Hello and welcome back to everyone. We are ready to start a new adventure. Today we are going to Munich. What do you think, can we start with the presentations? So, let’s go!

Munich, a German city and the capital of Bavaria, is located on the banks of the Isar River. Third largest city after Berlin and Hamburg, Munich is one of the most important cities in Germany (famous for its cultural, economic, culinary sectors but also for the beer!). The city is ranked as one of the 20 cities with best quality of life in the world and as one of the best destinations to explore. So, after all these premises we can only expect the best from this city and we are looking forward to visit it and you? So, let’s start right now!

To know more ( what to eat, where to eat, where to have fun, things to visit…) continue to read.

We are going to open our tour getting to know the historical places of the city.



  • Dom zu Unserer Lieben Frau: it is the cathedral of Munich. Inside it there are many important pieces of art, prestigious organs and especially the relics of the patron saint of Munich. At the entrance of the cathedral you will find the imprint of the devil (Teufelstritt), there are various legends around this story.
  • Theatinerkirche: church located in the historic center of the city in the Odeonsplatz. This church owns important historical evidence.
  • Peterskirche: one of the important and oldest churches of Munich. It is located near the Marienplatz. The building has a bell tower, called Alter Peter, who has eight watches and seven bells. On the top you can enjoy a wonderful view of the city.
  • Michaelskirche: other important church of Munich. It was known primarily for his organ and its religious theatrical representations (where took part important and famous musicians). Lots are the monuments inside the building.
  • Rathaus-Glockenspiel: the town hall of the city, not anonymous at all and now we’ll see why. On top of the building, it offers a vision of a representation, the marriage between Duke William V and his wife. Every day at 11 a.m. the scene between the statuettes comes alive. A real center of attraction for tourists but also for the resident!

All the museums will list below are all situated in the Kunstareal area (in the Maxvorstadt district).

  • Münchner Residenz: this place has been the residence of the dukes and then the king of Bavaria. It is a mix of styles such as Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo and classic. The structure is really large, in fact it includes ten yards with three complexes: the Königsbau, Maximilianische Residenz and Festsaalbau. Inside you will find many majestic rooms (Ahnengalerie, Antiquarium, Ahnengalerie and also the Cuvilliés Theatre) as well as their beautiful courtyards (one example is the Brunnenhof). The residence owns important collections of porcelain, various relics such as those located in the treasure room (in the Königsbau).
  • Deutsches Museum: is one of the largest museums of science and technology that houses several objects (inherent in technological and scientific sectors) from different areas of the world. Some examples of the exhibits that you can find inside are: musical instruments, astronautics, oil and natural gas, the history of the museum and so on. The museum is located on the Isar River, on a small island called Museumsinsel (Museum Island).
  • Alte Pinakothek: is an art museum, one of the oldest and richest in the world. It includes a collection of thousands of paintings, including those of Flemish and Dutch. Next to the Alte Pinakothek there are the Pinakothek der Moderne (modern and contemporary art museum) and the Neue Pinacothek (an art museum with works date back to the period after the French Revolution till the Symbolism). Old or modern? It’s up to you the choice!
  • Bayerisches Nationalmuseum: don’t be fooled by its look (it looks like a church), this is a real museum. The building houses collections of art and historical objects, among them, there are: collection of nativity scenes (especially Neapolitan ones), musical instruments, porcelain and various paintings.
  • Glyptothek: this building has a deceptive look, in fact, it looks like a greek temple but instead it is an ancient art museum. It is located near the Königsplatz.
  • Haus der Kunst: a museum is mainly used for various art exhibitions.
  • Paläontologisches Museum München: natural history museum that offers a large collection of animal and plant fossils.
  • Stadtmuseum: is a complex of museums that are divided into: Puppet Museum, the Museum of Musical Instruments, the Photographic Museum and the Film Museum (each of them with its own autonomy) where are organized permanent and temporary exhibitions (of ancient weapons, crafts…).
  • BMW Museum: useless to make a thousand presentations, as this is the famous museum of the BMW cars. You can surely imagine what you can find of it, many models of cars and among them also car of the future. The building has a very modern look (and the shape to “salad bowl”) and is flanked by a skyscraper always belong to the BMW.
  • Schloss Nymphenburg (which literally means the castle of the nymphs) is a Baroque-style building located in the center of a vast French-style park. The interior as well as being a testimony of Baroque works contains an antique carriage museum, the Marstallmuseum and the porcelain collection of Nymphenburg. Inside the park were built numerous pavilions (Amalienburg, Apollotempel, Magdalenenklause, Apollotempel…). A curiosity about the building is that it has been chosen as the set for an old movie (last year at Marienbad).
  • Schloss Neuschwanstein: is a castle, about two hour far from the center but it is one of the most beautiful and magical castles that exist and so we couldn’t mention it and put it in the list. Think that this is the famous castle that inspired Walt Disney fairy tales. It is a castle that is worth visiting not only for the majesty of the interior but also for the view that is absolutely magnificent. Wow!

