Hello everybody. We are going to introduce an object that everyone knows, with the difference that this one has something special. If you’re curious to discover what it is, you just have to keep reading!

We’ll talk about it, the “multifunction” towel with its accessories.

Now you’re probably wondering how a towel can be different from another and we will show it. First of all, as already said, it is multifunctional. It is suitable for the beach, for the camping, for a picnic or it can be also used as towel for your pets. It is wide (7 x 6 feet), economic, breathable and cool.

Another characteristic it’s thinness and lightness that don’t modify its resistance. It dries easily and allow you to remove the terrain or the sand easily as well. The towel is kept in a (nylon) bag that is not at all cumbersome. We’ve arrived at its strong point.

It is has four pockets on the extremity and they can be filled with sand or stones to make sure that on windy moments the towel will not fly away (We bet it has happened to you as well!). It’s not over because you can also choose to vacate the four pockets and fill them with your personal things (agenda, pens…) and prefer to keep your towel fixed to the ground using the four fixing rings, always located at the corners of the towel . It is important to say that with the towel and the bag will be available the four pegs too.          

So, have you seen that this towel is not like the other ones??

We hope that our suggestion has been helpful and if you have questions or you had already bought it, please let us know in the comments.

A big kiss to everyone.

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