Hi everybody. Today you have to be more careful than ever because we are going to discover a destination that has a lot to offer. Are you curious? Let’s have a look.

Salzburg is located to west of Vienna. It was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site known mainly for its proximity to the Alps and for its close relationship with the music (we will talk about this later). Think that Salzburg is divided into 24 districts! It’s also the pace of many ski resorts and spas.

To know more (to eat, what to eat, where to have fun, acculturate …) continue to read.

Ready for a full immersion in the many local foods of Salzburg? Ready,set, go!



  • Kasnocken – dumplings with cheese. A very popular meal in this Asutrian city.
  • Rindsuppe – carrots, onions, parsley, celery and beef soup.
  • Eachtlingsuppe – a dish made of potatoes, milk and eggs.
  • Klachelsuppe – pork and spices soup. It is eaten, especially in winter and it is also very popular in the city of Graz and Klangenfurt.
  • Topfen – ricotta, panna and herbs soup.
  • Trota – one of the many fresh fish you can eat. It can be served in different ways.
  • Fleischkknödel – meatballs. The meat is the main dish of the city so will be easy to find venison, chamois, wild boar, served with blueberries or berries sauces and jams, as the tradition of the typical Austrian dishes wants.
  • Bierfleisch – beef stew with beer.
  • Knödel – are a kind of dumplings stuffed with meat, fish or vegetables.
  • Salzburger Nockerl the main dessert of Salzburg. It’s a kind of soufflé not too sweet but it tastes delicious. Just try it! We give you the recipe, if yoy want to recreate it, it should take 30 minutes but we think it is not as easy as you might think! Ingredients: 7 egg whites, 2 egg yolks, 1/2 tablespoon sugar, 1 tablespoon vanilla sugar, 1/2 tablespoon of flour, lemon zest, marmalade or custard.
  • Apfelstrudel – roll of puff pastry filled with apples, raisins, pine nuts and cinnamon.
  • Mozartkugel – round chocolate pralines, stuffed with pistachio marzipan, covered with hazelnut cream and glazed with dark chocolate. So tasty!!
  • Gugelhupf – a sweet with raisins and almonds. Also suitable for those who don’t want to overdo with sweets, after all, it is made of dried fruit. Do you agree?
  • Zwetschenknödel – sweet flour (or potatoes) dumplings stuffed with prunes.

Typical drinks you can find here are: definitely beer Märzen, (sweet beer), Bernstein, Hefeweizen (dark beer) and Red Bull.




Lots of great places to eat the delicious foods.

  • 220 GRAD – caffè.
  • Barenwirt  – German, Austrian, Central European cuisine.
  • Gasthaus Zwettlers – American restaurant 50s style. Typical German, Austrian, European, Central European, International cuisine.
  • Organic Pizza Salzburg – typical Italian cuisine, pizza, vegetarian, vegan (did you see that, in addition to vegetarians, we also thought of you, vegan friends?).
  • S’Kloane Brauhaus – beer and traditional German, Austrian, European cuisine.
  • Tajmahal – typical Indian, halal cuisine.
  • St. Peter Stiftskeller – traditional German, Austrian, European cuisine.
  • Die Weisse – pub/brewery with traditional German, Austrian cuisine.
  • Hans W – bar/pub with typical American, German cuisine.
  • Cafe Mozart – cafè withGerman cuisine.
  • Carpe Diem Finest Fingerfood – typical international, Mediterranean, European, Spanish cuisine, Fusion and fish.
  • Crepe D’or – typical French cuisine, vegetarian, fusion and… fast food!



We want you all careful and awake because there is too much to see!!

