Hello everyone and welcome back to the new page entirely dedicated to the travel kit.

Today we decided to talk about a product that not everyone knows  but that is really useful for those who are always on the road and we are sure that once you discovered it you can’t do without it. Curious to know what it is? Well, we are talking about “Scrubba Portable System Laundry Wash Bag”, a gadget that will allow you to wash your dirty clothes when you don’t have a washing machine. Now we’re going to explain it in detail.

Scrubba is a kind of bag, very light and not at all bulky. It’s a super innovative product, since it allows you to do a wash in a few minutes and have a very good result without the use of the current. You have to put your clothes in the bag and add water and detergent. Then roll it up and close it but don’t forget to open the side valve to release excess air. Now you just need to gently rub the bag, so that the small nodules contained in it start to work to clean your clothes and then you have to rinse again. And that’s it, your clothes will be clean and perfumed and ready for drying.

We think that you understood why it is useful. It is effective, durable, practical and easy to use, safe and inexpensive, and you don’t need lots of water to use it! It is perfect for those who have no time, for the people that are always on the road or for those who go camping or in boats and for outdoor activities. The bag is transparent to the sides so you can watch the washing process and the filling phases. It also has the dual function of being used as a bag (for camping, hiking and so on). Nothing to add, just buy it!

We hope that our suggestion has been helpful and if you have questions or you had already bought it, please let us know in the comments. A big kiss to everyone.

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