Hello everyone. Our trip to Germany continues and continues and continues. Where are we this time? Well, today we are in the western part of Germany, in the city of Mainz. We just have to discover something about it.

Mainz is a city located at the confluence of the rivers Main and Rhine and it is divided into several districts. This city is culturally and economically active (it is a large industrial center witha great port), also as regards the mass media field. Mainz is known not only for sports but also for two reasons: the carnival and the good wine (for the most part produced by the “Riesling Rhineland” white grape). This is just a small taste of the city there will be a lot to know and see!

To know more (what to eat, where to eat, where to have fun, things to visit…) continue to read.

As a culture we have to admire… let’s keep your eyes open!



  • Cathedral of Mainz: this is the most important building in the city, the symbol of it. The cathedral has a pretty cloister and Gothic colored glass windows. Inside the building we can find some royal tombs but also those if the emperors of the Holy Roman Empire. A special feature of the cathedral are its six towers that dominate the city.
  • Pfarrkirche Sankt Stephan: one of the most important parochial churches of the city. It is situated in the center of Mainz and is famous especially because it is a symbol of the Holy Roman Empire. Important are its two precious organs and its beautiful glass windows.
  • Stift St. Alban vor Mainz: famous abbey symbol of the Carolingian Empire. From here come two important documents: the Codex Aureus of Mainz and several liturgical writings of St. Alban.
  • Sinagoga di Mainz: being Mainz an important Jewish center, couldn’t miss this kind of religious building here. This synagogue has only a few years of life; it is a very modern and unusual compared to the rules of this type of building.
  • Christuskirche: protestant church surrounded by a vast green area.
  • Landesmuseum: one of the oldest museums of the city and of Germany in general. This is home to an extensive collection of objects that come from the Stone Age to modern times (paintings, statutes…) There are also several Roman remains (like the Jupiter column and the Dativius Victor arc).
  • Gutenberg Museum: is a (very important) museum of the city, all dedicated to the invention of printing, its history and writing techniques. Today it retains the last two writings of the Gutenberg Bible. Its headquarter is in the Zum Römischen Kaiser Palace.
  • Museum für Antike Schiffahrt: Mainz maritime museum. Here we are exposed some of Roman ships but also many other types of craft. Don’t miss it!
  • Naturhistorisches Museum: one of the largest natural history museums in the region dedicated to biology and earth sciences (with fossils and plants).
  • Mainzer Fastnachtsmuseum: this is a very special museum, entirely dedicated to the carnival and its history. Very original and funny museum.
  • Kunsthalle de Mayence: its structure stands out as well as its white interior color. We should expected it from an art museum, right?

Beyond the church and museums, around the city there are other monuments that we have to mention. Let’s see them.

  • Tower of Iron: city gate. A great example of medieval fortification of the city. Very easy to recognize since it consists of red and white bricks. There is another structure identical to this one located at Holzstraße.
  • Zitadelle Mainz: citadel of Mainz that we could consider as the greatest example of the city’s fortification. From here it will be possible to enjoy the panorama of Mainz. Inside the citadel you’ll find the remains of Roman monuments and the “Stadthistorische Museum Mainz”, the historical museum.
  • Electoral Palace: one of the most valuable buildings in the city (the jewel of baroque architecture) located at the mouth of the Rhine river. Today the museum houses the Zentralmuseum Römisch-Germanisches (Roman-Germanic Museum). It offers a wide Roman and medieval collection and also has great archaeological discoveries such as the Similaun or treasure of Sipán.
  • The Municipal Library, in Art Nouveau style, is located in the new part of Mainz and is home to a vast collection of books. A place that should be explored!

Now, as you know, it’s time that we dedicate to the theater. Together we will see which theaters we can find there.

Mainzer Kammerspiele and Staatstheater Mainz – Großes Haus, are the main theaters; then there are also the Mainzer Forumtheater, the Mainzer Kammerspiele and the Showbühne Mainz (where will play some emerging artists).





Whether you are ready for a new adventure or you just want to have a relaxing moment, let’s see where to do both things and then it’s up to you to choose!

