Hello to all travelers! Today we are heading to Setúbal, another portuguese destination. Who is with us? We would say to start immediately with the presentations.

The city of Setúbal has a large and important port (precisely the third of the country) that makes it an important center for the economy that feeds the capture of fish, thus making the city also essential into gastronomic level (we will talk about this later in the text). It is also a city rich in history and located at the foot of the Serra de Arrabida which is considered one of the most beautiful landscape areas as it is formed by mountains overlooking the sea. However there are other wonders to be admired in the surroundings, such as the nearby Tróia. Another advantage is that it is connected to Lisbon by bus or train and so it is easy to reach. Even the agricultural products deserve a special mention, in particular grapes, wines, oranges and fish, but we will see this later on. So, we gave you a little taste, but now let’s start.

To know more ( what to eat, where to eat, where to have fun, things to visit…) continue to read.

As already said Setúbal is a city rich in history, but it is useless to anticipate what we are going to see because now we are going to start.



Forte de Santiago do Outão

  • Monastery of Jesus of Setúbal: it is a church in Gothic style and is considered as one of the first examples of Manueline style. As for its exterior appearance, the interior consists of arches, windows and spiral columns made of a particular local material, even the ceiling above the altar is made of this material.
  • Museu de Arqueologia e Etnografia do Distrito de Setúbal: the archaeological and ethnographic museum has a collection of prehistoric archaeological sites ranging from the Peleolithic to the Roman age; while for the ethnographic side, the museum presents materials related to fishing, agriculture, breeding, weaving, crafts and folk art. The museum is also home to a large library and is also a center for archaeological studies. A place from which you can learn a lot.
  • Museu do Trabalho Michel Giacometti: the museum is housed in a former sardine factory (as you know, fish has always been the motor of the Portuguese economy). Inside a collection of original agricultural work tools of the ancient period and plus a beautiful historic grocery store. The ground floor is entirely dedicated to the path that shows the entire production process of the fish up to its consumption. But besides this there are many other interesting things such as pictures, films and testimonials from former workers about the difficulties in which they worked. The price of the museum is really irrelevant, one more reason to not miss the opportunity to visit it.
  • Casa do Corpo Santo – Museu do Barroco: it is a “secret” place (in the sense that it is not very well known by tourists) really beautiful. It’s a nice little location but it contains so much preciousness. The museum tells you a lot about the fishermen and the baroque art, through its paintings, and about history in general. Not to mention its architecture with its typical colored tiles. This should be a must for all lovers of history and art. In addition to this another artistic, dynamic and suggestive place is the Casa da Cultura (illuminated at night and full of beautiful and interesting things to know).
  • Forte de Santa Maria da Arrábida: it is a small fort located on a rock overlooking the sea. Inside an oceanographic museum (inside which there are several species of fish and birds that dominate the place) very interesting with many photos showing the various changes occurred over the years on the coast. The complex is part of the Arrábida Natural Park and therefore we can let you imagine the spectacular view that can be admired. To not miss to fully know the wonders that the city owns.
  • Forte de São Filipe de Setúbal: the fortress, also known as the castle of São Filipe, is located in a truly remarkable and dominant position, on a hill overlooking the sea (and this should already tempt you to go, but there is more). The fortress served as a control and defense building and marked access to the medieval city. Completely built of bricks and surrounded by a moat, even its interior presents this aspect as the tunnel that you will go through to climb the stairs (and they are always in stone). Different are the colorful rooms and characterized by blue color with amazing paintings, you will also be able to visit the annexed chapel. A true example of art and cheerful Portuguese.
  • Forte de Santiago do Outão: another beautiful fortress consisting of towers overlooking the sea. The building was used as a lookout tower to keep an eye on the territory and the coast. Its appearance is a mix of styles such as Gothic, Mannerist and medieval. Inside there are mainly atelier collections and a chapel, which differentiates it from the fortress previously analyzed; even if they are two fortresses and they could seem similar for the inside and for the story that they tell, they are quite different.
  • We want to offer you two interesting places a little far from the center but that is right to mention because if you have time and desire it is worth going. Ruínas romanas de Troia, are the remains of Roman ruins, an open-air museum, located on the bank of the river Sado and precisely on the peninsula of Troy, in front of Setúbal. In a short time it will be able to introduce you to the whole history that lies behind that place. The Roman ruins were classified as national monument. The other place is the Museu da Musica Mecanica, an exceptional private collection of mechanical music devices, with display rooms full of instruments dating back to ancient times. It is a very interesting museum and its architectural aspect proves it.

