Hello everyone dear readers, today we want to deal with a very interesting topic that concerns each of us, that is our person. We are talking about personal growth. Have you ever heard about it? Whatever your answer is, we are here to go deeper into this topic.


Let’s first begin to understand what is meant by personal growth.

When we talk about personal growth we refer to specific skills such as managing emotions, resilience, empathy, adaptability, creativity… These skills can be learned by everyone, strengthened with the experience, are not innate, therefore accessible to anyone willing to acquire them.
Of course it must be said that growing as a person is not easy, it is a long journey where there will be obstacles that everyone (absolutely everyone) can overcome if you really want to.


It’s easy when things go well, what next? When do things get complicated? So it is important not only to give us goals, to read, you need to put into practice, to plan how to achieve them.

Knowing what you want is different from knowing how you can achieve it. Why? Because it implies an extra commitment and the realization of one’s goal.


Having said all this, let’s get to the heart of the theme by seeing how and what we can do to grow our person.


Starting from time management is already a big step. We often ask ourselves where to find the time to devote ourselves to our passions. Well the good news is that it is possible as it does not require a whole day but just some hours (or even an hour). More or less everyone in a day has an hour available, whatever part of the day it is. Think also of those 20 hours a week that you are at home, maybe after dinner where you are doing nothing. Here, this is a good way to spend your time in a productive way and you will certainly have more than an hour at your disposal, so no excuses!


Reflect on the mistakes and grow from them. Everyone, absolutely everyone, has made mistakes and that’s okay. The important thing is to move forward, but look back only to learn how to do better next time. You can always stop and change direction at any moment, but you have to really want to and everything happens.



Fear of failure. Also in this case the fear of failure has been experienced by everyone at least once in their life, both for lack of self-confidence and for low self-esteem. Fear is a normal feeling and we must also accept it, the important thing is not to be stopped by it but to continue to act despite everything. It takes small steps, little by little. Setting small goals in order to calmly build your own path.


Forget perfection, it doesn’t exist. Trying to make everything perfect is just a waste of time, because nothing will ever be, there is always something that cannot be wedged. You just have to leave it where it is!


Don’t envy others. We must never waste time worrying about the successes or failures of others, we must remain focused on ourselves, not looking at anyone but ourselves and our own progress or regressions. Indeed, others can be your spur, why not, a model to be inspired by. Envy is something that shouldn’t exist in anyone’s life, abolish it.


Accept the criticism. Nobody likes to be criticized but when it comes to constructive criticism (be careful to distinguish the criticisms!). Do not immediately reject the opinions that you think are negative but listen to them, think about them, evaluate and use them to grow.


Change. Your person needs changes for both new incentives and growth. Yes, it is true, it can be frightening to some and often the human being is reluctant to change but they are necessary. Create an opportunity that requires change, make this the only way forward. For example, do you want to drink more water a day? Print on paper all the consequences of a dehydrated organism, find out, read, talk to a specialist and you will see that it will motivate you to work on it.


Obviously this is a small part of the change path as it is a very large and vast topic (maybe we can talk about it again in some other post). Remember that change requires time, will, commitment and often even the help of professionals. In any case, never give up, this is the important thing.


We conclude with a maxim: “people who never suffer cannot grow up or know who they are. If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we don’t really live”.


A big kiss to everyone.


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46 thoughts on “Personal growth: the basics of the path

  1. “people who never suffer cannot grow up or know who they are. If we don’t change, we don’t grow. If we don’t grow, we don’t really live”. I love this quote, its so true. Known as the heroes story, I believe. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Accepting criticism and change often are the most challenging parts of personal growth. However, there will be no growth if you don’t embrace both of those phases. Good post!

  3. Time management and making motions towards change is so important for personal growth. You can’t grow if you don’t do something new or different.

  4. The constant thing in this world is change. Sometimes it is slow, other times it is very quick, and we need to adapt to the change in order to enjoy life, and survive.

  5. Gli antichi la chiamavano “catarsi” : purificarsi per raggiungere un nuovo livello di coscienza. Credo che la crescita di ognuno di noi passi per momenti di catarsi e di nuovo equilibrio. Fino alla prossima crisi da affrontare che ci farà salire un gradino in più verso la conoscenza di noi stessi.

  6. Tutti gli spunti che hai lasciato sono interessanti e meriterebbero un approfondimento. Uno in particolare ho apprezzato: quello sull’invidia. Sarà che io difficilmente provo questo sentimento, o ammiro, o cerco di raggiungere… però lo trovo davvero negativo soprattutto per chi l’invidia la prova in prima persona, perchè è un sentimento distruttivo che non aiuta in nessuna direzione. Sono d’accordo con te, andrebbe abolita!

    1. È un bene che tu provi poca invidia, è un sentimento che non ti migliora anzi… Certo non è semplice non provarla perché in un certo senso è insita in ognuno di noi ma possiamo trasformarla in motivazione per raggiungere ciò che vogliamo.

  7. This is a great start to personal growth. I definitely suggest getting a journal to record your thoughts when you are evaluating your setbacks (mistakes) and what you are actually afraid of when it comes to fear of failure. The steps you have listed are great stepping stones.

  8. Bell’articolo, complimenti. Il nostro percorso non è e non deve essere uno spingersi sempre avanti senza alcuna evoluzione. Il percorso con i suoi ostacoli, le sue asperità, ci fa cambiare e accogliere quel cambiamento è il vero senso di vita. Gli antichi avevano un termine bellissimo: Catarsi. La catarsi includeva la magia, il ritorno e l’andata.

    1. Grazie mille!! La crescita personale passa non è un qualcosa che avviene dall’oggi al domani infatti, è un processo che passa attraverso tutte le fasi della nostra vita e il senso è coglierne sempre un insegnamento. – Amalia

  9. Ti ringrazio per avermi offerto tanti spunti di riflessione. Mi fa effetto leggere l’invito a non invidiare! Certe cose non andrebbero raccomandate ma in effetto il vizio è così diffuso che non sarebbe male ribadire quanto sia negativo e distruttivo per tutti.

  10. Mi piace la scaletta che ti sei preparato per la tua crescita personale e ti dirò qualcuno di questi punti li seguo anche io, perché sono convinta che non si finisce mai di crescere e imparare.

  11. Sai, a volte credo si pensi sia facile quando le cose vanno bene e si finisca per adagiarsi. Un po’ la zona comfort, che poi ti impedisce di raggiungere vette più alte. Tu che ne pensi?

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