Hello everyone dear travelers, here we are to start a new adventure in Switzerland. Today is the turn of Lausanne, what do you say to present it? Let’s get to know it.

Lausanne is the capital of the Canton of Vaud and is located on the northern shore of Lake Lemano (also called Lake Geneva). It is the fourth largest city in Switzerland and is connected to the French town of Évian by boat. Lausanne is an important center of commercial banking and university activities; it is also home to the famous Rudra-Béjart dance school, founded by the famous choreographer Maurice Béjart. In 1994 it was declared Olympic Capital and is therefore the seat of the International Olympic Committee. And still right here in Lausanne there is the “Cinématèque Suisse” where important cinematographic materials are kept, making it the sixth city in the world for quantity and variety of goods kept. A curiosity about the city is the well-known expression on both sides of the Franco-Swiss border and it is the famous: “Il ya pas le feu au lac” (there is no fire in the lake), there is no rush . We are certainly not in a hurry but we have a great desire to start, so let’s go!

To know more (what to eat, where to eat, where to have fun, things to visit…) continue to read.

It’s time to get to the heart of our adventure, starting right from the cultural side. Let’s begin!



Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Lausanne

  • Cathédrale Notre-Dame de Lausanne: it is the largest Gothic Protestant (formerly Catholic) church of Lausanne located on the upper part of the city, near the Vaud canton of Lausanne, so it majestically overlooks the historic center and from here you can enjoy a great view. The interior is very nice and bright with this nave full of arches. Representative are the mosaics, the imposing organ and its bell tower where you can enjoy a full view of Lausanne. In the evening, the marvelous building comes to life thanks to the play of lights that on the occasion of the Lausanne Lumieres Festival is illuminated with a particular technique that colors it and transforms it into a spectacle that you would never stop watching.
  • Musée olympique: the museum is dedicated to the history of the ancient and modern Olympic Games. The structure recalls a temple while its history is illustrated through vintage photos and films, original medals (donated by athletes), stamps and various memorabilia. The museum is also surrounded by small gardens (and just nearby we can suggest you the vast and well-kept Parc de mon repos), where various sports-themed sculptures and plus here are exhibited other works by various authors. The property also houses a library and a restaurant, overlooking Lake Geneva. Each year the museum welcomes millions of visitors and it was elected “European Museum of the Year” in 1995.
  • Sauvabelin Tower: this tower, not far from the center, offers a panoramic view of the city of Lausanne, Lake Léman, the surrounding countryside and mountains. The spiral stairs are so many, but it is absolutely worth a visit because we assure you that this panoramic point will leave you speechless.
  • Palais de Rumine: it is a Renaissance-style building and this is already visible from the main hall in full style. To welcome you there will be a beautiful fountain, an absolutely suggestive touch in this fantastic atmosphere. This structure also contains a lot of history and culture because a series of museums are part of it: Musée cantonal des beaux-arts (Cantonal Museum of Fine Arts), Musée cantonal dell’Archéologie et d’histoire (Cantonal Museum of Archeology and History ), Musée monétaire cantonale (Cantonal Museum of Money), Musée cantonal de géologie (Cantonal Museum of Geology), Musée cantonal de zoologie (Cantonal Museum of Zoology). The interior is therefore beautifully full, but the exterior is not far behind, thanks to its imposing statues that adorn the building and its turret that completes the whole. The building is located in a large and well-known square, Place de la Riponne.
  • Musée de l’Élysée: it is a museum entirely dedicated to photography and is housed in a beautiful and elegant 18th century palace with a well-kept garden and a crazy background. The collection not only contains photographs but also the techniques and the history of how they were made and how they were born. Everything starts from the daguerreotypes (device used for the daguerreotype, the first photographic process for the development of images) of the nineteenth century up to contemporary digital prints. Plus many works by famous artists such as Ella Maillart or Nicolas Bouvier.
  • Museum of Contemporary Design and Applied Arts: is a museum of contemporary design and applied arts. This place offers a wonderful approach between vision, storytelling and application, a wonderful mix. There are many exhibitions, including recognized and interesting permanent ones, which show an evolutionary path of the exhibition. But the museum does not stop there, in fact, it has also opened its doors to aligners, directors, performers or musicians, creating a connection between the different forms of art. A mention must certainly be made for its characteristic structure with its high extremity.
  • Musée du château de Morges: if you are looking for a castle like the fairy tales ones or one in which you will see some antique furniture, huge rooms and so on, this is not the place as the castle contains several museums, some of which reconstruct the great battles of the past, like the Napoleonic or Roman wars, others with a military theme with many collections to show. Here are exhibited many original pieces and meticulous miniatures reproducing original objects. The museum is located right in front of the lake and is surrounded by a small garden where artists often stage medieval fights or other period scene.
  • Lousonna: it is an open-air museum, surrounded by greenery, precisely it is a Roman archaeological site. Before the birth of the city, the Romans built a military camp in this place that they called Lousonna. A piece of history not to be missed!
  • Collection de l’Art Brut: the ugly art collection is a museum dedicated to the “outsiders” that has nothing to envy to any other art museum. This is a magnificent experience in the world of “diversity” and originality where the ugly becomes beautiful and special. Don’t miss this great opportunity!
  • Lausanne history museum: it is the historical museum of Lausanne that testifies the rich economic, social and cultural history of the city. The exhibition is structured in 11 sections to understand the metamorphosis of this particular territory from the period from the Middle Ages to the Enlightenment. Perfect place to get to know the city and its past in depth.
  • Three other museums and a library, respectively, Musée Bolo (private museum dedicated to the digital revolution), Aquatis (aquarium), Musée et jardins botaniques cantonaux and Rolex Learning Center which we recommend you visit if you still have time or if you simply want to.

