Hello everyone. With the article we are about to propose, we want to take you out of the embarrassment of the usual question when there are important events: “what to give to those who love to travel?”. Don’t worry, we’re here to give you some tips. Ready to listen to us… Ehm… Read us? Let’s start.

The first thing that may come to mind when we are looking for the perfect gift for travel lovers is definitely the professional camera ( in recent years many listed are the action camera, maybe a little bit expensive but you can also find the cheap ones) . If the person in question also likes to touch its “art work” instantly, the polaroid is the gift you were looking for.
Nikon D3300 Kit Fotocamera Reflex Digitale, con Nikkor AF-P 18/55 VR, 24.2 Megapixel, LCD 3″, SD 8 GB 300x Premium Lexar, Nero, [Nital Card: 4 Anni di Garanzia]


The universal travel adapter, as far as I can’t seem like a gift… Well it is. It is very useful because each country has a different one (we have already spoken about it).


External hard drive usb. You always need it when you are not home but you are often around the world and you have to have important data with yourself (who works out will surely appreciate it).

Toshiba HDTB310EK3AA Canvio Basic HDD Esterno, 1 TB, 2.5 “, USB 3.0, Nero


Portable Charger. As it may seem ordinary and maybe many of you already have it (so make sure that the person you want to give it has not already), the charger can save you from little inconvenience.
AUKEY Caricabatterie Portatile Solare 12000mA con Due Porte USB, Pannelli Solari SUNPOWER per Smartphone e Tablet come iPhone, iPad, LG, SONY, HUAWEI ecc.


These were the technological objects, now we’ll propose other ones that concern more categories and are definitely cheaper.

Travel Organizer. Who doesn’t need it? When traveling you can never be well-ordered but surely with this organizer there is no risk of losing anything and everything will be under control (yes, sometimes we need just a little bit of organization!). It is also usable in your daily life.
BlueBeach® Set di 6 Organizzatori di viaggio imballaggio cubi di lavanderia sacchetto dei bagagli Compressione Sacchetti Bag in sacchetto dell’organizzatore per i vestiti


What we are proposing you is a very nice and smart gift… This is the money belts with zip inside where you can fill it with coins and cash because we know that when you are around control everything becomes difficult!

Avantree Racer cintura da corsa impermeabile per maratone e triathlon, Marsupio Sportivo Maratone, Running cintura di carburante – mollette per il numero di gara e 6 energy gel, 3 bande riflettenti


World map scratch. This is a very nice accessory to have. For every country you visit you can scratch the lamina and so you can realize how many destination are still missing or you have already been visited.
Luckies Scratch Map, Mappa Multicolore da grattare 82.5 x 59.4 cm


Those who love photography have to own a gorillapod tripod. It has the ability to be flexible and you can easily hook it on each surface to make perfect photos of yourself (through the self-timer) and the surrounding landscape.

Joby Gorillapod Treppiede Flessibile, Nero/Rosso


Travelogue, a travel diary (if we want to define it like this). It is a set of different pages and geographic maps. It’s really great and light to carry with you to write over it whatever you want or to organize the places to visit… Well you can write what you want and your ideas/feelings will always be written there so you can reread and reread to remember the good times of your life.
Luckies LUKTRAV Travelogue Diario di Viaggio Interattivo con Pagine da Grattare, Carta, Marrone, 2 x 17 x 22.5 cm


Pocket cloth. Perfect for any moment and any unforeseen out-of-program (like a sudden picnic). It’s very useful and practical as it is folded into a small pocket-sized package. The cloth also has the feature of being water-repellent.

Telo Tascabile Matador Pocket


For those who travel often have a travel cushion gift will definitely be very appreciated; but if we add to the pillow also the space to place your phone or your music player would really be the ultimate in comfort. The only flaw of the music cushion (like any travel pillow by the way) is that it is not inflatable and so a bit cumbersome but it’s no matter when traveling comfortably and serene is the most important thing. The version we are proposing is inflatable.
Cuscino per Collo da Viaggio – Cuscino da Viaggio Gonfiabile, incl. Maschera per Dormire e Tappi per le Orecchie – di Globeproof®


Very cute is the telephoto cup, an idea too original and to stay on the perfect theme it is amazing to carry with you during your trip (in its thermal version). Don’t  forget that you do not have to put it in the microwave.

Thumbs Up Lens Cup Tazza Teleobiettivo, Nero


For the most adventurous (and heartfelt!) the most beautiful gift you can wish for is the suspended tent to enjoy a unique experience. The flaw is the price is really expensive but maybe you you can find its cheaper version.
Cacoon tenda sospesa, Double Mango


These are our suggestions to help you to choose the perfect gift.

Have you already given any of these object to your dear friends/family who love to travel? Let us know everything below in the comments.

