Hi everyone, we left Granada with the famous siesta but now it is time to wake up and go for our next destination…. We are heading for Malaga.

Malaga is a city located in the south of Spain and it is bathed by the Guadalmedina river which divides the old part from the new one (you can admire the river right in the center of Malaga where it starts and it is surrounded by some buildings). It is known as “the capital of the Costa del Sol” but not only, it is famous for the large number of inhabitants and to be a large center developed in the touristic and theological sector and in the end for its magnificent beaches. A great recurrence in Malaga is the “Feria di Agosto” , a summer celebration to commemorate the reconquest of Malaga. The festival takes place on the beaches of the city but also in the historic center with fireworks and many culinary specialties. This is just a brief introduction but we are now ready to enter the city!

Per sapere di più (dove mangiare,cosa mangiare, dove divertirsi, dove acculturarsi…) continuate a leggere.

The cultural heritage of Malaga is quite varied and vast, perfect for us! Are you ready? Let’s start!


Centre Pompidou Málaga – El cubo

  • Catedral de la Encarnación de Málaga: this cathedral is one of the most important Renaissance monuments of Andalusia and is located in the historic center. The building is called by the inhabitants La Manquita because of the incomplete southern bell tower (that today it possesses two of them). Inside the cathedral the most important thing is the giant and the prestigious choir.
  • Alcazaba de Málaga: it is the citadel of the city, it is located on Gibralfaro mountain. Inside the walls there are ruins and the rooms of Granada where the kings and governors once lived. Here is located the castle that has the same name as the mountain and is connected to the citadel through a passage called La Coracha. From the castle and the Mirador de Gibralfaro you have a wonderful view of the city (including the sea) and its interior is just as beautiful and full of history and curiosity. Nearby is located the Roman theater, a small piece that shows a great historical imprint.
  • Museo Picasso Málaga: is a museum entirely dedicated to the works of Pablo Picasso. It hosts over two hundred works by the artist and is one of the most visited museums in all of Andalusia. This also houses a library and plus there are some Phoenician, Roman and Arab remains on the underground floor of the museum. Alternatively or in addition you can visit Casa Natal de Picasso to know much more about his past (since Malaga has so much to tell about the artist as being it his hometown).
  • Museo de Málaga: is a museum that brings together the Provincial Museum of Bellas Artes and the Museo Arqueológico Provincial and as a result it is divided into two sections, a collection of fine arts (with the most famous artists, including Picasso) and the archaeological part. Nothing better of this double exploration! If you prefer a more specific art museum you can visit the Centro de Arte Contemporáneo de Málaga (the structure is inspired by the German model of the Kunsthaus).
  • Centre Pompidou Málaga: as you might guess from the name (maybe just for those who know French language), this is the first seat of the Parisian institute outside France and directly implanted in Malaga. It is located in the area called El Cube and it is an art center. The structure is part of the beautiful and colorful cube.
  • Museo del Patrimonio Municipal: is a museum of art and history. The museum consists of three rooms (Málaga ciudad castellana, El Museo Municipal del siglo XIX, Los primeros becados) all focused on the various events chronologically marking the history of Malaga.
  • Colección del Museo Ruso San Petersburgo Málaga: this museum of Russian art and it is very interesting. The exhibitions are annual but also temporary and include works by artists of great caliber, such as Cervantes and Kandinsky.
  • Museo de Artes y Costumbres Populares: is an ethnographic museum, located on the banks of the Guadalmedina river, where is represented Malaga’s rural and urban life.
  • Parque Prehistórico de Málaga: it is an open-air museum dedicated to Prehistory. It is divided into different sections for example the upper and lower Palaeolithic, Neolithic… It shows all kinds of primitive men who lived in that particular period. The environment is very characteristic, as it tends to imitate the “houses”, aka the rocky caves, that were once used as dwellings. Of course there are some fossils.
  • Cueva del Tesoro: they are very beautiful underground caves where there are streams and many archaeological remains. We don’t want to reveal anything but it is really a very nice place that definitely worth visiting (always for those who don’t suffer to stay at a very low surface level, if you are delete it from your list!).
  • Museo Interactivo de la Música Málaga: the museum is entirely dedicated to music but the real protagonists will be you, as this is an interactive site that allows you to touch with hands and play the instruments made available, you can also compose your music. The variety of instruments is very large as well as the rooms (Orígenes de la Música, Sala de Física del Sonido, Sala de las Sensaciones….). Think that inside the museum you will find signs where there is written “se ruega tocar-touch/play please”. Show your talent and enjoy it!
  • Museo del Vidrio y Cristal: is the crystal museum of the city. The interior houses more than three thousand pieces of glass (from Venetian to Catalan) but also paintings and decorative objects of various ages and cultures. The building is made up of a courtyard where you will enter in the main hall and thenit will lead you to the chronologically ordered rooms. Be careful with all those crystals!