As for the theaters, here are a few: Lausanne Opera, Théâtre Vidy-Lausanne, Théâtre Boulimie.

Palais de Rumine



Escaliers du Marché

And we continue to discover the city but from another point of view, the entertainment.

  • Around the city we can find: the nerve center of Lausanne, in the historic part of the city, there is Place Saint Francois. Rue de Bourg branches off from the square, a shopping paradise with shops and boutiques of the most prestigious luxury brands. Immediately above this street there is the Rôtillon district, one of the oldest in Lausanne where you can enjoy a drink in total relax. Place de la Palud, one of the main squares of Lausanne with numerous cafes, restaurants and clubs, a meeting place where once a week there is a very colorful market full of many good and beautiful things. At the center of the square there is a beautiful fountain adorned with the oldest statue in the city, representing the Justice dressed in blue holding the scales. Think that this is the square where David Bowie got married, plus in a building there is a carillon clock that at the strike of every hour gives life to an animated show that illustrates the history of the Canton of Vaud. Ouchy a small neighborhood directly overlooking the lake. This beautiful area in addition to the promenade and many beautiful clubs is the favorite area for those who love roller skating and skateboarding, thanks to the presence of numerous paths and tracks created specifically. Also worth visiting is the Flon district, the perfect place to buy some souvenirs; and always in the Flon valley don’t miss the view of the Grand-Pont. Esplanade de Montbenon, a beautiful viewpoint.
  • Escaliers du Marché: is one of the must-see attractions. It is a steep staircase covered by a wooden roof flanked by other wider stairs. The most characteristic thing is represented by the row of houses on the side of the stairs, where today there are numerous boutiques and bars and the cathedral as a backdrop. A real beauty!
  • Parc du Denantou: an immense green expanse populated with some sculptures where you can learn the history. As a main attraction there is the wonderful Thai style structure which makes it even more special and intriguing. Another very nice park to go to is Milan Park.
  • Other unmissable activities are the boat ride on the lake (or why not, practice paddle boarding) for a truly unique perspective of the city and the rich vineyard area such as Lavaux (which includes a breathtaking panorama not surprisingly a Unesco heritage site) or Al Domaine Croix Duplex Simon and Maude Vogel where you can taste local wines and enjoy the calm climate of the cottages. And again, if you are in Lausanne in the height of summer, a stop not to be missed is the Plage bellerive with access to the lake, a large swimming pool with a diving board and recreational spaces or even Plage de Vidy-Bourget. Tropiquarium de Servion, if you are interested in the local fauna.
  • Other places to visit, even if far from the center, are: hilly chain that extends above Lausanne where the parc naturel du Jorat is located, an intact and beautiful green environment in which to get lost (metaphorically speaking hahaha). Glacier 3000 is a paradise for mountain lovers. Its panorama offers a breathtaking view of 24 peaks and constant snow. The surprising thing is its walkway suspended between two peaks but let’s not forget its beautiful toboggan runs. In addition, nearby the picturesque village of Les Diablerets entirely composed of chalets (an ideal stop for those who suffer from vertigo and don’t want to go into it). Don’t miss all this because this place will make you speechless!
  • We would like to inform you of the presence of the Lausanne Transport Card which allows you to travel freely on public transport without any limitations.

