What we will visit today will be Innsbruck. Are you curious to discover it? So let’s start.

Innsbruck is the state capital of the region of Tirol, one of the most famous regions in Austria. It ‘s a very popular destination for tourists, as you can admire beautiful landscapes. The city of Innsbruck is loved because of its proximity to the Alps, a perfect place for those who love skiing because there are a lot of ski piste.

To know more (to eat, what to eat, where to have fun, acculturate …) read on.

Tyrolean gastronomy has ample choices and we exactly from here we will start our adventure, admiring (and dreaming to taste haha!) local specialties.



Tirol is appreciated for its cured meats (speck in particular) but also for its cheeses, breads, canederli (we already talked about this food in the previous post when we discovered Linz, do you remember?) and so on. Being the Tirol a mountainous place, it will not be hard to find fresh calf and liver. We find also various types of stew with mushrooms or potatoes and eggs. That’s not all because the region offers a wide range of pastries with a wide variety of desserts, including desserts with cream or typical fruits of the mountains: ribes, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, raspberries.

Now we see more closely the typical foods of Innsbruck.

  • Käsespätzle – gnocchi with cheese
  • Bauern Gröstl – meat stew with roasted potatoes, fried egg and cabbage salad.
  • Orangensaft – orange juice.
  • Topfenstrudel – puff pastry stuffed with ricotta cheese and raisins.

To accompany the food or just to drink, Tirol prefers beer to wine.



Here are the places where you can enjoy a good lunch or a good dinner.

  • Breakfast Club – European, British, vegetarian (and even here, as in Linz, we have thought about you!), International cuisine.
  • Gasthof Weisses Rossl – German, Austrian cuisine.
  • Wilderin die – Risto bar Austrian, European, German cuisine.
  • Weinhaus Happ – German, Austrian, European cuisine.
  • Two Sicilies – vegetarian, Italian, Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Das Ludwig Burger Restaurant – American cuisine



Let’s have a look at the most famous places to visit.

  • Golden Roof – is a museum inside the building Neuer Hof, characteristic for its Golden Roof and that is the symbol of the city.
  • Hofburg – was the official residence of the governor of Tirol in Innsbruck. Today, especially in the summer, the yard is the place where take place performances of Ancient Music Festival in Innsbruck.
  • Ambras Castle (Schloss Ambras in German) – Located on the hills of Graz, is a major source of attraction for tourists, not only for the gallery of paintings but also because around the castle there is a beautiful English-style park. It is crossed by a stream, with a lake and an artificial waterfall. There you can see different species of animals, including peacocks and some types of waterfowl.
  • Triumphpforte – is another popular attraction. It’s a monument that reminds the style of a Roman triumphal arch.
  • Alte Innbrücke – old bridge on the Eno.
  • Cathedral of St. James – the main place of Catholic worship in the city of Innsbruck, in Baroque style.
  • Stift Wilten – the magnificent and ancient Abbey of Wilten, inside it is adorned with beautiful paintings.
  • Tiroler Landesmuseum Landes – is one of the most beautiful museums in Europe. It has s large collection illustrating the history of Tirol. All this makes this a precious museum of cultural history. Typical element is the dining room covered by wood.

Jewelry lovers, are you here? There is a wonderful surprise for you.

  • Museum of Swarovski – is the museum that hosting the creation of crystal jewelry, known throughout the world. Truly precious in every sense haha!
  • Garden Botanico – Botanical Garden Patscherkofel offers about 6,000 types of plants of the Alps and around the world.
  • Glockenmuseum Grassmayr (bell museum) – an ancient bell foundry.
  • The Column of St. Anne or Annasäule – column located in the main square of Innsbruck. It becomes an integral part of the landscape.

If instead you feel like taking a walk Maria-Theresien-Straße is right for you. In this way you will find many colorful buildings in baroque style. The streets are full of bar and restaurants that offering Tyrolean specialties.

As for the theater, here are the most important.
Landestheater (representations for teens and children), Kellertheater Innsbrucker, Tiroler Alpenbühne Geschwister Gundolf (Tyrolean music, traditional dances ..)




After all these series of museums and places to visit, I bet you are a little bit tired, isn’t it?

Don’t be afraid, now is the time to have fun!

  • Bergisel Ski Jump – is an Olimpic trampoline located on Mount Isel, south of Innsbruck. It’s possible to enjoy a spectacular view of the city thanks to the panorama terrace.
  • Alpenzoo – more than 30,000 species of animals and about 4500 species of plants.
  • Patscherkofelbahnen – perfect place to ski or to learn to ski. They are also accessible paths to through skilift.
  • Hofgarten – it is a public park that offers a great variety of trees, a pond, a playground and restraunt with garden.
  • Rapoldipark – park bordering the River Sill, it also offers a lake, fountains, playground and more. A perfect place to relax and enjoy the view of the distant mountains.
  • Golf

As you can see, there are many ski piste that Innsbruck offers (if you haven’t enough of it here’s another Ski & Snowboardschule Innsbruck) because of its proximity to the mountains.
For those who doesn’t like physical activity, you can always take a romantic carriage rides on snowy plateaus. Really suggestive!

And even for those who want to have a good night, here are the places that do for you.

  • Limerick Bill’s Irish Pub – Irish bar with live music on weekends.
  • Prometheus Keller – the oldest dance club in Innsbruck.
  • Nacht – Local open all night least until the sun starts shining the next day. You have time to have fun!
  • Blue Chip – a dance club frequented by many young people.
  • Hofgartencafe – local bar with a wide selection of drinks and occasional live music.
  • Theresienbräu – a room where a DJ plays on weekends, you can eat the traditional food and drink homemade beer.
  • Innsbruck’s Casinohofgarten-innsbruck3

This is enough for today. We are already leaving for the next destination.

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What do you like least and what more? We are curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.



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