There are so many theaters, for you some examples: Nationaltheater, Nationaltheater, Münchner Kammerspiele, Deutsches Theater München, Münchner Volkstheater.

Alte Pinakothek




Without spoiling anything, we continue to explore the city and see what has to offer. Let’s go!

  • Englischer Garten: the green lung of Munich. It is a large park (really large). It has an artificial river (it’s definitely not navigable, so admire it but stay away!) and Kleinhesseloher See, a navigable lake where you will also rent a pedalo. The English Garden is home to several buildings such as: Chinesischer Turm, the Monopteros (a small temple in neoclassical style), Japanisches Teehaus. People here are used to lie on the grass and enjoy hours in total relax but also stroll or going for an adventure and explore the park. A popular spot is the biergarten, a garden in which are served some alcoholic drinks especially beer.
  • Olympiapark: this is a very interesting place to visit. It is an Olympic Park built for the Olympic Games. It continues to host cultural, social and religious events. At the entrance of the Olympiaturm (tower that houses a bar and a little museum of the Rock ‘n’ Roll) there is a small Walk of Fame with footprints of some stars (Bon Jovi, Kiss, Elton John and Aerosmith). The Olympic Park has so many attractions and activities that you can do that the choice is really hard!
  • Hellabrunn Zoo: perfect place to get to know the fauna of the place.
  • Sea Life München: is a beautiful underwater tunnel (an aquarium) full of marine animals. A place suitable for young and old.
  • Walking around the city we can find many beautiful squares and picturesque streets. Let’s see some of them. Marienplatz is the main square (where is located the City Hall), then there are two others ones, Karlsplatz and Odeonsplatz. Maximilianstraße perfect for upscale shopping. Walking into the streets of Munich you’ll definitely meet the Siegestor (Triumphal Arch), Sendlinger Tor (medieval gateway) and the Hofbräuhaus, is nothing more than the most famous brewery of the city. This is ruled by the brewery, so we leave you to imagine the goodness and quality! In the end we have the Viktualienmarkt, the famous and permanent food market located between the Marienplatz and the St Peter Kirche.
  • TeamEscape e AdventureRooms Munich: two escape games.
  • As for the tour, we have something for you: Mike’s Bike Tours (bicycle tour), The Thirsty Historian Day Tours (tour to taste traditional food but also typical drinks), Munich Tours.
  • Eis- und Fundsportzentrum Ost: ice rink.

Munich is certainly a perfect city for the nightlife. There are so many possibilities and the options, as well as events (sdon’t miss the Oktoberfest that is held every year between September and October). The areas where the city comes alive during the night are: Schwabing, the Glockenbachvierte and Schwabing (university area with cheap local). Now let’s see closer some local.

  • Ksar: bar.
  • The Martini Club: local (mainly specializing in cocktails).
  • Mint Club: nightclub.
  • Das LABOR: nightclub.
  • P1: nightclub.
  • Cinema Filmtheater

Chinesischer Turm



Münchner Weißwurst

The flavors of the city are, of course, part of our tour. What are we waiting for? Let’s know them now!

  • Münchner Weißwurst: this dish is a specialty of Munich. It is made from white sausages served with sweet mustard and pretzels (it’s a Bavarian bread that accompanies the typical dishes).
  • Obatzda: is a spreadable cream made of various cheeses. However the’re not the only ingredients in the dish. The dish is also composed of butter, onion, salt, pepper, paprika, cumin and two tablespoons of beer.
  • Knödel: they are dumplings with a mixture of stale bread, milk and eggs. These are often added bacon and onions or cheese and parsley. Of this dish there is also a sweet version with the fruit inside.
  • Kaiserschmarren: also known as the “Emperor mess” is a kind of crêpe cut into strips on which is sprinkled with powdered sugar and ribes and blueberries jam and apple sauce.
  • The Bavarian cream is a dessert similar tothe pudding, it consists of a custard with the addition of gelatin and cream.
  • Weißbier: typical Bavarian beer.




As well as the flavors of the city, also the places where taste them are part of our tour. Let’s know them!

