Hi everyone, let’s start by saying that Ordino is the last Andorran city we will visit. Well, our trip to Andorra was very short but not for this less beautiful, it made us want to know more and more about this principality. However now we must dedicate ourselves to our goal, we just have to present it to you.

Ordino is a municipality in Andorra, located in the northern part of the country and precisely close to the Cegudet stream, at the foot of the Casamanya mountains (from which you can enjoy a spectacular view being located in the central part of Andorra). It is a place that has a lot of green areas, the territory is covered by forests. Ordino is composed of different fractions such as: Arans, Llorts, Segudet and others. The city as well as being the industrial center of Andorra is also considered its cultural center. In addition, several popular events are celebrated and most of them are religious. O now it is enough with the presentation and let’s move on to action.

To know more ( what to eat, where to eat, where to have fun, things to visit…) continue to read.

Everything is ready, we too. Are you ready? Then we just have to start our adventure.



Església de Sant Corneli i Sant Cebrià d’Ordino
  • Casa d’Areny-Plandolit: this is a historic house classified as a cultural heritage of Andorra. The museum house will show you the history of the village and the family that once lived there. There is so much to learn but also to admire. The structure is in stone and has a small garden, inside there are rooms and cellars. The appearance (both internal and external) is rustic but so welcoming. A really nice place to visit.
  • Museo De La Miniatura De Ordino: a place not to be missed for those who love art. The museum shows a great variety of works by the Ukrainian artist Nicolai Siadristy, who is considered one of the best miniature artists in the world, and obviously shows a collection of miniatures made with precious materials such as gold and platinum (as well as common materials such as paper) all strictly handmade by Nicolai Siadristy. In particular, there is a large quantity of Russian dolls (the famous Matryoshkas) but also a section dedicated to objects concerning religious art such as crucifixes and a small audiovisual area that projects images of the life and works of the artist so far mentioned. The particular thing about the museum is that since there are really tiny objects you will be almost obliged to use a microscope to be able to observe them at best (unless you have a very perfect sight haha!). One word: beautiful!
  • Església de Sant Corneli i Sant Cebrià d’Ordino: it is a traditional stone church located in the city center that has an absolutely marvelous view of the surrounding mountains. If the outside seems interesting to you, the inside will give you the confirmation. The decorations are very beautiful and the sober environment makes the atmosphere welcoming.
  • Casa Rossell: it is the home of those who were one of the most important families of the Principality. The structure of traditional architecture is always in stone and is registered as a cultural heritage. It also has a small enclosed garden. It is a very relaxing and a peaceful place right in the center of the town. Perfect, isn’t it?
  • Sant Roc de Sornás: is a church located in the center of the village of Sornàs belonging to the parish of Ordino. Declared of cultural interest, the structure has so much value but it is so simple (and even lower than the other surrounding houses) that it almost hides if it were not for its small bell tower. The church has an access door (with a crucifix on it) and two small windows on the sides. The interior is also very sober, as soon as you enter there is an altar in which there is a painting dedicated to Sant Roc. It is a really unusual but very suggestive church.
  • Museu Postal: also this other museum, as a structure, is not very different from the previous ones. However it is a very interesting place to visit especially for those who make stamp collections since there is a splendid collection, as well as obviously telling the postal history of Andorra and the process of creating and printing stamps. Furthermore there is a small room dedicated to ancient coins.

As for the theaters in the city, the only structure in the area is the Auditorio Nacional de Andorra mainly used for concerts.

Auditorio Nacional de Andorra



Mirador Roc d’en Quer

Fun can’t miss, not even here!

  • Els Planells D’Arcalis: declared as a World Heritage Site By UNESCO, this place is perfect for those who want to enjoy a wonderful view of mountains and lakes. Surely if you love snowy landscapes and you know and like to ski, well be sure you won’t want to go from here anymore.
  • Coll d’Ordino: this other area, on the other hand, seems to be more suitable on summer season as there are excursions, bike routes. The paths will take you to breathtaking views. So don’t be unprepared, if you intend to follow the path, be well equipped with shoes, water bottle, caps, backpacks and in short everything you need to survive haha! Clearly all this is quite hard, so if you are already trained in this kind of thing, better for you, otherwise if you want to enjoy the view of the Coll d’Ordino without necessarily taking the paths there are the simple ones. Then you can rest yourself on the wooden benches present there.
  • Estany de Tristaina: is a complex of three lakes surrounded by some dominated mountains. The more you climb to the top the more the view will be spectacular but obviously the level raised and therefore also your effort as the route becomes more complicated; but the rest of the journey is very feasible. Here the nature is in its purest state as well as its fauna and its flora in which you will surely come across. Amazing!
  • Río Rialb: it is one of the rivers that we can meet in Ordino and the best place to enjoy this magnificent view of the river is the Sorteny Valley (where among other things there is a picnic area for a stop with a view!). The vegetation here is very overbearing and wild, especially on the sides of the stream. Flowers, butterflies perfectly frame this amazing scene and surely spring is the perfect season to enjoy the place.
  • Puente románico Ordino: Andorra has several Romanesque bridges and among these we find the Puente románico Ordino, an ancient bridge located on the path that will lead you to the mountains of Ordino. The bridge is in stone and is absolutely in its original state, so it has a great value not to be missed.
  • Puerto de Creussans: it is a small door located on a kind of hill. This door is so important as it symbolizes the separation between Andorra and France, also signaled through two arrows one on the right and one on the left that indicate the different nations. In addition there are two ways to reach the area, or walk the trails doing trekking or sitting comfortably while experiencing the chairlift (which is truly spectacular!) or you can get there by car. Warning: the higher you climb, the more you will feel the thermal shock in both summer and winter so equip yourself for the occasion and depending on the season.
  • Mirador Roc d’en Quer: what to say about this wonderful panoramic point, it really speaks for itself. The view will surprise you, it will seem to fly and dominate the surrounding nature, it is certain that those who suffer from vertigo will have to be careful but at a safe distance they can enjoy the same landscape. In addition to this there are several statues and works of art here. The Mirador is accessible both on foot and by car. So we have understood that in Ordino you walk a lot hahaha but obviously it also offers many possibilities for those who cannot.
  • And then there is always the simplicity but never banality of the historic city centers. Ordino, in this case, is very well equipped, in addition to its beautiful ski resorts (Ordino Arcalis among these) has restaurants, cafes, shops, peasaggio and many other services. The best way to start local exploration.
  • La Ruta del Ferro: it is a nice route to do by bike or on foot, totally surrounded by nature and occasionally by some local animal ready to keep you company. This route is called “Ruta del Ferro” as it is an old road where iron was transported in the mines of Llorts (which you can also visit). In addition to offering a fabulous scenery, the route will let you know every phase of iron production but also on its marketing and transformation.
  • And to enjoy an experience from a SUV, we recommend the Gica’m Andorra Electric eXperience that will lead you to the Tor valley which has a beautiful story to listen to and in many more villages to visit including a series of suggestive bunkers.

