Hello everyone. Since our next destination is quite long and requires time (who knows of which city we are talking about?), today we want to give you some advice to organize and make your trip more enjoyable (so you will not be unprepared that is never a good thing!). If you are interested read on to find out our advice for you.

The first thing to do and one of the most important, so that your journey will be practical and simple, is the right choice of the luggage. Among the different types, the more comfortable are: the suitcase and the duffel (for those who can bear the weight of it this is a really convenient luggage as more manageable in various spaces) but if you have to take a short trip and you don’t need a lot of material, a normal travel backpack (like the one we reviewed) will be fine. Now after choosing the right luggage it’s up to you to work hard to figure out what is necessary to bring or what is necessary to let at home. When you have done this, will be important  to know exactly what you will need during your trip and then place it in an easy way to take when you need it during your trip and place the other things that you don’t need on the bottom. We suggest also to bring some object that makes the trip enjoyable and comfortable, physically speaking (like pillows) and mentally speaking (music player, books…).

To better organize your suitcase and be sure to have brought the necessary and forgot anything, you will need to make a check list (it’s a really important step that will help so much, so, do it!).

 It’s not over yet because there are other general advice for you!

 If you have to get on a plane and then your luggage will be controlled, we suggest you to organize the objects contained in it, in order to facilitate you and the agents who inspect your luggage.

Divide the dirty clothes from the clean ones through two-sided cubes and you can use them to separate your different outfits as well (daily clothes, business clothes, workout clothes…). You could also use these cubes to protect and don’t disperse in your gadgets and electronics in your suitcase .

It could seem irrelevant but how many of you actually have the umbrella in your suitcase? We think to know the answer! From our experience we can say that this “irrelevant” object is really useful, not only for sudden weather changes but also for sun protection especially if you are queuing outside during the hottest hours.

Never forget to bring a packable duffel  for sudden hikes or just to go around.

And with this latest object, our advice for you are over (but only for today!). We hope that this article has been helpful for you and your suitcase! Let us know what you think or if you have any questions below in the comments. A big kiss to everyone and enjoy your trip!

Packing Tips: How To Pack The Right Way

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