  • Schwarzreiter Tagesbar & Restaurant: German, European, vegetarian, vegan cuisine with gluten-free menu option.
  • Taverna Limani: Mediterranean, European, Greek cuisine.
  • Dinnerhopping: American, Mediterranean, European, Italian cuisine. The peculiar thing about this restaurant is the location, ready to eat on the… bus?
  • Mr. Pancake: American, German, European, vegetarian cuisine.
  • Geisel’s Vinothek: wine bar with German, European, International, Vegetarian cuisine.
  • Restaurant Laurin: German, Austrian, European, vegetarian cuisine.
  • Goerreshof: German, European, vegetarian cuisine.
  • Andy’s Krablergarten: German, European, vegetarian cuisine with gluten-free menu option.
  • Biergarten Viktualienmarkt: bar with German and European cuisine.
  • Munchner Suppenkuche: German, European, vegetarian, vegan cuisine.
  • Vorhoelzer Forum at the Department of Architecture TUM: cafe with European vegetarian, cuisine.
  • Bergwolf: Fast food with German and vegetarian cuisine.


With this we conclude our trip to Munich, all ready for another fantastic adventure around Germany.

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What do you like least and what more? We are curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.


Below we will list the accommodations that you can find in Munich.

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?iata=MUC&aid=960457&no_rooms=1&group_adults=1accommodations next to the airport

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?city=-1829149&aid=960457&no_rooms=1&group_adults=1accommodations in the city.

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?district=2292&aid=960457&no_rooms=1&group_adults=1accommodations in the city center.

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?landmark=11245&aid=960457&no_rooms=1&group_adults=1 accommodations next to the main station, Muenchen-Pasing.


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  1. This is timely! I’m considering where to take my husband for his birthday and I know he’s always wanted to go to Germany. I’m now thinking Munich is high on the list after reading this really helpful piece.

  2. Wow! Everything looks so amazing, especially the food. I’ve always wanted to go to Munich and do a trip around Germany. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Really great post with soooooo many things one can see and do in Munich! I was there just about a month ago and completely agree with your list! I think St Peter’s Church (+ tower), the Munich Residenz, and the Hofbräuhaus were my 3 favourite destinations.

  4. I used to live in Munich and it’s def one of the great treasures! It’s a small but compact city with plenty various surprises! Oh and Weisswurst is the best! Love your list of typical Bavarian food!

    If you are traveling to Germany, then you should also visit my home-home-town Hamburg!


    1. Hi Kate! It’s great that you used to live in this amazing city from all the point of views, we love it so so much.
      Are you sure you don’t read our mind? Our next stop is Hamburg!! Stay tuned, we’d like to read your comment on our future post 🙂

  5. It looks like there are too many things to make a tourist busy when he or she visits Munich. I wonder how long will it take me to be able to visit all those museums. They are indeed appealing. And when it comes to food. I love knowing its taste, textures and what are those best to eat.

    1. Dear Ana, if you want to visit all the museums we mentioned it takes time (we aren’t able to establish the exact time). After that you might eat something local and the foods we suggested in the guide are the most typical, choose them 😉
      Anyway we are here for you!

  6. Very informative, good job. You should also add the beer hall in Munich, I forget the name, but it is major tourist site with live shows too. I love German food and beer 🙂

  7. We are visiting Europe in August this year and after reading your blog are definitely thinking about adding Munich to our list. There is so much to do and explore and you have covered so well.
    We just wish we could also attend Oktoberfest but it won’t come at the time we are visiting. May be next time. 🙂

    1. Happy to have inspired you to add Munich to your travel list 🙂 We don’t think you have the possibility to attend Oktoberfest considering that it runs from mid or late September to the first weekend in October, unless you don’t decide to stay more days in Europe haha

  8. So great to see that there is so much to do in Munich and I had no idea the BMW museum
    Was there, along with a ton of others. Just glad that this post reminds me there is so much great stuff in Munich when a lot of times I associte it with the tragic events of the Olympics. Lovely post.

    1. You will never get bored in Munich, this is sure haha BMW museum is one of the most visited, there is everything that a lover cars needs to know but also for a simple curious! Thank you for your time 😀

  9. Il verde e lo stile barocco mitteleuropeo è quanto di più bello ricordo di Monaco. Da vegetariana devo dire che ho avuto un po’ di problemi con il cibo, ma è anche vero che è stata proprio una toccata e fuga da turista: un minimo sindacale di informazioni in più e avrei mangiato benissimo come in tutta la Germania. 🙂

    1. Effettivamente lo stile tedesco è riconoscibile e famoso in tutto il mondo, ha un qualcosa a cui è difficile rimanere indifferenti.
      La cucina tedesca è a base di carne e questo è un “problema” per i vegetariani, ma c’è da dire che in giro ci sono svariati locali vegan.

