Hi everybody, how are you? We hope everything is ok. If you agree, we would say to start discovering the city we are headed to. Well our Swiss destination is Lucerne. Let’s introduce it.

Lucerne is the most populated city in central Switzerland. Fundamental place for transport, telecommunications and for the government of the region. From the city you can admire Mount Pilatus and Mount Rigi. The city is also bathed by the Reuss River. From the TripAdvisor website, Lucerne is ranked fifth as the most popular tourist destination and is also the most business-friendly canton in Switzerland. All this thanks to its ongoing tax reduction policies.

To know more (what to eat, where to eat, where to have fun, things to visit…) continue to read.

Okay the introductions are over, so it’s time to get started. Com’on!



la Jesuitenkirche-St-Franz-Xaver
                                                       Jesuitenkirche St. Franz Xaver
  • Jesuitenkirche St. Franz Xaver: is a Catholic place of worship. The building is located in the old town, on the left bank of the Reuss river. The façade of the church (oriented towards the river) is squeezed between the two nineteenth-century bell towers that end in a domed style reminiscent of the architecture of the east. The inside of the church is gorgeous. Its color is gold and white and it creates a perfect harmony.
    However, this is not the only church in the city. Another one you can visit is Hofkirche.


  • KKL per Kultur- und Kongresszentrum Luzern: it is a multifunctional building with a concert hall appreciated above all for its high-profile acoustics. The view is very picturesque as it overlooks the lake and part of the city with its wonderful buildings. The majestic interior and exterior have a modern and distinctive architecture. The structure also houses a restaurant.


  • Sammlung Rosengart: it is an art museum that houses the works of the most important artists of the caliber of Pablo Picasso, Paul Klee and many other artists of the age between impressionism and classical modernism. The building consists of several floors and the museum is located very close to the Lucerne train station in a very nice boulevard. The artistic air that reigns in the building is amazing.
    Another type of art museum, but with different themes, is the Kunstmuseum. The building also features a library, shop, cafe and much more.


  • Museggmauer: here on the Lucerne hill there are remnants of ancient walls with its high towers. This was the ancient city wall. You will be able to walk around there and enter some remaining structures. Among other things, the view from the hill is wonderful. It overlooks the lake, the city and the surrounding mountains. Perfect. A nice place to go.


  • Richard Wagner Museum: a wonderful villa belonging to the artist Richard Wagner. The panorama, the view over the lake, the surrounding park say a lot about its beauty. The exterior the building is equally gorgeous. The interior is full of collections, paintings, photos, period furniture, clothes, sheet music, musical instruments and much more. Each room has its own value. Moreover, the museum is flanked by a lake where you can take a bath on the hottest days. A truly unique opportunity!


  • Bourbaki Panorama: this is a structure containing a 360-degree painting of considerable size and rich in details and expressiveness. It shows a glimpse of the history of the city that not everyone know. In addition to the painting, there are several collections and models always depicting historical events. Impossible not to immerse yourself in that atmosphere!


  • Historisches Museum Luzern: the historical museum traces the history of the region and the city through tours and interactive multimedia exhibits with costumed actors. A truly unique and interesting experience to live.


  • Schloss Meggenhorn: it is a castle located in Meggen right in the vicinity of Lucerne. The castle has a different architecture from the usual but typical of the areas. It is surrounded by vineyards and a place of great importance for the municipality. Its interior, the enchanted garden, the panorama that surrounds it makes it truly a hidden gem.


  • Natur-Museum Luzern: is a natural history museum located at Kasernenplatz. The museum exhibits will introduce you to the local fauna through various species of stuffed animals, minerals, insects and so on. You will also find sections dedicated to biology and science. The museum’s objective is to inform, raise awareness and raise awareness of nature and the environment.


  • Verkehrshaus der Schweiz: Swiss museum of transport (cars, planes, trains…) with many curiosities, exhibitions, virtual realities and much more. If you are passionate about motors this place is really perfect for you. We are sure you will be delighted.


  • Swiss Chocolate Adventure: This adventure must be done because it is truly unique. A journey comfortably seated in a vehicle that will take you around the museum to discover the origin, production and transport of chocolate. At the end of the experience you will have the opportunity to taste different creations of a Lindt Maître Chocolatier. So good!!

Among the major theaters in Lucerne we find: Luzerner Theater, Theater Pavillon Luzern, Luki*ju Theater Luzern.

la Museggmauer



il hammetschwand lift
                                                                  Hammetschwand lift

We continue in name of fun.

  • Kapellbrücke: it is an indoor pedestrian bridge made entirely of wood. It crosses the Reuss River and connects the two parts of the city. It is the oldest in Europe and inside there were several paintings from the seventeenth century that reflect the history and the main events of the city. In addition, an octagonal-shaped tower rises in the middle of the bridge, the Wasserturm (Water Tower), one of the symbols of Lucerne. It was a defensive function.


  • Nadelwehr: this is a needle dam (which can be inserted or removed depending on the flow) designed precisely to maintain the level or flow of the river contained. It is very interesting to see and above all to understand how it works. The dam is located right next to the Kapellbrücke bridge.