There are so many theaters in Malaga but here are the ones we have selected for you: Teatro Cervantes (the main theater and tha place of Malaga de Cine Español Festival), Echegaray theater, the colorful Teatro Cánovas, Echegaray theater, Microteatro Málaga and Tablao Flamenco Los Amaya.

Roman theater



Puerto de Málaga – Palmeral de las Sorpresas

For sure the fun in Malaga is assured, there is so much to do… not a minute to waste!

  • Jardines de Pedro Luis Alonso: they are gardens located not far from the city hall. Their structure is quite geometric where in the center are located fountains flanked by various kind of flowers and at the front of it there is a large palace. So beautiful to get lost in the gardens and hear the perfumes of the flowers!
  • Jardín Botánico-Histórico La Concepción: an English style garden located to the north of Malaga. It is a very romantic garden and one of the few that owns subtropical plants. Two peculiarity of the place are: the gazebo covered with wisteria flowers and a kind of dome structure from which you can admire the wonderful landscape of the city. So much is its beauty that has led to film numerous movies and commercials. However it is a very large garden as it also includes other “wild” green spaces and also a museum the Casa-Palacio.
  • Crocodile Park: located in the Torremolinos district (not far from downtown) is definitely a great experience for anyone who likes to stay close to the flora and fauna and who likes prehistory, dinosaurs and the wild life of the forests. The peculiarity is that you will not just look at the animals but you can have a small crocodile puppy in your arms and admire Paco, the largest crocodile (600 kg) in Europe. A really fun place for the kids as well.
  • Parque de Málaga: the green lung of Malga, which runs along the sea (strategic point for those who want to have a nice walk along the beaches of Malaga). It responds perfectly to the canons of the typical landscape of the city with many paths, fountains, waterfalls, pavilions and a flourishing vegetation. An oasis of peace and relaxation next to the most lively maritime life.
    We know that among us there are also the most adventurous and who love hiking and the park perfect for you is the Parque natural Montes de Málaga. It’s about an hour from the center but it’s really a fantastic place for anyone who likes this kind of thing.
  • Plaza de toros de La Malagueta: as we have already seen in Seville, here is the arena where bullfights are held but also the place where take place some festivals, such as the Feria di Agosto that we mentioned in the intro. The arena is very large and beautiful and is located close to the sea and to the center of Malaga. If you are going to visit the Center Pompidou Málaga you can reach plaza de toros by foot since it is only 5 minutes away from it.
  • Mirador Princess: the right way to enjoy the whole city view is surely this panoramic wheel. We are sure that once you get up you will not want to get off. For many people come up there it is part of a holiday tradition. The ticket includes about three tour.
  • Puerto de Málaga: a must-see place full of locales, shops and restaurants and famous for its lighthouse Paseo Farola, which has become a symbol of the city. The harbor is very nice and an ideal place for a walk or to enjoy the sunset maybe sipping some drinks in the locals. The promenade is very modern and full of comfort (like the Palmeral de las Sorpresas structure), in the evening the various lighting makes it even more magical. So approved!
  • Mercado central de atarazanas: what to say about this… the markets are always the places where the city’s flavors and perfumes come ot and know more about the daily lives of the city’s inhabitants. Not only is the structure is very cheerful and colorful but there are various street food stand to taste the delights that Malaga offers.
  • There are many beaches in Malaga but the most famous and popular ones are the beaches of Torreomolinos such as: playa Los Alamos, Playa de El Palo, Playa de La Malagueta, Playa de la Calahonda, Playa de la Carihuela and then Playa de Guadalmar and Playa de la Misericordia which are the two closest beaches to the center. They are all so beautiful, it is an hard choice!
  • There are lots of beaches but also lots of squares: Plaza del Obispo, Plaza de la Merced, Plaza de la Marina, Calle Marqués de Larios
  • Malaga Bike Tours & Rentals by Kay Farrell (bike tour), Triskel Travel (boat ride) Malaga Rocks Nightlife, Explora Malaga (walking tour) these are all perfect tours that you can do outdoors. Enjoy!

