Today we are going to Lugano, another Swiss destination. Are you ready to get to know this city? Then let’s start introducing it!

Lugano is a Swiss municipality in the Canton of Ticino. It is the main cantonal urban center and the Italian part of Switzerland. A very popular tourist destination, Lugano has also established itself worldwide as a leading international banking center. The city of Lugano is divided into 21 districts. It also has its own airport. Art, culture and many curiosities dominate this city. One of them? On its coat of arms there are many hypotheses, among these the most resonant is that the initial written on it, LVGA, is nothing more than the abbreviation of the name of the city. We conclude by saying that Lugano represents the city of the future as it is involved in numerous major projects that are radically changing its face. These include major rail links that connect the city to different parts even outside the territory.

To know more (what to eat, where to eat, where to have fun, things to visit…) continue to read.

Ready to explore the city?? Let’s go!



San lorenzo chiesa
Cathedral of San Lorenzo
  • Cathedral of San Lorenzo: it is the main Catholic place of worship in the city, located in the Lugano Centro district. Its origin is early medieval. Starting from its external view, the cathedral has a bell tower and is located in an area overlooking the lake (perfectly visible from its terrace). Its interior is noble and full of wonders such as the organ, its frescoes, the main altar and its chapels. Since the church is in a higher area, it can be reached easily by funicular.


  • Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli: it’s a late Romanesque religious building and this is located in Lugano Center. The church is very welcoming and intimate. Its small altar and its frescoes are wonderful. The surrounding environment is quiet and gives off a lot of peace. A simple but effective place.


  • LAC – Lugano Art Culture: it is the largest cultural center in the city. It focuses on artistic production and the encounter among the different arts. The focus is mainly on theater, music and visual arts. The architecture of the building already heralds its artistic value. The interior is well organized and this is where so many events take place. The center also offers many experiences such as the space one, or a play of lights of the Alley of Light. Spectacular and exciting. This is one of the points of reference when it comes to entertainment and art. In addition, the building houses a restaurant where you can refresh yourself before continuing the tour.


  • Swissminiatur: it’s a Swiss miniature park located on the shores of Lake Ceresio. Therefore, the major monuments of interest of the various Swiss cities are represented. There will also be the main railway lines, cable cars, boats… All meticulously built down to the smallest detail. Fascinating, not to be missed!


  • MASI Lugano: art museum born between the union of the cantonal art museum and the art museum of the city of Lugano. Pictures, photographs and interesting works of art of a recent past, of various and important authors.


  • Cantonal Museum of Natural History: it is the cantonal museum of natural history focusing on the themes of mineralogy, paleontology, geology, vertebrate zoology, invertebrate zoology, botany and mycology (there is really a lot to know and observe). So many species of animals, collections of stones and insects. All very interesting and well illustrated.


  • Gabriele and Anna Braglia Foundation: this is a private foundation of contemporary art founded by the well-known Braglia couple. This place is intended for the promotion of art and culture. Beautiful exhibitions are organized periodically. Particularly noteworthy is the reinterpretation of German expressionism and the design of the structure. It is full of incredible paintings and treasures to admire. This place is where you can get lost in time and space.


  • MUSEC Museum of Cultures of Lugano: is a museum of ethnic works of art coming in particular from the Far East, India, Southeast Asia, Indonesia and Oceania. Exhibitions, collections, there is really a lot to admire. The works show what are the customs of the various countries present there. The structure is also very beautiful, the villa overlooking the lake.


  • Alprose Schokolade-Museum: you can’t go to Lugano and not pass by its delicious little chocolate factory. In addition to the tasting, the purchase of the Swiss chocolate, its history will be waiting for you, the way it is produced through all its steps. It will be possible to see the selection, quality control and packaging processes… Everything!

Among the most famous theaters in Lugano we have: Pan Theater, LAC Lugano Art and Culture, Sunil Theater.

LAC art and culture
LAC Lugano art and culture



Parco Ciani
Ciani Park

And we continue our tour, this time in search of entertainment.

  • San Salvatore Mount: mountain located near Lugano. Let’s start by saying that from how you have a crazy view of Lake Lugano, the city and the Mendrisio district. The excursion lasts a few hours and can be reached by funicular and then continues on foot. However, there are several rest areas and a restaurant at the top.


  • Lake Lugano: a magical lakeside stroll. The atmosphere that you breathe is very suggestive. The lake is lined with trees and benches but also bars, restaurants and souvenir shops. Whether it’s day or night, winter or summer, your eyes and mind will thank you. Relax is guaranteed. In addition, the lake has a small beach where you can stop to get in touch with it more.


