Hello everyone dear travelers, are you there today for another amazing adventure? Well, we are about to land in the French city of Nice, so let’s start with the presentation.

Nice (Niça or Nissa in Nice dialect) is a city that overlooks the French Riviera located right on the border with Italy. A very popular destination for tourists, it is the second French city for hotel capacity. The city also has two small rivers the Paviglione (Paillon) and the Magnano (Magnan). There are several hills that dominate the city, the best known of these are the hill of Cimella and the hill of the Castle and plus the city is divided into nine French cantons. Nice has a distinct culture and this is due to its unique and important history. Famous are the artists who have talked about it in their works such as Frank Harris, Anton Chekov, Friedrich Nietzsche (where he also lived there for a certain period). It is also a great holiday destination, it will be very easy to find events, festivals just like the Nice Carnival and the Nice Jazz Festival. Let’s add a special note and now you will now why. The local language is Niçard, an Occitan dialect, but think that some scholars believe that it is a Ligurian dialect instead. The Italian influence is there and you can feel it and this also makes the language between these two more understandable. It has been a short but intense presentation. It’s time to start our visit, come on!

To know more (what to eat, where to eat, where to have fun, things to visit…) continue to read.

Everything is ready to start this new adventure in Nice, let’s go!



Basilique Notre-Dame de Nice

  • Basilique Notre-Dame de Nice: is a Roman Catholic basilica located at Avenue Jean Médecin, right in the center of Nice. Its style is Gothic, so it’s so remarkable. The facade is adorned with gold-colored inserts, on the sides there are two large towers. The interior remains faithful to the Gothic style with the precious stained glass windows.
  • Cathédrale Sainte-Réparate de Nice: the cathedral is located in the historic center of the city at place Rossetti. Its style is baroque. The interior is charming and well decorated. Outside the church is flanked by a bell tower and behind it rises a dome. Another beautiful cathedral to visit is the Orthodox one (if you know this style you know the type of architecture that characterizes it) of Saint-Nicolas.
  • Musée National Message Biblique Marc Chagall: it is a museum, located in the Cimiez district, which houses biblical-themed works, especially those of the artist Marc Chagall. The museum also preserves several sculptures, a mosaic, a tapestry and three stained glass windows. It must be said that it is not a very large museum but no for this less important. Even its exterior has a character of its own which already foretells the beauty that we will find inside thanks to the work depicted on the external wall.
  • Musée d’art moderne et d’art contemporain (MAMAC): it is a museum entirely dedicated to modern and contemporary art and it is located near Place Garibaldi. Inside you can appreciate several works by artists such as Gustav Metzger, César Baldaccini, Daniel Spoerri… The collection is truly precious and of great truthfulness and depth. The museum is quite large and well organized. The external structure houses some modern sculptures placed in a garden and on its top floor a panoramic terrace. Another art museum that deserves a lot is definitely the Jules-Cheret Fine Arts Museum, magnificent inside and out.
  • Musée du Palais Lascaris: right in the heart of Nice is this beautiful aristocratic palace containing not only royal rooms but also a collection of musical instruments (the second most important collection in France) truly unique and original of its kind including those of Antoine Gautier. Interesting!
  • Musee d’Art et d’Histoire Palais Massena: it is a beautiful Renaissance villa with a small, well-kept garden at the front. The museum deals with the history of the city from 1700 to 1900 and that of Napoleon. On the ground floor the noble life of the high society of the time is represented (through the refined rooms and photos). On the first floor a rich collection of objects, such as clothes, paintings… On the second floor there are several temporary exhibitions. A gem not to be missed!
  • Fort Mont-Alban: it is a fortress located on the highest point of the city from which it is possible to admire the beauty of the panorama of Nice. The place can be reached in the way that suits you best, there are several possibilities for every need (absolutely perfect also for trekking lovers).
  • Place du Palais de Justice: the courthouse is located in a small square in the historic center of Nice, right between the main streets, where the market often takes place. This beautiful neoclassical building stands. This owns a staircase and some parts of it are visible inside.
  • Musee de la Photographie Charles Nègre: it is a very interesting photography museum, especially for those who love this genre. The museum is not very large but well organized and is composed of a mezzanine (where there is the continuity of photographs that we find below) and some armchairs. In addition to the various photos we find several ancient and modern cameras.
  • Musee de l’Art Culinaire: a very special museum full of curiosities about cooking and the ethics of good eating. There are many antique objects used to cook and then the room of chocolate sculptures that is fabulous (so tasty!). As the icing on the cake (we’re on the subject hahaha) at the end of the visit you will be offered the Melba peach invented right here in France. Don’t miss it and don’t miss the chance to visit the village, Villeneuve Loubet, where the museum is located.
  • Grotte du Lazaret: beautiful place to learn a lot from. This cave and what it has to offer is enchanting. The structure also contains a museum (with skulls, depictions of primitive men…) and an absolutely unmissable park.

