Hello everyone. Who guess what will be today’s destination? But don’t read the title to guess!

Did you guess? Don’t worry we are about to reveal it!

Schwerin, the capital of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, is one of the most populated cities in Germany but also one of the smallest capital of the nation. The city expands on the shores of the Schweriner lake but is not the only waterway that owns Schwerin. The city is commonly called by the inhabitants “the city of seven lakes and forests” because in addition to the main lake (the ones mentioned above) there are other eleven lake, all smaller lakes that surround the city. However the term “forest” comes from the fact that the city still has several green areas. The city also owns eighteen districts (Ortsteile in German language). Among these, there are: Weststadt, Krebsförden, Wüstmark, Göhrener Tannen, Görries, Friedrichsthal and so on. Well, it is a city to discover and admire and we can’t wait to start!

To know more ( what to eat, where to eat, where to have fun, things to visit…) continue to read.

Are you ready? Because we will see so many wonderful things here.



  • Schweriner Schloss: the magnificent, romantic, majestic, fairy-tale castle and the symbol of the city (in fact, for its importance, Germany has decided to dedicate a coin to it). This is located on a small island, surrounded by the Schweriner See, and connected to the rest of the city through a long bridge. No longer residence of princes, now it houses the Parlament and the museum. The castle houses inside lots of room, one more elegant than another thanks to the way it was decorated, the frescoes, the collections of ceramics, the statute (on the facade of the castle there is that of Niklot, Slavic prince). Then there is the orangery (the castle garden) and its beauty is something indescribable, as well as the adjoining park to the castle. A daydream that is worth to be lived!
  • Schweriner Dom: another big gem of the city, the magnificent cathedral of Schwerin. The church has an high tower in Gothic style, and more precisely in the “Brick Gothic” (an innovative style, commonly spread to the north of Germany: contrasting of colors, the different structure and its essentially brick material. It’s all about creativity). The inside doesn’t disappoint at all the expectation with its magnificent frescoes, organs… Its charm can conquer anyone!
  • Schelfkirche St. Nikolai: is an Evangelical Lutheran church dedicated to St. Nicholas and it is located in Schelfstadt district. It is in Baroque style.
  • Staatliches Museum Schwerin-Kunstsammlungen: this art museum houses an extensive collection of Dutch and German paintings of the period from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance to nowadays. Among the best known artists, there are: Jan van Goyen, Dürer, Cranach, Rembrandt, Merian and Max Liebermann, Franz Stuck (among the modern artists). The museum owns also a collection of Greeks vases, sculptures and Fürstenberg porcelain.
  • Freilichtmuseum Schwerin-Mueß: it is an open air museum that will show you all about the life of the rural population in the Mecklenburg region. You will know the objects that people used in that specific time, you will see the surrounding landscape and the stables, you will visit the houses in which people lived and you will know the typical local flavors. In the museum there are held musical events, shows, festivals and craft fairs.
  • Internationales Feuerwehrmuseum Schwerin (IFM-Schwerin): welcome into the world of firefighters. All the lovers of this cannot miss this opportunity. You will know many curiosities about them and their stories and you can admire all the car (modern and ancient) used by firefighters, the collection of helmets and car models. If you are fan of this you know of what we’re talking about!
  • For those who have time and love exploring, a few kilometers from Schwerin there is another fantastic castle, Ludwigslust.

The theater par excellence is the Mecklenburgisches Staatstheater in Schwerin (the complex also includes the Staatliche Museum that we have seen before) but it is not the only one. The other theater of the city is the werk3 – KlangWert.





There will be much to walk and to admired but there will also be lots of time to relax and have fun. Let’s start!