  • Brè Mount: there will certainly be a postcard scene waiting for you. The summit of Mount Brè can be reached by funicular from or by car. From the summit in 15 minutes you descend towards the district of Brè, an inhabited center still preserved in its rural state, with stone houses and streets. There are also many monuments and places of interest. Nice!


  • Lido of Lugano: absolutely unmissable place on summer days. It will be possible to rent sunbeds, umbrellas and dive into the cool waters that the beach offers. All with a wonderful view of nature. The place has a bar service with different gastronomic choices.


  • Ciani Park: a real green oasis in the city center. The park is a place of attraction for locals and tourists. It is considered among the most beautiful parks in Switzerland for its privileged position by the lake, its imposing trees, the large playground, outdoor gym, the beautiful pedestrian paths containing statues, fountains and flowers. There is also a wonderful viewpoint in the park. There is also a cantonal library, a high school and the Ciani villa. An unmissable place! However in a higher part there is Parco del Tassino. This is also very nice.


  • San Grato Park: this is another splendid park, very well maintained and with the addition of a swing with a panoramic view of the lake (and only for this it is worth the visit!). Scents, colors, paths, flora, sensory paths, a place of peace and tranquility. You will feel like you have been teleported to another world!


  • Morcote: it is a village that thanks to its distinct architectural beauty, its history and the privileged position in which it is located, has become part of the association “The most beautiful villages in Switzerland”. Obviously there will be many monuments of interest and a lot of views waiting for you! It is a very suggestive and characteristic village with its stairways and narrow streets. Wow!


  • In the city we still find many things to do, let’s see: piazza Reform, the beautiful and main square of Lugano with a lake view. It is a place for the shops of major brands, but also home to the town hall and nice structures with flowered balconies, bars and restaurants. Gandria is a district with several monuments and places of interest, to the south of Lake Lugano and is on the border with Italy. The Lugano casino for a different and fun evening. The magnificent arcades of via Nessa under which are located the most elegant shops in the city, the boutiques of the great names in fashion and jewelry. Via Pessina, another very popular central street, especially for food shopping and aperitifs. Unmissable boat ride on Lake Lugano.


  • We add that to move around the city you can easily walk. Alternatively you can use bike sharing, which makes this city an ideal place for those who love bikes, as there are about 13 cycle paths.
La funicolare sul monte San Salvatore
San Salvatore funicular

Lugano’s nightlife is elegant but above all sparkling, lively and able to offer 360 ° fun.

Here are some of the night clubs that we find in the city:

  • Nikka Club Lugano: night club
  • SEVEN LUGANO The Club: night club
  • Bunker Club: night club
  • QUYN Disco Club Lugano
  • Blu Martini Club: night club



Il bratwurst

Let’s eat! Let’s find out what are the typical dishes that await us.

Let’s start by saying that the flavors of Lugano are the result of the union between Swiss and Italian cuisine. Great!

  • Bratwurst: is a pork-based sausage mixed with veal or beef. The dish is eaten in different ways, whether it is grilled or cooked in a pan, inside a sandwich, with a side of chips or simply eaten alone. We can only tell you that in any way it is eaten it is really tasty!
  • Carpione fish: this dish is one of the most popular second courses in Lugano. After being cooked or fried, the fish is immersed in a mixture made up of white wine and white wine vinegar flavored with herbs and vegetables. The dish is ready to be enjoyed.
  • You cannot come to Lugano and not taste a cheese-based dish or just absolute cheese. The city has a large variety of Alpine cheeses. Thanks to its mountains, the perfect union between clean air and fine grass is created, excellent for alpine pastures. PDO cheeses include Piora and Sorescia, without forgetting the “drunken cheese” with cow’s milk matured with the marc.
  • Vermicelles: it is a dessert with a very particular aspect, as if they were a plate of spaghetti! At the base of this dessert there is the chestnut puree. This dessert is accompanied with whipped cream or meringues.
  • Cavollatt: it is a spoon dessert. Then you have to prepare a normal cream, lighten it with whipped cream (the main ingredient of the recipe) and finally assemble everything in the glasses. To complete, a generous addition of chocolate that serves to dampen the sweetness of the cream.



To the question “yes, but where to eat”, well we are going to see it.

  • Ristorante Camino: Italian, Swiss cuisine.
  • Osteria Calprino: Italian, Swiss, Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Grotto Morchino: Italian, Swiss cuisine.
  • Grotto del Pep: Swiss cuisine.
  • Ristorante Elementi: Italian, Swiss cuisine.
  • Canvetto Luganese: Italian, Swiss cuisine.
  • Schnitzy: Italian, Swiss cuisine.


In this way we conclude our adventure in Lugano, ready for the next destination. Follow us!

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What  you liked the most or least? We’re curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.


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  1. I love travelling but the thing that always gets to me is choosing where to go, and which locations I should site-see. This blog really helped me with my indecisiveness.