  10. Sono stata a monaco troppo tempo fa… non ricordo quasi niente…. devo tornarci !! Solo che ora non potrei mangiare più niente dei piatti tipici … sono intollerante a lattosio e uova :-p

  11. Oltre ai luoghi culturali vorrei assolutamente visitare il museo BMW per scoprire la storia del famoso marchio di vetture di lusso! Sarebbe bello andarci al famoso Oktoberfest, la birra tedesca è una dei migliori!

    1. Potresti organizzare un viaggio durante il periodo del prossimo Oktoberfest, il tempo è dalla tua parte. Siamo più che sicuri che ne rimarrai entusiasta del viaggio!!
      Per qualsiasi cosa noi siamo qui 🙂

  12. This is fabulous list !! I’ve been in Munich few times already, mostly for Octoberfest and I think its very pretty. I used to live in Berlin and I can tell its definitely different. Of course you still feel the German vibe, but I think Munich is more clean, and its more for business and older people. You won’t see hipsters everywhere like in Berlin 🙂 Lovely post!

    1. Yeah your observation is true. Berlin is a metropolis more chaotic and a “young” city. Even if we don’t have to forget that Munich is the third german city for number of habitants and it is between the 20 cities of the world with the best quality of life.

  13. Great list of compiling everything Munich has to offer! I would love to see the 11am show at Rathaus-Glockenspiel- that must be quite a sight. We’re not big on museums but German food on the other hand is a whole ‘nother story. I need to get my hands on some obazda and kaiserschmarren, they sound SO yummy!

    1. Thank you for reading our guide! Everything in Munich is so stunning and the foods are so delicious, trust us. We suggest you to visit museums, you will love it there are lots of interesting things to learn and to see. After that a degustation of local foods is what you need haha

  14. Oooh the food looks absolutely delicious! I’ve never been to Munich but its streets definitely don’t look how I imagined! I’ll have to make it there someday 🙂

  15. Ah this is also my dream destination. I wonder if Munich is still quiet place unlike Paris with lots of protesters on the streets. Hope not.

  16. Wonderful destination for anyone to visit and I love the meals I see here, especially the Münchner Weißwurst, it sure does have this look of sweet and yummy. Germany has always been such a lovely place and this one is the top!

  17. Very interesting story and wonderful photos. I plan a trip to Bavaria in the fall and your article helped to find the interesting places. I hope the weather will not let you down.

  18. Wow. This is really awesome! It’s so detailed and anyone planning to go to Munich can read this for reference! I am most interested about the food, they look so yummy!

  19. So cool that this city is ranked high in best quality of life. The Rathaus-Glockenspiel looks so awesome. Love it. I’m also curious now about the Glyptothek.. A Greek temple.. Sounds interesting! There are so many museums. That’s great, I love that in a city. Would love to spend a few days here. Sealife and the zoo also sound great!

    1. As you have read Munich has various thing to offer to the tourists from the food to the culture to the entertainment. This is not a coincidence that it is one of the most visited european cities!
      Fortunately everything goes in the right way here 🙂

  20. I am in Vienna so I have gotten to go to Munich on so many different occasions and it is a city that never disappoints. I am so glad you enjoyed your time there.

  21. Sicuramente, i luoghi che mi hanno colpito di più sono il museo della BMW dato che amo le auto soprattutto quelle sportive (anche se non ho mai provato a guidarne una) e poi il castello simile al quello della Disney perché mi incuriosisce parecchio.

    1. Sei hai questa passione per le auto sportive dovresti provare a fare un test drive, è un’esperienza che va fatta. Non si può mai sapere…
      Possiamo tranquillamente dire che Monaco di Baviera ha tantissime cose da farti perdere la cognizione del tempo quando sei sul posto!

  22. I am thrilled to see so many attractions in such a wonderful city!! I have never been to Munich, but it is on my ‘to-visit’ list for a long time now. I don’t actually know what places I would choose first, so I would definitely have to stay there for more than 10 days. 🙂

    1. You have the same problem that several tourists ave to face when they visit Munich hahaha When there are so many things to do and to visit, it’s very difficult to do the right choice. We are here for you!!

  23. Ahhh Munich! The city of dindle dresses, October Fest and men with knee leather trousers. Nice town. I notice they have loads of Kirchen (churches) interesting. Now I feel like having a white sausage and pretzel.

  24. Amazing photos .I really loved old classic designing of Rathaus-Glockenspiel the Museum and the theatre. Thanks for sharing

  25. Just got back from Munich a few weeks and it was so much fun! We stayed in Marienplatz so it was super convenient and loved all the markets and shopping in that area. Münchner Weißwurst was my absolutely favourite dish and I ate so much of that it was ridiculous. Bought some of that sweet mustard back to Australia as we can’t get that here.

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