Welcome back to everyone. Today we will explore another city of the Netherlands, ready to find out what it will be?? So, let’s give a look.

The city that we will visit today, will be Middelburg, municipality of the Netherlands located in the province of Zeeland (southwest part of the country). The city has a canal that crosses Walcheren from Vlissingen to Veere. Two of its major gates (Koepoort Varkenspoort Gate and the Gate) are still intact.

To know more (where eat, what to eat, where to have fun, acculturate…) continue to read.

Each city has its own history and its traditions. Let’s get to know those of the city of Middelburg.



  • The Abbey of Middelburg (Onze-Lieve-Vrouwe abdij): the abbey is located on Pieterstraat (near the Sint-Jorisdoelen, to be more precise). The complex includes three churches, and they are: the Koorkerk, the Nieuwe Kerk and the Wandelkerk. The abbey also houses the Zeeuws Museum, a museum dedicated to the history of the province of Zeeland where you can find traditional clothes, china and much more.
  • Town Hall (Stadhuis): the building, in  Gothic style, is located in the Markt square and it is considered the most beautiful hall of the Holland .
  • Oostkerk: protestant church in baroque style.
  • De Abdijtoren: is a high bell tower, called Lange Jan, entered in the list of the highest church towers in the Netherlands.
  • Zeeuws Archief: historical and genealogical research center. The building hosts a vast collection of archives, drawings, maps, photos and prints to get to know the city.
  • Zeeuwse Bibliothee: a large and beautiful library located on the bank of the canal.
  • Centrum Beeldende Kunst: center of art, design and architecture.
  • De Vleeshal: located in the Town hall of Middelburg, is a place dedicated to the contemporary art and history.

The main theaters of the city are: Schouwburg, Spiegeltheater, Schuttershof, Minitheater e Concertzaal Zeeland (concert hall).





After the culture, there is always the entertainment moment (just to balance it all!).

  • If you enjoy walking, if you like the frash air and like to enjoy beautiful landscapes, you should definitely visit Londense Kaai and  Kuiperspoort (an old village).
  • De Kloveniersdoelen: is a “mix place” (if we want to call it like that ) as it includes cinemas, cafes, terraces, children’s play area, restaurants… a great place for relaxing hours.
  • As we saw in ‘s-hertogenbosch the bike is always the best means of transport and always the most present in the city. It is a good option to explore the city, in fact, there are lost of bike paths and different routes. One of these, for example, is situated near the station, on a bridge. You can also have a nice your on the boat.
  • If you like the nature and will always remain fascinated by it, you can visit a large green meadow located at de Seismolen where you will find a fantastic windmill.
  • Filmtheater: cinema.
  • Escape Room Kamer 51
  • Indoorkarting Middelburg:  go-kart.
  • Middelburg is divided into thirteen districts (Klarenbeek, Veersche Poort, Magistraatwijk, Veldzigt, Reijershove, Dauwendaele, Mortiere, ‘t Zand/Breewijk, Stromenwijk, Binnenstad van Middelburg, Nieuw Middelburg, Griffioen) if you have time and desire you can always venture in one of these districts.

As for the nightlife, the main square (Markt) is the place that offers a wider choice of locals.

Two examples of the most famous locals (and not so far from the square) are: Seventy Seven (pub with theme nights) and De Mug.

cid38922_fullimage_t Nest

TYPICAL FOODSkibbeling (2)

Can you already smell the food ?? No? You will smell it soon because we are going to learn about the tasty local dishes.

The Zealand cuisine is mainly known for cheese and fish.

  • Kibbeling: fried fish with a mayonnaise-based sauce. The dish is part of the street food tradition.
  • Lekkerbek: fried fish fillets (you can choose from various types of fish such as hake or cod and so on) with fries or salad. As well as the Kibbeling, this dish is part of the street food tradition.
  • Zeeuwse Mossels: mussels.
  • Zeeuwse bolus: a sweet made of bread dough and covered in sugar (sometimes with a sprinkle of cinnamon) then rolled in a spiral shape.
  • Gevulde koek: almond sweet.
  • The most consumed drink is the Jenever (a Holland gin) and it is very strong.  Another consumed drink is the Advocaat, a sweet made with almonds. The most consumed beer is the Genever. Another consumed drink is the Advocaat, a liqueur made of eggs, sugar and grappa (it was born in this region).




And now it’s time to eat!

  • De Middelburger: typical American cusine.
  • Gespleten Arent: typical French cuisine.
  • Restaurant Scherp: French, Dutch, European cuisine.
  • De Eetkamer: typical French cuisine.
  • Brasserie Eiggenwijzz: French, international cuisine.
  • Honeypie: a perfect place to taste the local sweets or to drink tea.
  • Expresszo: cafè.
  • ZanziBar: European cuisine.
  • Mamma Mia: Italian cuisine.
  • Robuust!
  • De Juf


Our journey to discover Middelburg is over. Meanwhile we are already leaving for our next destination. Stay tuned to find out where we will be next time.

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What  you liked the most or least? We’re curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.


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2 thoughts on “Middelburg

  1. Hi there, Nice blog about my home town!!! I think you cover the most important information. The old town of Middelburg is wonderful to walk around and make pictures. Lots of History happened here :-). I really would recommend the tourist vessel in the cannels of Middelburg to see and hear more about the city. There are lot of cafes and bars in ‘de Vlasmarkt’ and on the central market you can find the terraces which are always crowded when the sun is shining.
    One small comment about the drinks: Advocaat is indeed a Dutch drink, comparable with egg punch, but only old people drink it. Jenever is not a beer, but a Holland gin, so very strong. We do have some local breweries such as Kees and Hosternokke bier that you must try! Hope to see you back soon, Regards, Spiderangel2 (Instagram)

    1. Hi! Thank you so much, we are really happy for this nice comment. Middelburg is a beautiful city and it is always a pleasure to come back. Not only big cities have something beautiful to show but every city has its own charm and its own story to tell. Thank you so much for your valuable clarifications, they are very useful. We wish you a good day.

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