  • Löwendenkmal Luzern: the Lion of Lucerne is a monument located inside a pond in the Denkmalstrasse park. This dying lion symbolizes the sacrifice of the Swiss Guards killed in 700 during the French Revolution. The monument is considered very moving and sad and it is. A must to visit.
    Also in this park we find a mirror labyrinth with 90 deforming mirrors, a panoramic tower where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city and the surrounding mountains. The strong point of the park is the Garden of the glaciers where there are the so-called “potholes of the giants” (they are well-shaped furrows created by river erosion in the places that were covered by glaciers).


  • Pilatus: is a mountain massif, the highest of the Lucerne Pre-Alps. A tourist center with accommodation facilities and hotels, from which you can enjoy an extraordinary view of the Lake Lucerne region. The mountain can be reached via the cable car. There is also a lot of local fauna that you will be able to meet. Magnificent place and for those who love the mountains.


  • Inseli Park: this park in Lucerne has a beautiful panoramic view of the river and lots of green space. It is a great place to lay out on the lawn, relax at the small river view bar, watch the geese or just walk around.
    Another popular city park is Vögeligärtli. Here there are games for children and a large lawn where you can take a little break.


  • Rotsee: is a natural lake located in the city of Lucerne. It is famous for being the home of rowing competitions and championships. So you could be lucky and attend one of the events or simply enjoy the magnificent all natural panorama.


  • Dietschiberg: it is a vast green space, a very popular hill with many hiking trails, therefore suitable for those who want to hike or even cycle up the various paths. The view of the city is obviously spectacular. A postcard.


  • Hammetschwand Elevator: this is a must visit (except if you suffer from vertigo!). It is the highest external lift in Europe built on a rock. The view from there, is certainly something you have never seen in your life. Very similar to that of a medium-high altitude plane. It’s crazy, so much so that you can touch the clouds with your hand! The panoramic view overlooks the lake and the Alps.


  • Around the center of Lucerne there is still much more to see: Schwanenplatz is a square that is the entrance to the old city and has always been dedicated to commerce. There are many shops, restaurants, bars. Nölliturm one of the Museggmauer towers that can be crossed through the rock opening. Luzerner Wochenmarkt is a weekly market that we recommend you visit hoping to be there in those days. You can find everything from food to flowers. Mühlenplatz, another square directly overlooking the river. In the square there are also numerous cafes and clubs. Bruchquartier Luzern, a modern and extravagant neighborhood, as well as being a residential area of ​​great value, is home to people from all over the world. So a very multi-ethnic neighborhood.


  • For other fun-filled activities there are several options: CAP Paragliding Switzerland paragliding adventure. Grand Casino Luzern for a different day/evening. Gotthard Panorama Express a train journey to discover the mountainous landscape of Lucerne. You will be dazzled so much by its beauty. Cruise on Lake Lucerne perfect for relaxing and admiring the city from another perspective.


la schwanenplatz

Lucerne’s nightlife is lively and the places to head to are certainly the center and Bruchquartier.

Among the different places there are:

  • VEGAS Dance Club: disco
  • Brooklyn Club & Lounge
  • ROK Klub: nightclub
  • Das schwarze Schaf: nightclub



la Heusuppe

Here we are at the typical dishes of the city. Let’s eat them!

  • Zuppa di zucca: a famous typical pumpkin dish with toast and smoked bacon. A simple but very good and supportive dish in the colder months.
  • Forellen: trout is the most famous fish dish in the city. On the menu you can find it cooked in various ways, in a pan, boiled or smoked accompanied by the most disparate dishes.
  • Heusuppe: it is one of the simplest and most natural typical dishes of Lucerne. It is a very special dish. Its main ingredient is hay and then some mountain herbs. To stay on the subject, the dish is generally served on a plate placed on a straw bed. Original!
  • Lucernese gingerbread: a very simple, genuine cake with few ingredients differently from the traditional gingerbread. So tasty!
  • Glühwein-Mousse: this dessert is among the most famous in Lucerne. Why? Because it is truly a delicacy. It looks like a simple dessert but trust me it is not. In practice, it is a mulled wine in the form of mousse. Its taste is very particular. Try it!


la Gluhwein-Mousse

                                                 Gluhwein Mousse



Let’s go and see some good places where we can go to taste the Lucerne dishes we have just seen.

  • Richemont Gastronomie: Swiss, European cuisine.
  • Zur Werkstatt Luzern: Swiss, European, vegetarian cuisine.
  • Restaurant Hermitage: Swiss, international, European cuisine.
  • Manor Restaurant Manora: Swiss, European, vegetarian cuisine.
  • Burgerstube im Hotel Wilden Mann: Swiss, European cuisine.
  • Bellini Locanda Ticinese: Italian, Swiss, Mediterranean cuisine.


Today we end our trip to Lucerne like this, continuing our adventure in Switzerland. Keep following us.

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What  you liked the most or least? We’re curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.


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  1. I was a child when I last visited Switzerland. I’d love to go again. I don’t think I’ve been to Lucerne and being ranked that high as a tourist destination it’s worth visiting.

  2. I haven’t been to Lucern but it is wonderful. I read about it but just couldn’t squeeze it in even once. You make me want to go to Switzerland again and again.

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