Hello everyone. With today’s post, we are going to talk about an object that is definitely useful. Are you ready? Well, let’s start with the presentations.

We decided to suggest a well known object: the umbrella. Obviously we are not talking about the usual umbrella that protects you from the rain but that one that protects you from the sun and from the wind.

This type of umbrella is fixed on the ground and it gives you a complete repair in the hottest days (maybe on the beach or in the nature during a picnic) but also in the windiest ones because it is not always possible to find a perfect place where you can have a nice stop (we are sure it  happened to you as well!).

It is very practical and creates a large shadow area. Another important aspect is that the umbrella is very comfortable. In fact it will allow you to sit (even on the chairs) without being crouched under it.

Speaking of its structure, it is very solid and it has side flaps (which are those that make the difference and allow you a full coverage). On the two sides the umbrella has two windows with zippers that can be opened. It is an indispensable thing during the hottest moments to create air currents and make the break more tolerable without making you feel like you were in a oven (it’s impossible to stay there like that!).

Its high covering protection will be able to block all the harmful rays of the sun. With the umbrella will be included some pegs, to fix it better on the ground, and the carry bag.



Not bad, do you agree?

We hope that our suggestion has been helpful and if you have questions or you had already bought it, please let us know in the comments.

A big kiss to everyone.

32 thoughts on “Shelter umbrella

  1. I love this. Because it is an umbrella I wonder if it would be allowed in Myrtle Beach as they have tent rules. This might be a way to get around it.

  2. Totally not bad! And it is so cool! This reminds me of the umbrella in Japan. Japanese likes to create unique and fun products.

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