Hello dear readers, we are ready for a new article. Today we are going to deal with a very interesting topic that can be useful to all those who have a business. In the article we will turn to those who own a blog but as mentioned it is a general speaking.

Today’s topic is how to prioritize daily activities or your blogging tasks.

So having made this very brief introduction, let’s get into the specifics step by step. Come on!

Often those who own a blog know well that it is not easy to separate work and daily activities. As a result, you sometimes feel lost. There are always a thousand tasks to be completed, those that are seen and those that are not seen but they are there! So from here the topic, because we know there is always so much to do and little time available, so we have to understand what to give our priority to. For this calm down and no more stress, let’s see the various steps.

1. How important is the task.

First of all, take some time to understand how important the task is to you and to your job. This is a fundamental first step, given the limited time of the day, to dedicate yourself to something that is not useful and helpful. So before you dedicate yourself to it, understand and study it well.

2. What you will get from the assignment.

Linked to the first is this second step. When we perform a task, we spend not only time but also effort. So knowing in advance what we will get, saves us from all this waste. Also make sure the results are worth it, otherwise it’s right to give up. The questions you need to ask yourself are: “Why am I doing this?” “What benefit will I get from it?”. This will help you to understand. Trying to write it might make your ideas clearer.

3. The duration of the task.

Once you have determined the activity and how important it is to you, you will find yourself having two or more important tasks. However, they can’t all be done in one day. So now try to analyze which is shorter and which takes longer. There are two solutions, you can choose to do both at the same time and start from the short one and gradually the longer one, or start only the short activity. This way you have time for everything.


4. Plan.

Good planning done well and in advance helps to organize all the work flawlessly. It is very useful to have in writing what you are going to deal with. In this way your brain already knows what to do and you don’t waste time figuring out what to do first. So with your notes, you just have to get to work. A good time saver.

5. ABCDE method.

An effective method for making decisions about which activity to prioritize, you can use the ABCDE Method. Write the letters A, B, C, D or E next to each of your activities.
The letter A is for tasks that you need to complete urgently. B for activities you should be doing but will have little negative impact if you don’t finish them immediately. C is for activities that would be ideal to complete but that won’t negatively affect you if you don’t. D is for items you can delegate to others and E is for tasks you should delete.

Remember that even in an hour, progress can advance. And if you lose motivation, you can set a timer for example of 60 minutes to get the job done and then take the necessary breaks. You will be more focused and productive and you will see what satisfaction!

Anyway, once all of this is done it is time to start your work. In this way you will have time for everything and you will complete your work in peace.

These are some tricks to manage the priorities of any activity.

We hope it helped you, tell us your opinions about it in the comments and if you have any suggestions how you organize your work tell us.

A big kiss to everyone.


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48 thoughts on “How to prioritize tasks for your work activities

  1. I always try to prioritise the most important tasks earlier if I can. But then I do also like ticking off quick things, usually if something will take less than 5 min to action I’ll do it there and then x

  2. This is a timely post as I’m trying to better organise my work activities. The ABCDE method is one I didn’t think of before.

  3. The typical work day for me is becoming more complex and demanding by the day and the multitude and variety of tasks can become overwhelming. Prioritizing of workload is necessary!

    Thank you for explaining the ABCDE method – I will have to try this because it just plainly makes sense

  4. Eco questo blog post è per me una manna, sono una persona molto organizzata e mi piace essere produttiva, ma anche non stancarmi oltre misura. Ogni consiglio è buono per correggere il mio metodo. Grazie!

  5. Pianificare il proprio tempo è fondamentale per portare avanti bene un blog. Io per far coincidere tutto sia gli impegni con il blog che quelli privati. Segno tutto sulla mia agenda, per far si che non si accavallino le varie cose. Dai dei suggerimenti molto validi.

  6. planner addict a rapporto, redigo sempre diligentemente la pianificazione per tutto ciò che riguarda sia l’attivita di autopromozione che quella lavorativa, ho quaderni e agende per pianificare tutto, eppure qualcosa sfugge sempre al nostro controllo perciò sono utili le liste, semplici elenchi di cose da fare, pensa che ho un taccuino adibito solo per questo scopo e mi salva ogni volta, che sia un blog o il lavoro, o un progetto da finire, scriverle a mano è sempre la soluzione migliore, ottimo articolo l’ho trovato interessante specie per chi è agli inizi ed è in preda alla confusione.

    1. Concordo con quello che dici, la pianificazione è tutto quando si hanno più cose da controllare. Questo mette anche al sicuro da eventi imprevisti imn modo tale da riorganizzarsi velocemente senza perdere il focus. – Amalia

  7. Time management and prioritising work is something I still struggle with so these techniques are something I will be implementing myself like the A, B, C, D or E method as well as adding how long each task will take

  8. Planning and lists are literally so important when it comes to prioritizing work activities to me. I have a quick list of stuff to do quickly in between bigger projects and a prioritized list. It’s so helpful.

  9. This is so important and I appreciate your sharing as prioritizing tasks is the only way I get things done… love this and appreciate you sharing!

  10. Ottimo articolo e ottimi suggerimenti per chi, come me, vuole essere sempre super organizzata ma senza stancarmi oltre misura

  11. Articolo completo e chiaro. Sono una gran programmatrice: ho liste divise tra le diverse agende (per competenza) e devices. Senza la mia organizzazione non riuscirei ad essere efficace tanto quanto, in effetti, sono!

  12. Il mio metodo di lavoro e per la concentrazione è quello di stilare soprattutto una lista con tutte le cose che hanno priorità e lasciare “quelle meno importanti”. A fine giornata riesco a fare quasi tutto, soprattutto se gli impegni sono tantissimi.

  13. Un articolo molto utile ed interessante. Conoscere bene le problematiche della gestione del tempo (time management) può rendere una risorsa molto più produttiva. Interessante la tecnica ABCDE. La proporrò a mio figlio in combinazione alla tecnica del pomodoro che ha imparato ad utilizzare recentemente. ciao, wincento

    1. Le variabili ci sono e possono influenzare l’esito delle attività pianificate ma se non altro è proprio grazie alla pianificazione che è facile riorganizzarsi e non perdere il focus sulle priorità.

  14. Oh I do need this post! I often have issues with setting up priorities especially when there are things I am more and less interested in doing. Your post is very welcome!

  15. OMG! I am really thinking of these priorities but I can’t. It’s difficult for me to handle, I’m distracted from turning the house upside down for cleaning, being a mom, computer games, etsetera. I can’t stop. I feel stressed sometimes from overthinking. So, I said, Chill self! You can do it. Do it one or half at a time. What I did, I stop doing everything on the computer for every one or two hours. Stand up then do the dishes and laundry. After doing the dishes, laundry and mop the floor. Drink water then go back to computer. Count again and repeat! 🙂

    1. Hi Elisa, thanks for sharing your experience!
      Your method looks valid especially if you are able to finish your duties in this way. Love it! Your days are demanding for sure, so have a good method is needed. Keep it up 🙂

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