you can always choose to take a nice tour of the city by renting a Vespa.
  •  If the usual question “if you had a super power what would you choose?” You respond to fly, eh, then a helicopter or hot air balloon are waiting for you.
  • Blaarmeersen Sports and Recreation Park – a nice playground for your children. The children here can play and explore in complete safety.
  • Bourgoyen-Ossemeersen Nature Reserve – Natural Reserve.
  • Muinkpar – it is park structured according to the English landscape style.
  • Aqua Azul and Raj e Sauna & Wellness – if you want to spoil yourself , these are the two famous spas and they are located in the heart of the city.
  • The city also offers some public swimming pools but also lots of fun games such as paintball, soccer, escape games

Now we will find the places of the nightlife in the city.

  • De Trollekelder brewery.
  • Hot Club de Gand- bar with live music.
  • ‘t dreupelkot Club – popular bar and meeting place for many young people.
  • Bar des amis Lounge – bar.
  • Missy Sippy – local where you can enjoy blues music.
  • Club 69 & Video Disco – local where take place some concerts. Free entry on Fridays and Saturdays.
  • Tijuana – disco.
  • Club Central Lounge – disco bar.


Our adventure in Gent is over but there is already another city that is waiting for us and you,of course,are always welcome!

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you have been or are you going to go? What did you like least and what more? We are curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.

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