As for the theaters, the main ones in the city are: Opéra de Nice, Théâtre National de Nice, Comédie de Nice.

Musee d’Art et d’Histoire Palais Massena



Castle Hill of Nice

Now let’s have fun!

  • Let’s start by visiting the city far and wide: Place Massena one of the main squares of Nice. Beautiful, wide, colorful during the day and bright at night. The square is adorned with fountains and very particular tall statues located (in the evening are illuminated in various colors) on the sides of the long path. In addition, is visible a glimpse of the sea. Place Garibaldi, another square in the city and often the starting point for the tour of Nice. In the center the fountain with the statue of Garibaldi. It is part of the old area and from here the main historical alleys where there are many clubs start, all in a suggestive and very pleasant atmosphere. Place Rossetti, a very small but very lively square thanks to its clubs all concentrated in the area. Located in the old part of the city it will be recognizable by the beautiful fountain and the cathedral of Santa Reparata. Avenue Jean Medecin, the main center of Nice full of shops (did anyone say shopping?) and restaurants. Lively by day and enveloping at night with all its lights that create a pleasant setting. Cours Saleya home to the legendary flower market (not only flowers but also food, fruit, vegetables) close to Nice seafront. Completely different and with a medieval charm is Rue Obscure.
  • Promenade des Anglais: it is the famous promenade of Nice that runs along the beautiful bay of Angels (baie des Anges). It is an absolutely obligatory stop on the tour. This is renowned not only for its beauty but also for its “blue chairs” (chaises bleues, a symbol of Nice) facing the sea. Next to it there is also a cycle path that allows you to quickly visit the city by bike from north to south. The promenade runs alongside several hotel structures. Every nearby attraction is absolutely thought out down to the smallest detail. Unmissable!
  • Castle Hill of Nice: we put this place in this section because more than the castle (which unfortunately only remains of it) we recommend this area mainly for the wonderful view from above of the city. You can really see all of the city, a guaranteed spectacle (as well as the photos!). Plus the beautiful waterfalls. If that’s still not enough, or you want another excursion, another panoramic point that we suggest is the Parc forestier du Mont-Boron.
  • Phoenix Parc Floral de Nice: the city’s botanical garden, divided into various areas, the tropical one, the Mediterranean garden and the area reserved for cute little animals. Excellent place to get to know the local fauna and flora in close contact. Inside the garden, there is also a pond. If you have children they will surely love all of this. Another equally beautiful park is the Parc Castel-des-deux-Rois.
  • Le Jardin Albert 1er: green oasis of the city, located in a more intimate area next to the sea, the park hosts many attractions, themed games, fountains, statues and lots of vegetation. Refreshing in summer and magical in winter, when the Village de Noël is set up: the typical Christmas village; in any season it is perfect.
  • Two other beautiful gardens worth seeing are: the Jardin botanique de Nice and the Jardin du Monastère de Cimiez, both of which are well-kept and with a magnificent flora. In particular, that of the monastery struck us a lot.
  • Parc des Arènes de Cimiez: this very particular park, animated by children who play or old people, hosts a vast olive grove. Here you can breathe a glimpse of everyday life. In addition, right next to it there is archaeological area to be visited.
  • Le Cap de Nice: this place is a must see. Next to the center it is a path that allows you to get away from the city and enjoy the beautiful panorama of Nice. Between coasts and sea and a breathtaking view you will not want to leave there anymore.
  • Parc Naturel Départemental de la Grande Corniche: the higher you go, the more beautiful the view becomes. Far, but not too far, from the noise of the city there are many paths and a panoramic road. The park is splendid as well as the enchanting panorama (perhaps the most beautiful). Don’t miss it really, you will be amazed.
    If you are an expert or a wine lover and maybe you would like to bring a souvenir on your return, we recommend that you visit the Chateaude Bellet. Here they make excellent local wine with relative tasting.
  • To get around the city comfortably seated we have: the Nice le Grand Tour (by bus) and Le Petit Train de Nice (by train).
  • Canyon Forest: adventure park with trails for young and old. Too funny!
  • Unmissable (in winter, in summer, always) if you love the sea, but also not, here there are the beautiful beaches of Nice: Plage des Marinieres, Plage de Carras, Blue Beach, Plage publique de l’opera and they are not the only ones. A must!
  • And again, if you have more time available, around Nice there is a lot to see such as the old town of Villefranche and Mont Boron or Gorges du Loup the beautiful gorges in the Maritime Alps a few kilometers from Nice.