Playa de La Malagueta

Also the nightlife plays an important role in the city, the squares contaminated by the great vitality of Malaga are: Plaza de la Constitucion, Calle Larios, El Palo and Pedregalejo and Calle Grandamentre while Plaza de la Merced, Plaza de Uncibay and Puerto Marina di Benalmádena they are full of clubs.

Below we will list some of the most famous locals

  • VELVET CLUB: lounge bar
  • ZZ PUB: pub
  • Bar Chiquita Cruz: cafè
  • Discoteca Andén: disco
  • Passion: disco
  • Natural Club: disco
  • Antigua Casa de Guardia: tavern
  • Gin Corner Soho: cafè
  • La Terraza De Valeria: cafè with view



Los espetos

Let’s enjoy the typical food!

Malaga has a mediterranean cuisine and so it offers all dishes of this kind of tradition, especially the ones based on fish thanks to its proximity to the sea. The food par excellence, which has become the symbol of the city, is the fried fish. A chance to get to know more about the tastes of the city is the Festival de la Tapa.

  • Los espetos: it is a dish made of fresh sardines that are passed through a pole or through a sugar cane and then cooked around the fire and seasoned only with salt. Simple but tasty!
  • Ajo blanco: it is a white cold soup made from almonds, garlic, olive oil and grapes. Nice to see and so tasty!
  • Plato de los Montes de Malaga: the whole world in a plate, it is a really full dish. It is one of the typical dishes of Malaga and the ingredients are: fried potatoes, eggs, morcilla (typical sausage), chorizo ​​(typical salami), green chili pepper, pork.
  • Bienmesabe: is the ancient and well known sweet in Malaga, it consists of sponge cake, white pumpkin jam, eggs, almonds, cinnamon and sugar.
  • Tarta Malagueña: it is a cake made from almonds, cinnamon, raisins and pine nuts.
  • Here you can find different types of drinks, the most famous are: el tinto de verano (half red wine and half gassose or lemonade), sangría and Moscatel de Málaga (sweet wine).

Ajo blanco



There are so many great restaurants in Malaga, including the famous chiringuito nice places where to eat and drink by the sea. Let’s find out more, follow us!

  • La Recova: Spanish cuisine.
  • Hop Scotch: brewery with international cuisine.
  • La Peregrina Centro: Mediterranean cuisine.
  • La Tranca: bar with Mediterranean, Spanish cuisine.
  • Restaurante Antonio: Spanish, Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Play Planet Coffe & Shop
  • Nuevo& Sur Malaga: Mediterranean, European, Spanish cuisine.
  • Vineria Cervantes: wine bar wine bar with Mediterranean, European, Spanish, vegetarian cuisine and vegan options.
  • La Barra de Zapata: International, Mediterranean, Spanish cuisine.
  • Garum: Mediterranean, European, Spanish cuisine.
  • La Luz de Candela: French, Mediterranean, European, Spanish, Vegetarian cuisine and vegan and gluten-free menu option.


We have come to the conclusion of our trip to Malaga but don’t worry a new destination is already waiting for us. Where are we heading? You will discover it in the next adventure!

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What  you liked the most or least? We’re curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.


Below we will list the accommodations that you can find in Malaga.

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?iata=AGP&aid=960457&no_rooms=1&group_adults=1 – accommodation near the airport.

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?city=-390787&aid=960457&no_rooms=1&group_adults=1 – accommodation in the city.

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?district=2944&aid=960457&no_rooms=1&group_adults=1 – accommodation in the center of Malaga.

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?landmark=1977&aid=960457&no_rooms=1&group_adults=1 – accommodation next to Malaga station.