Esplanade de Montbenon

Lausanne’s nightlife is full of life and there is everything for each one of you depending on what you prefer, tranquility, entertainment and so on. The most popular places are the Flon, Place de la Gare, rue Marterey, Place du Tunnel.

Among the clubs that we find in the city there are:

  • White Club: nightclub
  • MAD Club: disco
  • ZBar Club: disco
  • El Secreto Club: disco
  • MY HOUSE Club: nightclub
  • Caffe Bellini



Croute au fromage

Now we are ready for the typical dishes. Let’s eat!

  • Croute au fromage: cornerstone of local cuisine, it is a fairly thick slice of bread that is soaked in white wine, covered with cheese, egg and often a few slices of ham. Everything is heated in the oven or on the grill.
  • Papet vadois: it is a typical dish of the canton of Vaud based on leeks and potatoes. They are cooked together with saucisson vadois, a pork sausage, flavored in the mixture with spices. As opposed to meat, another dish not to be missed is perch as Lausanne overlooks Lake Geneva, so is full ot it!
  • Malakoff: they are pancakes with gruyère cheese. Be careful, these cheese bombs are highly addictive!!
  • Birnbrot: this is a very famous dessert in Switzerland, a puff pastry filled with dried pears along with figs, apples, nuts, raisins, candied fruit and spices. What a spectacular mix!
  • Magenbrot (literally bread for the stomach) is a small biscuit, a kind of gingerbread with cocoa, honey and cinnamon, covered with a delicious chocolate glaze.




We have the typical dishes, now we just have to see where to taste them. Here are some suggestions.

  • Anne-Sophie Pic au Beau-Rivage Palace: French, European, vegetarian cuisine.
  • Auberge de l’Abbaye de Montheron: Swiss, European, vegetarian cuisine.
  • Il Ghiotto: Italian, Mediterranean, European cuisine.
  • Le Tandem: Italian, Mediterranean, European cuisine.
  • Restaurant du Vieux-Lausanne et Bar Giraf: French, Swiss, European cuisine.
  • Restaurant Le Mirabeau: French, Swiss, European cuisine.
  • SUD: fast food with French, Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Les Trois rois: French, Swiss, European cuisine.
  • Le Troubadour: Italian, French, Swiss cuisine.


We conclude our tour in Lausanne in style while the one in Switzerland has just begun, so you just have to continue traveling with us to discover our next destination.

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What  you liked the most or least? We’re curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.

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  1. I have always wanted to travel to Switzerland! It looks so beautiful there, and the architecture looks incredible. Your photos are so lovely. Thank you so much for sharing! I hope to travel there some day after the pandemic, great post!

  2. Lausanne is the Swiss city that I least know, but which apparently – after reading you – really has a lot to offer. In fact it would not be bad to organize a nice weekend or maybe a nice itinerary given the various Swiss cities you mentioned.

  3. What I love about Switzerland is that there are so many unique places that you can go to especially if you’re into museums. Such incredible work by men! Thanks for sharing this guide.

  4. Lausanne is incredibly beautiful. I have really fond memories of that place – so charming and elegant. As we won’t be able to travel far, I think that I’ll follow your guide and visit Switzerland as soon as possible. Thank you for this wonderful inspiration.

