Hello everybody. Today we are super ready to face another amazing adventure together and you, are you ready?? Come on!

The city we will visit today is Mons, capital of the Belgian province of Hainaut. It is situated to the south-west of the capital Brussels and to the north-east of Paris, is houses the headquarters of the NATO. City of great importance for its university and for its economy. Mons also was chosen as European Capital of Culture in 2015.

To know more (to eat, what to eat, where to have fun, acculturate …) continue to read.

First of all let’s start by giving a look at the typical dishes of the city (we need energy to explore the city in a better way!)


  • Soupe montoise: vegetables soup.
  • Ratons du Car d’Or: typical dish of the place, consists of pancakes stuffed with béchamel, cheese and ham.
  •  Numerous are the dishes prepared with the local beer such as: Fricassée de poularde à la bière, Lapin à la gueuze, Ris de veau à la bière, Moules à la bière..
  • Escavèche de Mons: a dish made of fish (eel or pike) completed with onion rings and lemon.
  • Truite Antoine Clesse: dish made of fish, specifically trout, accompanied by a sauce, the sauce mousseline.
  • Tarte à groseilles: currant cake.
  • Macarons de Mons: sweet made of almonds.
  • Pavés de Mons: butter cream cake (among the ingredients there is also the coffee).
  • El Cayau Montois: you can not leave Mons without tasting one of the most characteristic sweets of the place. A chocolate cake with nuts and cookies. Its form reminds that of the city. You can find this delight at the bakery Hoquart (Place de la Citadelle) or at Salon de thé “L’Exception” (Grand Place).
  • Gâteau aux pommes: apple pie.
  • At the Grand Place, you can find the kiosk of “caricole” a stand that sells the snails typical of this area.




We continue our tour in search of the places where we can taste the specialties and not of the place.

  • l’Art des Mets: French cuisine and fusion.
  • L’Envers: French cuisine.
  • Vilaine Fille Mauvais Garcon: typical French cuisine.
  • Tocco D’Italia: typical Italian cuisine.
  • Twenty Buns: American cuisine.
  • Le Salon des Lumières: a really special local, it feels like eating in a dining room in ancient times.
  • Cocotte Mons: European,healthy, vegan cuisine.
  • La bergerie: French cuisine.
  • Mimolette Cacahuète: Mexican cuisine.
  • Chez Henri: Belgian, European, French cuisine.
  • Yogorino: fast food and Italian cuisine.
  • EAT enfin a table: cafè.
  • Texas Coffee House: american cafè.
  • MoMA Coffee Mons: great american cafè.



Now we can say that we are more than ready to immerse ourselves in the culture. Come on!

  • Grand-Place: the central square in the historic center of Mons. The square is lined by many bars and restaurants. It’s important to say that the Grand-Place is the famous place where every year, precisely on the Sunday of Trinity (57 days after Easter, so we are not so far from the celebration) takes place the théâtre du combat, called Lumeçon , a fight between Saint George and a dragon. This popular festival is animated by float, including the one that brings the relic of Sainte-Waudru (patron of the city). Everything is animated by the sound of “Doudou” (folk song). 
  •  The city hall, in gothic style. In front of it we can find a statue of a monkey and tradition says that if you touch the monkey’s head with your left hand brings lots of good fortune. If you look closely the statue, you can clearly see that the head of the monkey is in a different color from the rest of the body and this is the result of many hands have rubbed his head to get the luck had been hoping for (let us know if this lucky came into your life or not… we are hoping for a yes).
  • Chiesa di Sainte-Waudru: gothic church, classified as Major patrimony of the Walloon Region. Inside you can find various relics such as châsse de Sainte Waudru and Le Car d’Or. Beautiful are also its glass windows. 
  • The Mons belfry, the only Baroque belfry of Belgium (that Victor Hugo describes in these words, “a coffee pot flanked by four smaller teapots”). The bell tower houses a carillon with 49 bells. Next to this belfry there are the Spanish-style houses.
  • Museum François Duesberg: the museum is located opposite the church of Saint Waltrude. It houses a large collection of objects as a collection of watches, jewelry (including Mons-punch) ceramics and many other items like these.
  • Beaux-Arts in Mons: museum dedicated to various exhibitions of artists and artistic movement.
  • Beffroi Museum: museum dedicated to the history of the city. The museum offers, a glass elevator that takes you to the top from where you can enjoy the wonderful view of the city.
  • Van Gogh House in Cuesmes: the home of the famous painter is located in the suburbs of Mons. The tour starts from the garden and then you can visit the inside. You will know everything about this great artist, his works and the nearby places that inspired him so much that right here he has decided to start his career.
  • Mons Memorial Museum: a museum that will introduce you to the history of the city and its wars through the various objects that serve as proof.
  • Doudou Museum: the museum is located in the garden of Mayeur (here you can admire the famous fountain du Ropieur) and it is a museum dedicated to the Ducasse of Mons. You will know everything about her world through the vision of the precious jewels. The museum is also registered as the world heritage by UNESCO.
  • Le Mundaneum: center of documentation and of universal archive, located in the heart of Mons. Of great importance are its legacy document, is part of UNESCO’s Memory of the World. The Mundaneum is a great central meeting place for the story, technology, culture. Different and interesting are its exhibitions. It is so important that is considered “Internet de papier” (literally internet paper). A place to be explored and admired more than to be described!
  • Musée d’Histoire naturelle: one of the most important natural history museums of Belgium. An interesting discovery through the regional fauna and flora and the presence of different collections including important books.
  • Artothèque:  is the heritage home of Mons, a place of preservation and research that will be accessible virtually. The Artothèque houses the Chapel of the Convent of the Ursuline Sisters, the great example of classical architecture.
  • Le Musée de Nimy: museum dedicated to the art of ceramics.

Now let’s see what are the most famous theaters of the city.

Théâtre Royal de Mons, Théâtre le Manège, Lotto Mons Club (concert hall).





Ah, now we can enjoy our hours of relax.

  • There’s nothing better than a beautiful walk in the center of the city, as the main square, Grand-Place, is situated next to the shopping street and is also flanked by the various restaurants and bars. Don’t forget the beautiful streets of Nimy and Art Square.
  • WAUX-HALL PARK: a vast and beautiful park with old trees,lakes, a playground for the children, tennis court and some trails.
  • Le jardin du maïeur: gardens surrounded by some buildings. At the center of them you can admire the Ropieur Fountain. The “ropieur” is a young resident of Mons that seems to want to drench passersby with water from the fountain.
  • Red well: a city street that houses an old fountain still intact. The street is located between the street Coupe and Chaussee.
  • laser game evolution mons: a fun game for everyone.
  • Plaza-art: cinema.

Now let’s talk about “series” thing, the nightlife.

  • O’pub: cafe.
  • La vie est Belge: cafe.
  • Event Club: night club.
  • HIIT Club: night club.
  • Half: night club.
  • The Latin Quarter: sports bars.



Unfortunately our adventure in Mons is already over, but you stay tuned to find out what will be the next destination ( we can already say that it will be very interesting).

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you have been or are you going to go? What did you like least and what more? We are curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.

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  1. Your recommendations are great, more so the images used tell it clear to whoever wants to be on this one. I am a first timer on this blog and I am already blown away… Blessings.

  2. I’m not familiar with Mons, but I do love Belgium! They have such great lunches. Did have a Belgian waffle? It looks like Mons is really alive. So since I live close to Belgium I might visit.

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