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  1. Malaga is stunning! You always pick amazing places to visit. And I love it. It’s great that there are so many theaters in Malaga. I love a combination of history, culture and good shopping/ food in a city!
    Mainly I love seeing the history of a city. It’s just so wonderful! Botanical gardens are great as well! I always feel so at ease when I visit one and it’s just so beautiful!

    1. Hi Carola, thank you for your support!!
      One of the many reasons why we love Malaga is the fact that you can have a panoramic of the history of the city but at the same time it is really modern and with a look at the future 🙂

  2. Every new post from you just confirms that you are so experienced when it comes to traveling! The information you provide and the destinations you choose are just extraordinary. Malaga is a heaven on Earth! I love the Renaissance church and Centre Pompidou. I think these two would be the first attractions I would choose to visit on my journey to this lovely city. 🙂

  3. We hiked 500 miles on the Camino in northern Spain this spring and then road tripped around for 1.5 months. We skipped Malaga and headed to the coast since it was over 100 degrees, but now I wish we at least stopped for an overnight. Looks and sounds great!

  4. You pictures are stunning, specially that feature photo <3 The place seems like a must visit and your post is a perfect compilation !!! Loved it.. 🙂

  5. Thanks for including so many recommendations! We just did a road trip around Southern Spain but we skipped Malaga due to a number of friends suggestions. However, after reading this we may have to pay Malaga a visit next time.

  6. Wow this is an incredibly extensive list of things to do in Malaga.

    I very much appreciate that you didn’t encourage people to directly attend a bullfight. We work hard in Spain to end the horrible tradition and I believe that Malaga is ready to end the abuse of bulls.

    I look forward to visiting Malaga again, just to check out some of the spots you suggested!

  7. Looks like a comprehensive guide to Malaga! I only visited Malaga once during my cruise to Tenerife, but with your tips, I will definitely put it on my bucket list!

  8. I love your writing and pictures, it looks amazing. I have never been to Malaga, but I have heard that it can be a bit crowded and touristy. Did you experience this, and where would you recommend to go to get away from the big tourist crowds?

    1. First of all thank you for you appreciation!!
      Yes, it is crowded all year but during the summer even more… You should choice a time of the year (not summer) that fits well for you and considering your question you should avoid beaches or the center.

  9. I love checking out local festivals and eating my way through a city! Malaga sounds like there’s so much going on and Los Espetos look awesome. Great in depth review and pictures as well.

  10. What a great guide! You really do have everything covered here. I must admit I only had a few hours in Malaga and I decided to just ride the hop on hop off bus and then go for lunch. I wish I’d had more time to explore further. Los espetos are amazing on that cost! I had them in Marbella while I was there.

  11. Wow! Thank you for this comprehensive guide. Spain is not in my plans for a while but you really made me want to go now! LOL. Ajo Blanco? Please!
    I’d be curious to know why there is a Centre Pompidou in Malaga, though. I’ve seen them throughout France but didn’t think they’d exist outside the country.

    Happy continued travels!

  12. Malaga sounds like an amazing destination. With so much to do and see, I m sure this place would be ideal for every type of traveler. I would love to visit the musical museum and the mirror/crystal museum.

  13. Such a detailed guide to Malaga! We’ve been there 3 times but still haven’t explored everything. I loveeee the food there. Honestly think it’s even better than Madrid.

  14. Tantissima gente mi ha parlato benissimo di Malaga. Mi auguro di visitarla presto perché nessuno torna a casa infelice!


  15. Non sono mai stata a Malaga ma ne ho sempre sentito parlare benissimo! Salvo il post tra i preferiti, non si sa mai mi venisse voglia di fare un salto! In pole position hanno catturato la mia attenzione il Centro Pompidou e la zuppa ajo bianco: sembra buonissima!

  16. I’ve spent countless holidays in Malaga and it is still one of my favourite cities in Spain. It has everything; nice weather, great old and modern architecture, and of course the food! That was a great guide, thanks for sharing!

  17. Praticamente i tuoi post sono una vera e propria enciclopedia delle destinazioni! Grazie per queste indicazioni, non credo che quando andrò a Malaga mi servirà acquistare una guida (a dire il vero non le compro più da secoli perchè mi affido ai blogger just like you!)

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