Puerto de Creussans




The typical dishes are calling us and we d’ont want mae them wait!

  • Trinxat: it is a typical dish based on mashed potatoes, cabbage and leek and cubes of bacon or pieces of pork. These ingredients are mixed and compacted like a pie. In addition, the dish is served with a poached egg and with chicory leaves on the surface.
  • Trucha a la Andorrana: it is true that Andorra has no coasts, but it has several rivers so it is not very unusual to find fish dishes like this one that we are about to see. Trucha a la Andorrana is a dish with a very particular combination, these are small grilled trouts wrapped in ham. Very good!
  • Cannelloni Andorrana: cannelloni are not only a typical Italian dish, but are also very common in Catalonia and Andorra. Anyway its version is different. In Andorra we find them stuffed with minced lamb, pork, chicken and bechamel.
  • Insalata cicoria: a very special salad to try is this chicory salad with pieces of bacon and walnuts inside. Yummy!
  • Coca Massegada: these are snacks or desserts as they can have both a savory and a sweet version, although the most common is the sweet one. The dessert consists of a kind of sweet oval-shaped bread seasoned with candied fruit and almonds. Some variants also contain strips of custard.

Coca Massegada



Now we are going to see what are the nice places that Ordino offers to us to eat the typical foods. Are you ready?

  • Restaurant Pizzeria Coll d’Ordino
  • Nou Vertical: european, vegetarian cuisine, vegan options
  • Restaurant L’Arrosseria i Marisqueria 2: fish specialties
  • Topic: Mediterranean, European and Spanish cuisine
  • Restaurant Gaspa: Mediterranean, European and Spanish cuisine
  • Restaurant Cal Silvino
  • Restaurant l’Era d’en Jaume
  • Restaurant la borda xica
  • Restaurant Gustus


Our journey in Ordino, but also in the marvelous Andorra is over. However we continue our journey waiting for many other beautiful destinations to visit in your company.

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What  you liked the most or least? We’re curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.


Below we will list the accommodations that you can find in Ordino.

Accommodation in the city

There are also two nice refuges where you can stay. Here they are:

Refugio de l’angonella
Refugio Vall de Sorteny



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  1. Andorra è un paese così piccolo che magari poco si considera ed invece può davvero riservare grande sorprese! Personalmente mi hai fatto innamorare e probabilmente seguirò il tuo itinerario per stilarne uno mio. Grazie!

  2. Non so cosa mi tenti di più: tutto quello che c’è da vedere o l’esperienza culinaria di Ordino! Mi avete fatto scoprire un luogo nuovo da mettere nella mia lunga lista di posti che voglio visitare.

  3. Ci sono tantissime cose da vedere e devo dire molto interessanti ma anche la cucina mi ispira tantissimo! Purtroppo non ci sono mai stata ma sicuramente devo rimediare!

  4. Andorra mi ha sempre incuriosito. Mi avevano detto che la cucina era molto spartana e poco gustosa tu ti sei trovata bene per questo? Se volessi un menù all’italiana, c’è qualche ristorante o bisogna solo adattarsi?

    1. La cucina subisce influenze delle nazioni confinanti quandi è un po’ originale ma non per questo non saporita. Sinceramente non so se in tutta la città o nei pressi vi è qualche ristorante italiano ma vedi l’altro lato della medaglia, sei sul posto ed è sempre piacevole viverlo e conoscerlo e questo implica anche mangiare cibo locale. – Amalia

  5. Non ho mai pensato di organizzare un viaggio ad Andorra… Leggendo il tuo articolo mi hai fatto scoprire un posto nuovo che avevo sottovalutato e tra l’altro si deve anche mangiare bene. Io sono una buona forchetta 😀

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