The main theater of the city is the best known Teatro Animação de Setúbal. Another smaller but equally beautiful and accessible theater is the Teatro Elefante.

Museu do Trabalho Michel Giacometti



Miradouro de São Domingos

Let’s continue the tour that there is still lot to be seen. We are ready for the entertainment direction!

  • Bacalhoa Vinhos de Portugal: for all wine lovers or for those who are here for a gastronomic tour this stop is a must. It is a beautiful location located in the area of ​​high quality wine production in the Azeitao district, full of vineyards and stunning landscapes. The building is used as a museum and hosts some wine cellars too. Yes, because there is not only wine but also art with exhibitions, paintings, collections. And to end in a great way, you can’t miss the tasting of the prestigious wines.
  • Arrábida Natural Park: it is a protected natural area and it is located between the city of Sesimbra and the city of Setúbal. Its spectacular setting overlooks three fascinating beaches: Galapinhos, Portinho da Arrábida and Figueirinha. The landscape is divided into several areas: Montes de Azeitão, Serra do Louro, Serra de São Francisco. Its crystal clear waters, fauna and flora make this an unbeatable and beautiful place, so much so that a stretch of road in the natural park is known to be the scene of the James Bond movie. Nothing else to add, enjoy!
  • Parque Urbano de Albarquel: it is a park located near the Sado river very impressive and well equipped (bars, various equipment, restaurant…). A more than perfect space to stretch out on the lawn and rest for a few hours, walk along the shore (on the small beach) and on hot days enjoy an immersion in the refreshing waters of the river. Perfect, right?!
  • Parque do Bonfim: a small park full of waterways that will accompany you along your walk as well as the various fountains. It is a very quiet and pleasant place, surrounded by nature and the “water” hahaha! A magical period to fully enjoy its beauty is definitely autumn.
  • Casa da Baia de Setubal: this lively blue building is a tourist information center and we decided to mention it simply because it does not only have this function, inside there is a bar, a restaurant, an artistic space in which to enjoy in total relax your drinks or food comfortably seated on the armchairs and plus there is a small shop of typical food products including a wine shop. It is therefore a pleasant (and nice to see) place for a break and why not, take advantage to satisfy all your questions. Such a cool place!
  • Miradouro de São Domingos: a breathtaking belvedere from which you can see a nice slice of the city. It is located in the district of São Domingos and from here it is possible to walk along the Rua Arronches Junqueiro, a typical narrow street of the area.
  • Moinho de Maré da Mourisca: if you are looking for a quiet and peaceful place and you love the sea, you are in the right place. The Moinho de Maré from Mourisca was an old mill where inside there are some remains of the structure and a bit of history. Also a bar where you can enjoy excellent local wine, the typical Moscatel Setubal. Being a place surrounded by nature this makes it perfect for birdwatching too. Here you can breathe traditional area.
  • Parque de merendas da Comenda: a huge picnic area where you can stop and enjoy good local food in the shade of a tree, whether on the lawn or on the tables.
  • Mercado do Livramento: the market is located in the center of Setubal. Its stalls are full of fruit, vegetables but above all a lot of fresh and big fish! It is truly a great thing to see all these quality and well presented delicacies; in particular, the interior is a good view, full of life with the various decoration with typical Portuguese tiles and statues of fish, farmers, butchers who are the emblem of the region. A party of colors and perfumes.
  • The city is full of many streets and beautiful places to visit and explore, let’s see some: Praça do Bocage is considered the center of Setúbal, a nice square and an artistic avenue (thanks to the decorations next to the buildings) with many shops, bar and fountain Chafariz da Praça Teófilo Braga. Its liveliness will surely conquer you. Avenida Luisa Todi is a pedestrian area with a small and special square full of culture from its artistic side and the beauty of the structures.
  • We want to suggestion you to visit the whole peninsula or maybe even reach its districts (that they are beautiful as well) and a great idea is to rent a car or another means of transport. Obviously it is not always so difficult to reach the various districts, in fact, the city is well organized and you can safely take a tour in the sea to the Troy district (through the Sado Emotion team) without using other means. Thet will take you directly to Setúbal to reach the district and vice versa without having to take further means. With this we want to say that you must inform yourself, make a program and organize accordingly to decide if to reach the places that you are planning to visit you need a car or not.
  • Being Setubal a peninsula, the beaches are the main characters and among the most famous there are: Galapinhos Beach, Albarquel, Praia do Portinho da Arrábida, Beach Creiro, Praia dos Coelhos, Praia da Figueirinha, one more beautiful than the other.