Nice nightlife is full, full of lots of fun. You can opt for an evening in the famous Promenade des Anglais, Rue Droite or Place Massena or Cours Saleya. In addition, Nice hosts many festivals and concerts (maybe, who knows, you have the opportunity to be there right in that period).

Place Massena 

Let’s go into detail and see some of the clubs more closely:

  • L’Eleven Club: disco
  • Etoile Nightclub: disco
  • House From Ibiza: night club
  • Kwartz Club: night club
  • Le Shapko: bar with live music



Ratatouille niçoise

Forks in hand that typical dishes await us!

  • Socca: this is chickpea farinata, a really thin compound made up of very simple ingredients but with a unique taste. Surely anyone who was born or lives in northern Italy will know this dish and do you know why? Because Nice is very close to Italy and therefore many dishes and many tastes may have been influenced and similar to the Italian ones.
  • Pissaladière: street food to be tasted. It is a focaccia covered with onions, anchovies and black olives. Top combination but you must love these three ingredients though!
  • Ratatouille niçoise: a rich dish of stewed vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, courgettes…) that often accompanies grilled fish or is also eaten absolute. Don’t be fooled by the banality, it is truly exquisite.
  • Torte de Blette: an entirely Nice specialty. Attention this cake is really unique, think that it is based on chard, rennet apples, raisins and pine nuts, all garnished with powdered sugar. You absolutely must try it.
  • Ganses Niçoises: a typical dessert of the carnival period (very similar to Italian chiacchiere) made with flour, butter, sugar, eggs. The mixture will then be fried and served with plenty of icing sugar.
  • In the end returning to the savory, for a made in Nice aperitif do not miss the delicious bruschetta with black olive pate.

Torte de Blette



Now let’s see the places where you can eat the tasty typical dishes just presented.

  • Les 2 Terrasses: French, Mediterranean, European cuisine.
  • L’epicerie Georges: French cuisine, vegetarian.
  • Le Fonetic: French, European, vegetarian cuisine.
  • La Belle Saison: French, healthy, vegetarian cuisine.
  • Polly and Cie: French, international, European cuisine.
  • Origines: French, Mediterranean, healthy cuisine.
  • Restaurant Le Panier: French, Mediterranean, European cuisine.
  • Galia Nice: French, Mediterranean, healthy cuisine.
  • Koko Green – Vegan and Raw food: French cuisine, vegetarian, vegan options.
  • Pop-o-Thym: French, European, vegetarian cuisine.


Here we are, we have come to the end of our tour in Nice. Who guesses what the next French destination will be? Follow us on our next adventure and who knows, maybe you have even guessed the city!

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What  you liked the most or least? We’re curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.


Below we will list the accommodations that you can find in Nice.

Accommodations next to Cote d’Azur airport

Accommodations in the city

Accommodations next to Nice port

Accommodations next to central station



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  1. I love the Mediterranean but I have never been to Nice. I have spent some time on the Spanish coast in Costa Brava. Summers are great. There seems to be so much to see in Nice with all the museums.

  2. I have always wanted to visit this area of France, it looks like a dream vacation!! Hopefully one day I can go!

  3. I visited just once but only had few minutes outside the train station. I would love to come back one day to explore this very pretty place. I will definitely try that dessert you have mentioned while I am there!

  4. Con il fatto che è vicina all’Italia tante volte abbiamo rimandato di fermarci. Vedo che ci siamo persi tante cose bellissime. Sperando che questa situazione difficile finisca preso, ma Nizza sarà sicuramente fra le mie mete.

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  8. Nice is a popular destination and it has a long history with delicious food and sceneries. A triple perfect combination and I can’t wait to take note and planning my trip when we can finally fly again! – Knycx journeying

  9. I have been to Nice and I find it to be one of the most gorgeous places in France. Next time, I visit Nice, I am going to use this guide so that I don’t miss any of the awesomeness of this place.

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  11. Nizza mi incuriosisce moltissimo sia come realtà meramente turistica che come luogo ricco di cultura. Ad esempio non ero a conoscenza dell’esistenza del Musée National Message Biblique Marc Chagall: mi piacerebbe visitarlo.
    Maria Domenica

    1. In effetti la città è famosa per il lungomare, le spiagge, i locali alla moda… ma c’è anche ben altro. Luoghi storici, interessanti musei che insieme alla tradizione culinaria rendono Nizza un luogo davvero piacevole e unico.

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