Hello everyone. We are ready for our next adventure. Where are we headed? In a bit you’ll know it!

The city that we are going to explore today is a really big city. Okay, stop with the clues, we are talking about Hannover.

Hannover is a German city and also the capital of Lower Saxony located on the banks of the Leine river. It is an important industrial and commercial city. Today (as yesterday) the city has so many services to offer. We have a nice program to follow, the city is really vast so let’s start right now but first a preview or a good news, it depends if you are a bike lover because the city center has many bike paths.

To know more (what to eat, where to eat, where to have fun, things to visit…) continue to read.

Ready to “face” the program? So let’s start!



  • Marktkirche: is the main Lutheran church in Hannover. This, along with the town hall, is the largest example of Gothic architecture. The building’s tower was a symbol of power and wealth; it is still considered the highest tower in Lower Saxony. Two important objects inside the church are: the altar and the organ.
  • Aegidienkirche: the easternmost of the three major churches in Hannover (we just have seen Marktkirche, the other one is the Kreuzkirche). It is situated in the historical center not so far from the Aegidientorplatz (square). This church is very unique because it is an outdoors church. Yes, you got it well, since the church was destroyed was never rebuilt and its ruins are now a memorial to all victims of war and violence. Beautiful and meaningful are the sculptures in the church, especially the one of the seven men who pray (Siebenmännerstein); these are engraved on a pillar on a wall. The church has a working bell as well.
  • Sprengel Museum: the building houses one of the largest collections of modern art in Germany. Many are the works of famous authors, including Max Ernst, Fernand Léger, Paul Klee, Pablo Picasso, Emil Nolde and Max Beckmann and so on.
  • Lower Saxony State Museum: is a museum that includes the world of art, history, archeology as well as ethnology, with many collections (like the coins collection). This place is perfect for a complete learning!
  • Kestnergesellschaft: it is a cultural company for contemporary art, don’t be confused, as it often happens, with the other art museum, the August Kestner Museum (that hosts Egyptian, Greek and Roman art collections).
  • Wilhelm Busch Museum: the museum hosts temporary exhibitions (often in cooperation with other European museums) of historical and contemporary art, satirical prints, cartoons, drawings, and the largest collection of Busch’s works but also by other authors (Honoré Daumier, James Gillray, Jean-Jacques Sempé). The museum is located in the Georgengarten and precisely into Georgenpalais.
  • Sprengel Museum Hannover: is a modern art museum. The topics are: German expressionism and French modernism, but that’s not everything. There are numerous exhibitions and in particular those of the Hannover artist Kurt Schwitters. The building is located near the lake Maschsee.
  • Historisches Museum: today it is a museum, yesterday it was a former fortress. It is located not so far from the center and it will tell you about the history of the city of Hannover and its region.

Now let’s discover the major theaters in Hannover: Staatsoper Hannover, Ballhof, Theater am Aegi,
Pavillon (is an event center for concerts).

Wilhelm Busch Museum



Neues Rathaus

Ready to continue the tour? So let’s go there is still so many things to see and to do!

  • Herrenhäuser Gärten: is a complex of four gardens (Großer Garten, Georgengarten, Berggarten, Welfengarten), the most important baroque gardens in Europe, well finished and with fountains. Each garden has some beauties to show, such as: the Großer Garten has a beautiful fountain and labyrinths (here every year takes place the shows of fireworks), the Georgengarten hosts the castle of Wallmoden (where there is a museum dedicated to the painter Wilhelm Busch. Do you remember? We’ve seen it before), the Friederikenbrücke (a bridge) and the Herrenhäuser Allee (a tree-lined avenue, amazing especially in the fall season) and in the end the Berggarten that houses the botanical garden of the University with over two thousand plants (cactus, orchids…).
  • Hannover Zoo: located in the city center, the zoo has more than three thousand animals of different species. Inside there is also an artificial river that you can explore to come on board of the boats made available from the zoo and admire the mandarin ducks (that are really wonderful!), giraffes (on either side of the river) and then continue on foot to observe lions, pelicans and many other species.
  • Eilenriede: it is a large park located in the city center. It is commonly known as “grüne Lunge” which means the “green heart” of Hannover. Have fun exploring it!
  • Neues Rathaus: town hall in Hannover, symbol of Lower Saxony. It is one of the few structures that hasn’t been destroyed during World War II. The building overlooks the lake and it is located in Maschpark. The town hall owns a cupola from which you can observe the view that the city offers. In the evening it looks wonderful because the town hall comes to life thanks to the effect of the colored lights.
  • Anzeiger-Hochhaus: it is a very special building (in Expressionist style, with a cupola and facade of brick) and symbol of the city. Today is a media center.
  • Maschsee: it is an artificial lake located to the south of Hannover. This is the ideal place for fun in summer and winter. It hosts water sports and is navigable, it will be possible to come on board of the ferry. In summer you can attend to the annual festival held just near the lake, it is the Maschseefest. In winter when the lake is frozen become a great ice rink. Among sculpture, landscapes and lots of activities, here the fun never stops!
  • Schleuse Anderten: this is a very interesting place to visit. It is a structure built specifically for some boats in which these come into a space with two entrances and given the gap between the two flows, with a special technique, the water is raised so that the boat can reache the other exit. It’s easier to see with eyes that explain it in words!
  • Döhrener Turm: it is a former guard medieval tower located in Hannover Landwehr (where there are other buildings like this).
  • If you love wandering around the city and visit the streets, these are the best places where you can do it: Kröpcke the central street of Hannover (nearby there is also the station and the Kröpcke-Uhr, a large clock and a reference point and a meeting point of the city); Herrenhäuser and Dr. Amir Pakzad Orientteppiche with shops and several local; Lister Meile (where there are also some hotel), Georgstrasse and Ägidientorplatz are the shopping streets; the pedestrian area of Steintor. We use this space to add that every Saturday in Hannover takes place the flea market, Flohmarkt, famous throughout the world.
  • The Red Thread: walking tour of the city.