Parque Urbano de Albarquel

The highest concentration of nightclubs is located in the area around Doca dos Pescadores, in the west of Avenida Luísa Todi (where there are some known clubs: fashion, So Much, Design, Bubba) and in the Marques de Pombal square area (it is a place full of bars and discos) and in particular in all the streets near the beaches.

Here are some of the famous places:

  • ROOF61: bar
  • Bar Absurdo
  • Obladi Oblada: bar
  • Coyote Point – Estabelecimento De Ven: night club
  • Decibel Live Music Bar



Choco frito

Let’s eat! I’ts time to see what the city want give to us among the many typical dishes.

The town of Setubal is certainly famous, as you can imagine, for the excellent fish and the right way to enjoy it is to do it in one of the typical restaurants in front of the sea. But if there is something really typical is the Moscato wine of Setúbal, a sweet wine (such a delight), good even for those who are not lovers of this kind of drink (it’s worth to try it, anyway let us know).

  • Choco frito: it is a specialty of Setubal and it is fried calamari cut into chunks and covered with egg and breadcrumbs. Simple and delicious!
  • Caldeirada: it is a fish and seafood soup that is prepared with the addition of tomatoes, onions, peppers and potatoes. The most commonly used fish in this soup is swordfish but also turbot. The dish is generally accompanied by white wine and bread.
  • Posta de barrosã: this is a pact made with veal slices flavored with a particular sauce (room chimichurri) composed of vinegar, garlic, parsley and oregano. In addition, the dishes are always accompanied by fries, vegetables and rice.
  • Pastéis de nata: these are puff pastry pastries, lightly dug in the center, made up of an abundant cream that covers the inside of the pastry. What a delight!
  • Travesseiros de Sintra: millefeuille stuffed with egg yolks (as we all know, this is the main ingredient of Portuguese sweets) and almonds.

Pastéis de nata



We understand what we can eat in the city, now we just have to understand where to do it.

  • Tasca Da Avenida: Mediterranean, European cuisine.
  • In Sado – Sabores Locais: Mediterranean, European, Portuguese cuisine.
  • Perola da Mourisca: Mediterranean, European cuisine.
  • Restaurante o Batareo Em Setubal: Mediterranean, Portuguese cuisine.
  • Petiscaria 31: European, Portuguese cuisine.
  • Sabores do Rio: Portuguese cuisine, gluten-free menu options.
  • Casa Janeiro: Mediterranean, European cuisine.
  • Beco Da Ribeira: bar with Mediterranean, European cuisine.
  • Taberna Tipica O Pescador II: Mediterranean, European cuisine.
  • Tasca do Xarroque: European, Portuguese cuisine.
  • Solar do Marquês: Mediterranean, European cuisine.


And so we end our journey on the peninsula of Setúbal and this means that the time has come to venture into another fantastic Portuguese city.

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What  you liked the most or least? We’re curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.


Below we will list the accommodations that you can find in Setúbal.

Accommodation in the center of Setúbal

Accommodation next Setúbal train station



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