  • Schweriner Fernsehturm: is a communications tower for radio and TV. Anyway it is not an oridinary tower because it houses a restaurant with a view over the city (with the arrival of the evening, the landscape becomes even more beautiful!). If you go there randomly or if you go there because you are taking a walk, don’t matter the important thing is to go!
  • Marktplatz, square, one of the main squares of Schwerin. Focused on your walk, you will notice the many historical buildings: the town hall, the post office, the Hauptbahnhof (station), a cultural center, the Fridericianum (former school of the prince, now high school). Then there is the Schelfstadt neighborhood with its Baroque church, the Schelfkirche. The Alter Garten square (also well known square) which brings together nature and historic buildings. Walking around you will notice lots of statute (Reiterstandbild Friedrich Franz II, Victory Column), and you will realize how much the city has a rich history. In the end there is the Schlosspark-Center a shopping center located at Marienplatz.
  • There are lots of parks and green area there and they are almost all along the eleven lakes of the city. The most reachable lakes are: Medeweger See, Ziegelsee, Ostorfer See, Fauler See, Cambser See, Pfaffenteich. These are perfectly navigable. A ferry will take you to explore these lakes; yes because even in the waters there is to see. What? Some special shells, snails, different species of birds and plants. An unmissable tour!
  • The island of Kaninchenwerder: for all the daredevils and for all lovers of nature this place is perfect for you. It is a island full of trails, vegetation. Ideal place to know about fauna and flora. Don’t forget that the Aussichtsturm, an high gate, will give you the welcome. A unique experience!
  • If you prefer a different approach with the fauna and flora of the place, don’t worry, there is the zoo of Schwerin. Among the animals there are: penguins, hippos, birds of all kinds (as flamingos), lions and many other species of animals.
  • Schleifmühle Schwerin: a mill. A way as any to learn about the inside of it, its mode of operation, the purpose and the history.
  • Freilichtbühne: a park where there is a small amphitheater that depending on the period you are in, there are various events (open-air cinema, shows, concerts…). A pleasant way to spend time in carefreeness.

One of the positive things is that all the places that we have listed so far are really close to each other and easily reachable without any kind of transportation. Perfect, right?

Behind the romantic facade, the city hides an active nightlife. Did you expect it?

  • Achteck Schwerin: night club.
  • Zenit Schwerin: disco.
  • Tivoli: disco.
  • Sky Beach Club
  • CU Bistro • Bar • Lounge
  • Zum Freischütz: pub.

Freilichtbühne Schwerin



It’s time to know the typical dishes of Schwerin.

  • Potatoes, fish (especially Gebackener Spickaal = smoked eel), Grünkohl (cabbage) and dried fruit. They are the fantastic four, the typical dishes par excellence, eaten in the city and in the region in general.
  • Birnen, Bohnen und Speck: it is a stew served with baked pears, green beans and bacon. A particular combination that it might work!
  • Schwedeneisbecher: a dessert made of vanilla, zabaglione, whipped cream and apple sauce that makes the sweet really innovative.
  • Mecklenburgische Götterspeise: fruit jelly (usually in three layers). This dessert is served with whipped cream or vanilla sauce.
  • Pilsener, Dunkelbier: two of the most famous beers.




Our tour continues through some local in the area.

  • Kartoffelhaus-schwerin: German, European, vegetarian cuisine.
  • Rösterei Fuchs: cafè.
  • Friedrich’s – Restaurant: German and European cuisine.
  • Lukas: German cuisine.
  • Ruderhaus
  • Ilka Eis: international, vegetarian, healthy cuisine, street food and ice cream parlor.
  • Konditorei Und Cafe Rothe
  • Restaurant & Café Herzogliche Dampfwäescherei: american 50s style restaurant with German, Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Miss Tortchen
  • Go Saleto: typical Italian cuisine.
  • Altes Feldtorhaus
  • Gourmetfabrik: typical German cuisine.
  • FeineKost: vegetarian and vegan cuisine.
  • Angler II


Now we are about to leave Schwerin, ready for another adventure in another city of Germany. Stay tuned so so you will be always updated!

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What  you liked the most or least? We’re curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.


Below we will list the accommodations that you can find in Schwerin.

http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?city=-1862713&aid=960457   – accommodations in the city.
http://www.booking.com/searchresults.html?landmark=1906&aid=960457 – accommodations next to the central station.


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  12. We wandered into the cathedral after our visit to the castle, not really knowing what to expect. How fascinating then to come across the tombs of the Grand Dukes of Mecklenburg-Schwerin in the dark corners behind the altar. No fuss, no particular fuss made of them which seemed a shame, since they had played such a role in the history…

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