Hannover is a lively city by day but also by night. So let’s see which are the liveliest places.

  • Eve Klub: nightclub.
  • 200ponies: disco.
  • Club Weidendamm: disco.
  • Bayern Stadl: pub.
  • Fever Club: disco.
  • Oscar’s Bar: cocktail bar.
  • Strandleben: bar.
  • ASTOR Grand Cinema
  • CinemaxX Hannover Raschplatz

All the nightlife is concentrated around the Raschplatz and dell’Oststadt square that during the day they turn into the shopping streets. In the summer months, around May and June, there are always lots of events, live concerts with the participation of DJ or theatrical performances. The events are organized at the Herrenhausen gardens.





The culinary part has an important role in the culture of a country, so now we will continue to explore Hannover through its typical dishes.

  • Grünkohl mit Pinkel: is a dish made from sausage, kale and potatoes.
  • Kasseler: is a dish consisting of smoked pork, onions (or sauerkraut) and potatoes.
  • Schlachteplatte: is a meat mix. It made from boiled pork and two types of sausages (Blutwurst and Leberwurst). The dish is commonly served with sauerkraut and bread or potatoes. Don’t be influenced by its look, if you like all the ingredients listed you will love it!
  • Welfenspeise: is a dessert made from eggs, cream, vanilla and lemon. So delicious!
  • Buckwheat torte: it is a cake of buckwheat flour and honey, separated by a layer of fruit (like cranberries) and yogurt, garnished with whipped cream or chocolate.




It’s time to put into practice the knowledge that we got on the typical dishes of Hannover but first we have to look for some locals in which we can do this.

  • Meteora: Mediterranean, European, Greek cuisine.
  • Basil Restaurant: European and German cuisine.
  • Brauhaus Ernst August: pub/ bar/ brewery with German and European cuisine.
  • Teestubchen: cafe and vegetarian cuisine.
  • Bavarium: German and European cuisine.
  • Rossini: Italian, Mediterranean, European cuisine and gluten-free menu option.
  • Broyhan Haus: bar with German and European cuisine.
  • Weinstube/Ristorante Leonardo: Italian, Mediterranean, European cuisine.
  • Beef and Reef: German and European cuisine.
  • Jim Block: American cuisine, fast food.
  • Alexander: pub with German cuisine.
  • Das Ei
  • Pier 51: European, German and vegetarian cuisine.


The tour in Hannover is completed, but the tour Germany not yet, we can only reveal in advance that there are some other great cities to explore. What will they be? Continue to travel with us to find out.

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What  you liked the most or least? We’re curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.


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  1. I have to say that I never thought about visiting Hannover, even though it’s not even 3 hours away from my hometown. I have been there once, but it was for an exhibition and we had no chance seeing anything else. Until reading your article, I did not even know what Hanover has that is worth visiting, but I obviously totally underestimated this city 🙂

    The only thing I know very well is “Grünkohl” It’s eaten in my region as well and its a typical comfort food for me 🙂

    1. If it is not so far away from your hometown this means you have another chance to explore Hannover!!
      Sometimes can happen to underestimate something. Now you have the possibility to reevaluate your thought visiting the city with your own eyes and feet 🙂

  2. A wonderful, comprehensive guide to Hannover. I could get a sense of this culture, history, and arts that make this city so unique. I’m personally astonished by the beauty of Neues Rathaus from your night photo above.

  3. I’m a big fan of Germany having visited Berlin, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Boppard and Cologne, but I haven’t visited Hannover. It looks great. I’d absolutely love to visit Neues Rathaus as it looks stunning!

  4. The Neues Rathaus looks great by night. Magical. Also happy to hear about the complex of four gardens. I love visiting gardens. I gives so much rest. And there’s always so much to see. Glad to hear there’s a zoo as well. I often visit zoo’s when I’m traveling. Welfenspeise looks very tasty!

    1. The complex of gardens was a real surprises, we didn’t expect such a beautiful and relaxing place. We are nature lover so we are more than happy when a city has these types of attractions for turists!!
      Every city around the world should have a green area!

  5. Hannover seems beautiful. We wanted to see it when we were in Europe but we ran out of time. The zoo sounds amazing and the Biergarten would be a great place to relax and enjoy a pint. We always love trying new things and are self proclaimed foodies. We would definitely want to try to Kassler.

    1. The zoo is one of our favorite activities! After visitng it you have the sensation to have done a safari, nature plus animals. We love both haha
      Of course then you have to eat something and Kassler it’s ok!

  6. I would love to visit the Berggarten…2000 different species of plants…and Orchids! I think we the food I would be in my happy place if I could eat authentic kraut all do. Beautiful photos of the buildings. Thanks for the tour 🙂

  7. Hannover is such an intensive destination! I’ve discovered this city a couple of years ago when I was writing a guide about it and was surprised to see how many things you can see here!

  8. It might be very difficult for me to pronounce those food but as per the description, it’s all about meat and I’m drooling just reading it! And the photo of Neues Rathaus is just perfect!

  9. Germany is one of my favorite destinations but I had heard too little of Hannover till I came across your lovely post. This is such a beautiful place. The picture of Neues Rathaus is so amazing and Kasseler looks too good. You have done a great job with this post! Thanks 🙂

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