  • Salzburger Dom – is the largest Catholic cathedral in the city. It’s a building of the early Baroque movement, bordered by three large squares (Residenplatz, Kapitelplatz, Domplatz).
  • Sankt Peter Erzabtei – medieval abbey, but then it has been influenced by baroque style. It was the first male monastery born in the German area. We can find  inside the abbey, the oldest library in the world.
  • Franziskanerkirche -is a Catholic church, in Roman style, situated in the historic center of Salzburg.  It’s one of  oldest church in the city and is part of a Franciscan convent.
  • Kollegienkirche – is a place of worship. It is one of the famous examples of Austrian Baroque.
  • Nonnberg  Abbey – is a Benedictine abbey. Today is considered the largest and intact place in Europe. Important are the medieval rooms of Pricipe, such as the golden hall, the golden stube, the bedroom and museum of this fortress. This abbey is famous thanks to the film “Tutti insieme appassionatamente” which was shot right there.
  • Schloss Mirabell – is the most famous castle of Salzburg. One of the most important destinations in the city. Important are the grand staircase (the stairs of the castle), the marble hall (room completely covered with marble and walls decorated with frescoes), a chapel, the French garden and very interesting Zwerglgarten, the Garden of Nani, populated by eighteenth-century statues theme.
  • Rupertinum – Museum of Modern Art.
  • Mozart house –  oh yes,  this is Mozart’s house. In this building we can find a museum where there are the instruments used by the composer (violins, spinet ..), some scores, portraits and letters. On the second floor, there are scenarios models of his works and various documents. Is famous, also, the Mozarteum, one of the most famous music academies of the Austria and Europe, where there is an annual event in honor of the composer.
  • Nature Museum hosts to one of the most beautiful aquariums in all of Central Europe. More than 40 tanks to the discovery of the marine world. Here you can see fish from the larger ones to the smaller ones, of every kind and all over the world.
  • Outdoor Museum Grossgmain – about sixty farmhouses (houses, gardens, tools, various tools vintage, barns, farms …) original, dating from five different centuries. To understand the life and work in the countryside.
  • Stille Nacht – inside of it you will find headphones to listen to the song in different languages. The museum will let you know the origins and the life of the two songwriters Joseph Mohr and Franz Xaver Gruber.
  •  Salisburgo Museum –  a museum filled with precious objects and prestigious masterpieces with multimedia installations. A eally exciting museum: It got the prize of Austrian museums.
  • Toys Museum – a museum full of toys for  the children. Amazing!

There are many events in Salzburg, such as the Pentecost or that of Easter event but the most important of all, is the Festival of Salzburg, one of the most prestigious festivals in the world. It takes place every summer and attended by lots of international artists. During the Festival there are programmed operas, symphony concerts, recitals, plays and other kinds of entertainment.

As regards the theaters, here are the main.
Landestheater (musical,opera ..), Festspielhaus (exclusively dedicated to performing the musical dramas of the German composer Richard Wagner).

IMPORTANT To get a lot of discounts for concerts, theaters and excursions, get the Salzburg Card. This will offer you also free entry to museums in Salzburg, on Fortress funicular, on Untersberg funicular, on the boat in the Salzach river and public transportation. It has a duration of 48 hours. It will be your “littletreasure!





Are you tired? We hope not, because now it’s time for fun!

  • Zoo di Salzburg – in the Hellbrunn zoo there are more than 800 animals, including those in danger of extinction, belonging to 140 species from around the world.
  • Frans-Josef Parkpark with benches, lakes, trails to explore and  lot of relax!
  • Kartworld salzburg –  an exciting adventure on Go-Kart.
  • Ride on the Salzach boat to see more closely every little detail of the city.

If you can, arm yourself with the bikes because Salzburg offers countless cycle paths.

For nightlife here is what Salzburg offers.

  • Monkeys cafe.bar a bar that at night it turns into a club with DJs.
  • Wein & Co – here you can enjoy a good glass of wine.
  • Half Moon – disco.
  • Segabar – bar.
  • Augustiner Bräustübl zu Müllnbrewery.
  • Pepe Gonzales – bar/cafè that offers more than 110 different cocktails and snaks like nachos, tortillas or chicken wings.
  • Saitensprunga perfect combination of bar and disco.
  • Andi Hofer –  pub.
  • Amadeus Salzach-Insel-Bar an extravagant bar on the river. Very original!
  • Café Wernbachera meeting point for local people since 1950.
  • Take Five nightclub.
  • Salzburg Casino


Even this substantial city has been visited. We hope you enjoyed it and see you for the next adventure, to discover…. mmh stay tuned and find out!

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What do you like least and what more? In short, we are curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.



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