Unfortunately you will heard about Ukraine because of the crisis with Russia in the Crimea and in the Donbas region, but maybe few of you know that the 90% of the country is not touched by problems of public order and anyway it is a great tourist destination for all those who like being in close contact with a millennial culture rich in history.


Its capital Kiev is connected with Italians national stopovers with direct flights (Milan-Rome-Venice) or from all airports thanks to some international companies like Lufthansa with comfortable stopovers allow you to reach the place in less than three hours of flight.

Kiev is the beating heart of the Ukraine, economic capital with its almost five million inhabitants make it a city suspended between past and modernity. It’s here that around the year 1000 on the banks of the Dnipro born the Rus Di Kiev, the oldest Eastern Slavic State that thanks to two figures as Prince Vladimir and Yaroslav the Wise sanctioned its greatness, during the period when Moscow still didn’t exist and in its place there was a magnificent forest.

Knowing Ukraine just because of Kiev could be a mistake if you want to fully understand the culture of the Cossack people but certainly if you haven’t so much time in front of you, it could be a great starting point.


After you chosen the flight you have to decide if you want to stay in hotels or in private apartments. The hotels are generally quite expensive but those who have three stars are cheaper. The hotel should be moder or you can risk to stay in Soviet-Style Hotel. The alternative to the hotels are the apartments that are made available to individuals and agencies, cheaper and often in a very central position that guarantee a very comfortable stay.

The local currency is the Gryvna. If  your local currency is the Euro, here it is exchanged with a ratio of 1 to 28. That means that you can dine in any good restaurant at a cost under ten euro.

Restaurants like the locals in general are all very good and the choice is really wide. From the famous Italian restaurants till the Japanese ones and of course those of the local cuisine… it’s up to you the choice! The service is much improved in recent years and the attention to the customer reminds the Europeans standard, differently from the old Soviet customs.

Being in the center of Kiev means that you can visit many of the main tourist attractions. Starting from Maidan Square, renamed Independence Square (the square where three years ago happened the so called Revolution of Dignity) you can come up to the Monastery of St. Michael where you can admire the imposing structure of the Foreign Ministry. Then you enter into Sofia Square where stands St. Sophia, second in the world (after Istanbul) and UNESCO heritage. Continuing on the Vladimirska street, to the left there is a building that once was the headquarters of the KGB and a  just up ahead the Golden Gate, the old gate that brings you to the old town, where you will find the magnificent Operà Kiev Theater, where you can enjoy beautiful performances all the year (the cost of the ticket is about ten euro for a good place).

Opera House

In addition to all this there are many other sights in Kiev such as: the Patriotic War Museum with its Rodina Mat, the museum of folk culture (an open air museum), the Museum of the Chernobyl disaster, the House of Chimeras, the Mariinsky Palace, the Presidential Palace, the Pechersk Lavra an holy place of-Orthodoxy, Baby Jar and much more. In the summer you can have nice walks in one of the seven parks within the city.


A very unique place situated just outside Kiev, is the Kiev Rus Park, a theme park where has been rebuilt the life of the Kiev of the year one thousand, a day in a lost world.

For the fans of eco-tourism you shouldn’t miss a visit to Chernobyl. The visit is organized safely and with the permission of the Ukrainian Government. You will relive the Chernobyl tragedy and you’ll visit the ghost town of Pripyat, an example of a historic cemetery where life has crystallized the Soviet era. It is a photo tour but also very informative and you can ask your questions directly to technicians who still work in that area and meet the “liquidators”, the heroes who helped to contain the incident.

Thanks also to the new fast trains that there are in all the Ukraine area, is easy from Kiev reach in only six hours the city of Lviv (Ukraine’s cultural capital), Odessa with its famous Potiemkin staircase and its beautiful squares, or Dnipro or other smaller cities of Ukraine, all of them with unique characteristics. A special mention is for Chernivtsi, Ukraine’s eastern small town that includes thirteen universities and one of them is very old but still frequented by the students.

