Hello everyone. As you know, our journey in the Netherlands unfortunately is over but don’t worry because there is another beautiful nation that is waiting for us. We are talking about Germany.

Let us introduce it!

Let’s start from the political aspect of this nation. Germany is a federal parliamentary republic of sixteen states (called Länder). Its capital but also the most popular and best known city is Berlin (we are sure that everyone knows it!).

However Germany is considered the most populated country in the European Union (after Russia). This is also due to the fact that Germany is a popular destination for immigrants, especially in the Rhine-Ruhr area (such as the cities of Düsseldorf and Cologne) but also in Berlin, Hamburg, Monaco, Frankfurt… To sum up they are in all the great metropolis. This encouraged the coexistence among people of different ethnicities and religions (despite this, Christianity is the official religion of Germany)

It is nation located in the central-western Europe and is bordered to the north by Denmark, to the east by Poland and the Czech Republic, to the south by Austria and Switzerland and to the west by France, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands. It is also bordered by the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. There are several rivers in the area and they are: Danube, Elbe, Rhine, Main, Oder, Weser and Ems (all pretty famous rivers).

The official language of Germany is the German. Anyway there are some dialects: Frisian language, Franconian languages, Saxon languages and so on (easily understandable by those who know German).

As for the economy there isn’t much to say, Germany is a great power and the financial center of the nation is Frankfurt. In addition to this, Germany is also very developed in the scientific and technological areas. It also has a dense railway network.

Let’s know something about the climate. That of Germany is an Atlantic climate. Winter is pretty rigid (with snowfall) in every area of the Germany. On the other side the summer tends to be cool in some areas and hot and muggy in other (like in the center for example).

Sports are really common, especially soccer and Formula 1.

So much to say about its history. Pretty much everyone knows its historical events, such as: Nazism, the Berlin Wall (which divided the west from the east). The start of the various artistic currents such as: the “Sturm und Drang”, Romanticism. The music also had an important role with Beethoven’s birth, as well as the philosophy with the advent of Immanuel Kant. Well,there is to learn!

With this we finish the presentation of this vast nation. As you can imagine there will be so much to know and admire and we can’t wait to take you around Germany. If you want to join us, you just have to stay tuned for the next updates.

Good new adventure to all!



44 thoughts on “Germany

  1. I would love to visit Germany. My ancestors are from Germany; Burgdorf (my mom’s, fathers side) used to be a little town, that I believe is no longer there, I would just like to find where this little town used to be and visit it 😀

  2. Where will you be going in Germany? You forgot to talk about the food! I never thought I would love German food as much as I do. So many delicious and hearty dishes and cakes! They have excellent cakes!

  3. Germany does sound special to me. I have always seen beautiful pictures of the place but this amazing description just made me love it even more

  4. I live in the Netherlands. And Germany is quite close :). From where I live, I can be in Germany in about 20 min. by car. Germany has some amazing places. I really love Cochem, so beautiful! And I go there for fan conventions sometimes. Weekend of Hell is being held in Oberhausen, Germany. Curious for your stories and the places you visited!

  5. Being from The Netherlands, I’m quite familiar with Germany and visited several times. I even speak the German language. I have fond memories of eating schnitzel. Look forward to your future posts on this.

  6. Hello Paolo,

    One of my close friend is encouraging me to visit her in Germany next summer, and she can’t stop raving about it. I believe her coz she’s really enjoying her time together with her family.

    I also heard that education system in Germany is good – she said you’ll pay almost minimal. Which is great!

  7. They make great chocolate! I remember when I was little my cousins would always send me tons of it. Still have that sweet taste on my mind. BS, xx

  8. I believe I am the expert here, LOL as I am German. But living in Spain for 16 years , that for it was really a great read for me, to have a look at ‘home’ through your eyes 🙂 Lovely post

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