  5. Che dire di Losanna? Straordinaria, moderna ma anche attenta al passato, essa presenta una straordinaria varietà di opere e modi di manifestarsi attraverso le sue architetture e bellezze. Per non parlare dell’aspetto culturale con i suoi teatri e musei, come quello dell’Elysee o il Musée olympique.
    Non resta che visitarla.
    Maria Domenica

  6. I have always wanted to visit the elegance that is Lausanne! I have only lived the experience through blogs such as this – THANK YOU!

    1. We are happy we have offered you this tour around the city and happy you have chose us 🙂 ❤
      Next time you only need to visit Lausanne and we’re excited to guide you. Save our travel guide so you can have it always with you!

  7. It appears Switzerland doesn’t have one bad place – from Zurich to Geneva and now Lausanne, everywhere is beautiful. My Switzerland bucket list is one city longer. Thanks for sharing. BTW, lovely pics.

  8. Ma che bellezza che è questo posto !!! Non ci sono mai stata ma mi ha sempre affascinato in quanto ho sentito spesso parlare. Poi direi che da grande appassionata dei musei, Losanna abbia una vastissima scelta da offrire: Musée de l’Élysée e Musée et jardins botaniques cantonaux sono sicuramente nella mia lista dei posti da vedere assolutamente. Non vedo l’ora di poter ricominciare a viaggiare…

    1. Ci sono musei per tutti i gusti qui a Losanna e uno più interessante dell’altro, una vasta scelta ahah
      Appena ci sarà il via libera in sicurezza organizza un bel viaggio in Svizzera e segui le nostre guide per non perderti nulla 🙂

  9. L’ho spesso visitata per lavoro, veramente bellissima. Ho letto con stupore la lista di musei da visitare, assolutamente da tenere in grande considerazione, considerando che è una meta ben raggiungibile. Mi piacerebbe poter tornarci presto!

  10. Segno tutti questi posticini e cose da vedere per Losanna, mi piacerebbe visitare la Svizzera appena sarà possibile.

  11. Da gran golosona quale sono mi ha attirato subito la sezione piatti tipici e ti dirò li vorrei assaggiare tutti!

  12. La Svizzera francese mi interessa particolarmente quindi ogni consiglio su cosa vedere e quali sono i luoghi di interesse, li leggo con piacere. Avevo sempre preso in considerazione Ginevra, ma anche Losanna sembra avere molto da offrire.

    1. Losanna e Ginevra non sono lontane per cui se hai la possibilità di visitarle entrambe noi te lo consigliamo davvero.
      Cerca sul sito la guida di viaggio di Ginevra così puoi incominciare e organizzare qualcosa 🙂

  13. Non conosco assolutamente nulla di questi luoghi. Mi accorgo di averli abbastanza vicini da poter fare un viaggio non appena saremo liberi di muoverci. Inserisco subito Losanna nei luoghi da visitare.

  14. Ho un bellissimo ricordo di Losanna, mi ci portò mio padre quando ero piccola, in roulotte! Però non ho visto nulla, era sempre di corsa mio padre, che peccato, soprattutto ora che ho capito cosa mi sono persa. Mi piacerebbe molto ritornare, con calma.

  15. Sono stata in Svizzera molto spesso e più che altro perché nella traiettoria Italia- Francia, ho visto così Zurigo, Basilea, Lucerna. Nella mia visita a Montreaux non sono riuscita ad andare a Losanna per questioni di tempo, poco male perché grazie a questo articolo ho un sacco di informazioni in più su questa interessante città.

    1. Alle volte nella vita capitano delle coincidenze incredibili e questo è il caso ahahah Sei capitata al momento nel posto giusto 😉
      Prossima volta mi raccomando, guida alla mano e buona esplorazione!! – Amalia

  16. Hi Paolo,
    Great post!
    I can’t wait of the Covid-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions around the world to be over, to start travelling again.
    There is so much to explore around the world!
    Thanks for reminding me of what the pandemic has made me miss 🙂

  17. Switzerland is beautiful. I’ve only seen Switzerland via pictures and videos. Lausanne has so much beauty. I’d love to visit.

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