A common thing about all the cities in Ukraine is the great hospitality of its people and there every place will surprise you with its peculiarities. For all the nature lovers the suggestion is to pay attention to the Carpathian region where is possible to do an ecological tourism and dedicate your time to the nature but you can decide to spend a week at one of the many Spa Welnnes centers in the area. They have different curative springs.

Our agency is present in Ukraine since 2007. Beyond that you’ll entrust to us (even if we are specialized in the incoming of the Italian tourists) or to another agency the appeal is to visit this extraordinary country that is still outside of any tourist route but that has a lot to give in terms of emotions.


Written by: https://www.ukrainaviaggi.it

Translation by: Hang Around The World

30 thoughts on “Knowing Ukraine

  1. Guilty as charge – I only know Ukraine because of ongoing crisis, and also from the pageants 🙂
    Based in your post, I find Ukraine as an interesting place to visit. And nothing to worry about the crisis.

  2. I would certainly like to visit Ukraine and especially Chernobyl. There is a lot more to see in Ukraine than I expected however and you did a great job of describing the country. I once met a man from Odessa when I was in Turkey and I listened to him talk about his home city in glowing terms and I knew then that I would like to visit. Nice post.

  3. I know Ukraine also because I’ve done Postcrossing for a time. It’s a project where you receive cards from all over the world. I got quite some from Ukraine as well. And wow, they showed me that Ukraine is beautiful and has stunning nature. Your post has learned me new things. The museums are on my list now!

    1. In this case we can’t help you because it is an article wrote by ukrainaviaggi.it (it’s a guest post) so you should check this site, they know how to satisfay your question.
      Anyway happy to have inspired you to visit Kiev.

  4. This is a great guide, thank you. I really want to go to Ukraine, I used to work with some Ukrainians who told me how lovely it is. And I didn’t realise you are able to visit Chernobyl and Pripyat, I’d love to see that.

  5. I was in Kiev, I love that city it’s so beautiful, I was on trip Russian(Moscow) and Ukraine (Kiev) and I had amazing time. Your photos bring me back some great memories! Thank you

  6. We never think of the beauty of ex Russia, the Ukraine and all these eastern countries. Look how stunning all these buildings and monuments are!!! Sounds and looks as if you had a great time there.I have got friends in Moskow, if only it wasn’t that cold in the winter over there. Last week or so they had minus 30 degrees….omg. Ukraine only in the summer !!!

    1. Indeed the temperatures during the winter are very rigid and cold in the eastern countries and if you are not habituated it’s not a great idea visitng these places in this time of the year. Even if they have their charm when snow surrounds everything!!

    1. Thank you very much Agness! Even if in this case the article is a guest post, we have only translated it from english to italian and put it according our layout.
      Anyway we agree with you, Ukraine it’s a very sepcial place 🙂

  7. Ukraine was never on my radar but now I’m considering visiting soon. You sold on the ghost town of Pripyat. What could go wrong with a little ghost history!! Also, your photos capture the beauty of the city which makes me want to witness it for myself! Thanks for the tips. Will use this as a starting point to my research!!

  8. Ukraine has been under my radar for quite a while but I have to admit that the recent tensions in the country have pushed me back, glad to see that most of the country hasn’t been affected.
    Whenever I get the chance to go, I’ll be doing the visit to Chernobyl for sure. It must be such a strange experience visiting the deserted town!

  9. Your post shows a beautiful Ukraine and a very interesting country to visit. Although not in my short list for the near future I have curiosity to visit the countries of the former soviet union and check how they did evolve since.

    1. Eastern Europe countries have something special and thanks to our friend who wrote this article for us we understood why.
      More you travel, more you learn and Ukraine is the perfect country to learn something 🙂

  10. Kiev does look like a wonderful place to visit. I’m contemplating visiting here or Lviv later this year. The architecture in particular appeals to me with the wonderful colours and design. Thanks for sharing your experience. Once I have a plan on when to visit this will be really helpful.

  11. I never really wanted to venture to Ukraine or Russia until recently. Now I’m dying to go there! Seems like the culture there is so diverse and unlike anywhere else in the world. Completely obsessed and now has been the number 1 country to visit on my bucket list.

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