  • Parco comunale di Mainz: located in the south of the city center (in Mainz-Oberstadt district) along the Rhine River, is the main green area of the city. Right here, at the end of August and at the beginning of September, it takes place the traditional Mainzer Weinmarkt (the Mainz wine festival).
  • Wildpark: as the name suggests, it is a wild park in the north of Mainz. A real immersion in the nature. Inside the park there is also a small zoo with some species of animals.
  • Botanischer Garten: botanical garden that belongs to the Gutenberg-Universität Mainz. Plants and flowers all ready to be admired!
  • Theodor-Heuss-Brücke: is a bridge located on the Rhine river where you can enjoy a nice view. Then you can say to have “crossed” a great and important river…not bad!
  • Arco di Dativius Victor: is a triumphal arch located at Ernst-Ludwig-Platz. A beautiful memory from the past, isn’t it?
  •  Some of the beautiful streets to visit are: Mombach and Weisenau as the modern look of the city; Drais and Finthen are that part which kept the rural character that once dominated the city. In the Augustinerstraße area you can admire the traditional houses of Mainz. The Markt square (located near the Dom of Mainz) that has at its center a renaissance fountain. In the end the Schillerplatz (one of the main squares), the Schusterstraße (street with several shops) and Römerpassage a shopping mall.
  • Mainz Haupt bahnhof: many of you surely we will be able to see the Mainz main station. It is very efficient but also one of the busiest in the region.
  • Walking through Münsterstraße and Schillerstraße you’ll come across a sculpture, the “Walk of Fame of Cabaret”. Here, just like the Walk of Fame in America, they are mentioned some of the famous actors, with the difference that they are stand-up comedian.
  • Mainz offers a wide range of services and routes for those who prefer to get around the city and its surroundings by bike. The itinerary includes, the Rheinradweg (bike path), the path from the mouth of the Rhine river (there is a lot to ride!) or the path that goes through Bingen and the Middle Rhine (that is part of the Unesco heritage). A substantial and interesting itinerary.
  • On Water: a route that will allow you to discover the city from another point of view… the sea.

And when the night comes but you aren’t tired at all? We can give you some suggestions!

  • Imperial The Club Mainz: disco.
  • Europalace Mainz-Kastel: night club.
  • Red Cat: night club.
  • Kelly’s Pub
  • Irish Pub Mainz
  • Malakoff Bar



TYPICAL FOODS643263-960x720-eier-schinkennudeln

It’s time to taste some typical dishes of Mainz but before proceeding we must find out which are these typical foods so let’s see them.

  • Schinkennudeln: it’s a pasta dish, tagliatelle with bacon.
  • Flammkuchen: it may seem a pizza, but of the pizza it has only the appearance. This dish is composed of a thin and crispy puff pastry, covered with onions, bacon, cream and herbs. However there are other options for those who prefer something sweeter flavor (an example is the flammkuchen of apples and plums).
  • Labskaus: is a dish made of meat with potatoes, eggs, various pickles and beets.
  • Butterkuchen: butter cake.
  • Foresta Nera: chocolate cake with cherries and whipped cream. Too tasty to resist!



Let’s have lunch! Yes but where? Don’t worry we know the answer.

  • Goldener Hirsch: German cuisine.
  • Adagio: Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Heinrichs – Die Wirtschaft: German, Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Pomp: German, Mediterranean, European, Vegetarian cuisine.
  • Malakoff Terrasse: German, European, Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Bei Bruno: German, Italian, Mediterranean, European cuisine.
  • Stadthausschanke: German and European cuisine.
  •  Weinhaus Wilhelmi
  • Weinhaus Kurfurst: German cuisine.
  • Cubo Negro: European cuisine.
  • The Haus des Deutschen Weines: here in addition to good food you can enjoy good wine.


We say goodbay to Mainz to welcome another city that you’ll find only in the next adventure. Don’t miss it!

A big kiss to everyone.


Below we will list the accommodations that you can find in Mainz.

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?city=-1822614&aid=960457&no_rooms=1&group_adults=1 – accommodations in the city.

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?landmark=18729&aid=960457&no_rooms=1&group_adults=1  – accommodations  next to the Mainz sation.



40 thoughts on “Mainz

  1. I lived in Germany for 7 months last year and unfortunately never went to Mainz. It looks like such a beautiful city though with plenty to do! The cathedral especially looks stunning! Enjoy the rest of your travels x

  2. Germany is such a wonderful place to visit. The architecture and cuisine are just so charming. I felt so welcomed when I was there, like stepping back in time and being invited to stay. Didn’t Mainz but it looks just as lovely add the parts I visited.

  3. My bestfriend also can’t stop raving about Germany. She moved there since last year, right before she gave birth. And I understand now why she starting to fall in love with Germany. Its beyond beautiful.

  4. I love reading your stories about Germany! It’s such a wonderful country and very close for me. So easy to visit the cities you’re writing about. Which makes it even more exciting! I’d love to visit the cathedral, it looks so nice! And a botanical garden.. I love visiting gardens!

  5. Thank you for such a detailed piece 🙂 Even though I was born and raised in Germany, I have never been to Mainz, but now I know what I can do when I get there!

    If you’re looking to visit a cute, old-school fairytale town with lots of places to go out, typical German architecture, and a very beautiful church, stop at Schwaebisch Hall (my hometown).

    Happy travels!

  6. Such a cute place! The only city I’ve been to in Germany was Hamburg which was pretty as well. But that was about 20 years ago…. Time for a Eurotrip! 🙂

  7. Thank you for such a detailed guide! Mainz has never been on the top of my travel list in Germany (OI stay here now), but now it definitely climbed a few positions up 😉

  8. Mainz is a big beautiful city but I could halt there only for a few hours. We visited just the cathedral. Seeing your list and realising what a lot I did not see.

  9. Haven’t been to Mainz so far. I’ve been to Berlin and Munich. But I will agree that cities like that have lots to see and taste. Oh, and their parks are magnificent too.

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