  2. I Bratwurst ho avuto modo di mangiarli nuovamente di recente perché li ho trovati al Conad Super store del mio paese. Ora che molte restrizioni stanno cadendo penso di tornare in svizzera per trovare tutti gli amici che non vedo da tanti anni. Questo tuo articolo, mi ha fatto venire tanta nostalgia di una città stupenda.

    1. Ciao Claudia, ti ringraziamo per averci letto 🙂
      Il fatto che tu abbia anche degli amici in città è sicuramente un motivo in più per ritornare a Lugano, una città che rimane a molti nel cuore una volta visitata. – Amalia

  3. Lugano è indubbiamente quella città della Svizzera, che più di tutte le altre ho nell’immaginario e vorrei davvero molto visitare. Sono lieta che tu scriva così tante guide di questo paese, avendolo vicino grazie alle tue dritte potrò visitarlo senza problemi!

    1. Ciao Cristina, ci fa molto piacere leggere del tuo apprezzamento. Grazie.
      Al momento stiamo recensendo la Svizzera e possiamo anticiparti che non abbiamo finito qui con le guide di questo meraviglioso paese 😉 – Amalia

  4. Wow, how have I never heard of Lugano before. What a beautiful Bucket list destination! For us, I would love to explore San Salvatore Mount because I LOVE funiculars. I dont know why but they always ignite the child like spirit in me!
    But all around Lake Lugano looks absolutely beautiful. Another stop for us would be the Cathedral but I think I would love to explore the Church of Santa Maria degli Angeli. I googled the pictures inside and it looks beautiful.
    What a remarkable spot.

  5. carina Lugano. La visitai negli anni 80 e ne serbo un buon ricordo. La Svizzera sa oliare bene i suoi meccanismi, avessimo noi la loro mentalità con le ns mete turistiche non ci sarebbe storia..

  6. Amo la Svizzera, sono anni che non ci torno, Lugano é una città fantastica che ha tantissimo da offrire a chi la visita, spero di tornarci presto.

  7. Ho sempre voluto visitare Lugano, credo sia una città davvero ricca di cose da vedere come confermi tu stessa con questo articolo Complimenti, interessante e dettagliato

  8. Siamo andati a Lugano in vacanza un po’ di tempo fa e devo darti ragione, una città piena di vita, elegante, pulita, storica e cibo delizioso, non nego che vorremmo tornare a visitarla per passare qualche giorno di ferie.

  9. E’ a solo due ore da casa mia, ma non l’ho mai visitata, forse l’ho un po’ sottovalutata, perchè dalla tua guida è chiaro che c’è moltissimo da scoprire! Mi dovrò ricredere.

  10. Certo che siete una sicurezza! Bene come sapete entrare nell’anima dei posti che visitate e ci raccontate pochi altri! Questa guida è veramente ricchissima, sarò a Lugano tra 2 weekend, quindi seguirò i vostri consigli!

  11. Lugano is so beautiful! I can’t wait to add it to my Swiss list. I am a huge fan of the country and it’s cantons, can’t get enough. Saving your guide for later for when I make a trip to my favorite country I don’t live in. By the way, how does Lugano feel in winter? I live in tropics so… i might fancy a colder day

    1. You live in a dream place WOW
      Winter is a good season to explore the city if you are looking for some snow and several ski slopes. More you go on top of the mountains more snow you’ll find. It’s a magical season here!!

  12. Ora giro l’articolo a mio marito che non trova mai qualche posto nuovo dove scappare per un paio di giorni, secondo me Lugano è perfetta per allontanarsi dalla routine di tutti i giorni

  13. Un post di un viaggio che sarebbe stupendo, Che bella città mi hai fatto conoscere attraverso le tue foto. Di sicuro dobbiamo fare un pensiero e visitarla.

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  15. Complimenti per l’articolo completo e chiarissimo. Sono stato in Svizzera tante volte ma sempre di passaggio: per fare scalo a Zurigo o attraversandola per arrivare in Francia o in Germania. Forse un giorno mi fermerò per visitarla meglio magari proprio a Lugano. Ciao wincento

    1. Ciao e grazie mille ❤
      Se ti capita l’occasione di visitare la Svizzera non perdertela, ne vale la pena. Per esserti ancora più di aiuto ti suggeriamo di controllare la categoria Svizzera, lì ci potrebbe essere la guida che fa al caso tuo.

  16. Oh my! What a gorgeous location! I went to Switzerland when I was in high school but have never heard of Lugano! Adding this spot to my bucket list!

  17. I haven’t heard of this place but it sounds so amazing! I love that view of the oceans, mountains, the city, and the train. I would be in that shot in a hearbeat!

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