A big  kiss to everyone.

52 thoughts on “Gift ideas for travel lovers

  1. Ma che post super utile… mi sa che iniziero’ a condividerlo a un bel po’ di amici, cosi’ sanno cosa regalarmi!! Il carica batterie del cellulare portatile e’ praticamente fondamentale… io sto per regalarmelo da sola prima della mia partenza per il Senegal. E poi la tazza a forma di obiettivo e’ stupenda!!

    1. È un piacere esserti d’aiuto e grazie per la condivsione. Non vi è cosa più bella di un regalo sperato e desiderato! Un pura gioia.
      Un suggerimento sul caricabatterie portatile. Noi ti consigliamo quello solare, è utilissimo in situazioni in cui non hai energia elettrica a portata di mano e poi grazie alla luce solare è difficile che si scarichi 😉

  2. Mamma mia quanti consigli utili! Sono una viaggiatrice compulsiva e devo dire che tutti questi regali sarebbero più che apprezzati, dalla macchina fotografica (standing ovation) alla cintura per i contanti (utilissima quando viaggi di notte su pullman o treni ad esempio).

    1. Che piacere poter parlare con qualcuno che ha le stesse nostre passioni! Effettivamente questi sono oggetti che facilitano abbastanza il viaggio e dobbiamo dire che anche chi non è un viaggiatore accanito ne troverà l’utilità 🙂

  3. Those stuff are great! I really like this gorillapod tripod ! I haven’t had idea about it and I think I am gonna have to buy it for my next trip! Portable Charger is definitely a must when you travel! The travel diary is also so cool!

  4. Really great ideas! My birthday’s coming, so I’ll just share this post with my friends. I hope they will get the hint 🙂

  5. Voglio tutto! Ok, magari la tenda sospesa no… ma condividerò casualmente questo post non appena il mio compleanno sarà all’orizzonte. XD Grazie per queste dritte interessantissime!

  6. The travelogue would probably be the most useful thing for us. In fact, we always bring our leather-bound travelogue wherever we go. We list down important information, numbers, rates, contact persons, etc.

    We would love to have a DSLR, but for our way of traveling, it would just be a hindrance. We climb mountains and engage in all sorts of outdoor adventures, but the DSLR is simply too bulky, heavy, and can get damaged after so much abuse. That’s why we just bring a compact waterproof digicam and a GoPro.

    1. We always have our travelogue always with us, it is part of our trips now!
      The photos you can take with a DSLR are maybe of the best quality but if you have different necessities a GoPro is perfect for your adventures. Today’s technology is forefront!!

  7. I like your list a lot. I definitely want to buy some of these products for myself. Haha! I do not have a gorillapod tripod yet so I am going to research more about this and find a good deal.

  8. This is quite the list. Some items I definitely need and some that are just so cool! That gorilla tripod is one I have never seen before. What a neat idea! Thanks for your well thought out list of travel items.

  9. Travel accessories have become such a crucial part of any travel. For the matter of fact, we carry DSLR, GoPro, point and shoot camera, phones and all the mounts and accessories with it. The one travel accessory that we cannot miss is the portable charger.

  10. Some very handy suggestions here! I’d say that an external hard drive is one of the best investments that I ever made, along with a portable charger. I couldn’t travel at all without them!

  11. Good list of the very nicest gifts for that travel lover, i will choose the external drive as am sure alot of them will have loads of pictures to take and store up on their journeys.

  12. Non conoscevo la tazza teleobiettivo! dovrebbe essere una figata incredibile, magari se deciderò di fare questo regalo a una persona giramondo dovrò avvisarlo che non va messa in microonde. 😀
    Ps. E’ molto utile anche la cinturina portacontanti perché si viaggia in treno con tutti i furti che ci sono non si sa mai.

    1. In effetti lo scopo di questo articolo non è solo quello di offrire una panoramica degli oggetti da poter regalre per gusto personale, ma più che altro per quella che è la loro utilità nel rendere l’esperienza più fenomenale!

  13. Nowadays, i find it awkward to buy travel journal for ny travel junkie friend. But if I will grab her a 5GB portable harddrive, I know she will love it. Oopss she might jump into joy actually.

  14. Well well those are the most needed things for the modern traveller.
    According to me the most important one is HDD along with the camera

  15. These are awesome gifts! I have that tripod, but I’ve never thought about using it like on the photo. Incredible idea haha. I have a lot of friends who also love traveling, so this is great for some inspiration! The money belt seems very handy as well!

  16. As a traveler, I have to say, I would really appreciate it if my family would get me:
    1. The watercolor world passport cover – it’s adorable
    2. The gorillapod – I’ve been looking at one of those for about a year
    3. The external drive – because that crash is every travel photographers worst nightmare

    Great list!

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