Welcome back or welcome to all dear travelers. Are you ready to start a new adventure? Well, today we’re headed to… Sion. What do you think? Can we present it? Let’s do it!

Sion is a Swiss municipality in the canton of Valais, in the district of Sion. The city has incorporated the now suppressed commune of Bramois and that of Les Agettes. The tertiary sector is the main economic sector in Sion, thanks to the presence of the cantonal administration, the Valais parliament and the cantonal court. Tourism is also an important sector both for its historical castles and for its museums and for its historical events and also for its important archaeological discoveries. In addition, Sion is the third largest wine region in Switzerland. This fantastic valley has an airfield for civil and military use, which serves as a base for air rescue missions. The city has also become an important medical site and it is very attentive (in addition to human health) to the health of the environment. In fact, the waste incinerator that the city has a converter that transforms the heat created by combustion into electricity which is then supplied to local municipalities. We conclude the presentation by saying that each family originating in the place is part of the so-called patrician municipality, that has the responsibility for the maintenance of every asset within the boundaries of the municipality.

To know more (what to eat, where to eat, where to have fun, things to visit…) continue to read.

It’s time to get to the heart!



Sion la Cathédrale Notre Dame du Glarier
Cathédrale Notre Dame du Glarier
  • Cathédrale Notre-Dame du Glarier: this is the largest Catholic church in Sion. Its style is gothic but quite simple with a predominant gray stone composition. Even its wooden entrance door gives a very nice visual impact as well as having a certain artistic value. The cathedral also has a high tower. As for the interiors, they are rich in works of art and various relics.


  • Musée d’Art du Valais: it is an art museum located right in the historic center of the city. It consists of two buildings connected by a small courtyard. The external structure is very impressive, as it is made of stone. Before entering a small bow awaits you that you have to cross. The property houses many works by artists from the Valais region, both from the past and from the present. These include collections of landscape-based works, documents, prints, photos, drawings and archives. The museum is also the custodian of an important collection and is also developing its video art collection.


  • Musée de la Nature: the museum is located along the Rue Chateau and is housed in the Majorie Castle (part of the Swiss heritage of national importance). It shows the geology, the history of the flora and fauna of the canton with the help of special collections of some animals (insects, birds and mammals such as the “Eischoll wolf”) and fossils and minerals. The museum also addresses the contribution between society and the environment from the Paleolithic to today. All the exhibition halls are built to present different natural environments of the Valais. In 2016 it won the Expo Award.


  • Valais History Museum: shows the Valais region in its entirety. It has been crossed and influenced by many cultures and amazing is its history from which you can learn a lot. The museum is immersed in an architectural setting of international fame. It overlooks (perhaps it is more appropriate to say dominates) the city of Sion, in a very high point surrounded by greenery. It borders the imposing Basilica of Valère (which houses an old pipe organ that still works). Together with the Musée d’Art and the Musée de la Nature, it forms the constellation of the cantonal museums of Valais.


  • Tourbillon Castle: it is a castle located on the hill of the city, on the opposite side of the Basilica de Valère. It initially served as the residence of the bishops of Sion. The castle is a Swiss heritage site of national significance. Of the castle remain the ruins, it is a bit like an open-air castle. It is accessible only from the east or west and consists of a courtyard protected by the surrounding walls. The castle has a farm, its own chapel and a garrison building (where the military were on lookout). However, there will be paintings imprinted on the rocks. The route is quite easy but there is certainly a lot of walking and climbing! The view is truly amzing and will repay you for everything.


  • Maison Supersaxo: it is a museum-house built in the 16th century. It is considered the most beautiful Renaissance house in Valais. Today it is used by the municipality of Sion to hold meetings or even as an office. The Supersaxo house consists of two floors. The ground floor houses a model of the city of Sion. The first floor, on the other hand, consists of the Solives Room, that is the meeting room; while the second floor consists of the so-called Sala Feste. All the rooms are decorated with paintings and furniture.


  • Tour des Sorciers: one of the two towers of the city to have survived the time. This has three floors and is surrounded by a moat. At the time being a defensive tower, everything was built in detail even the interior to avoid assaults. Before the revolution there were prisons and torture rooms which were then removed later. Today inside we find exhibitions.


  • Maison du diable: this is the house of the devil’s cultural space of the Fellini foundation. It presents itself with various exhibitions relating to the work of Fellini and the movements of the cinema with many photographs. Conferences, screenings and events are organized frequently. It is a fascinating place and world that makes it perfect for lovers and not.


  • Cave La Romaine: wine lovers this place is all for you. This is a winery located near Flanthey where you can take a tour (where will be explained the winemaking process and more) and then taste the excellent local wines. Inside you will also find a dining room consisting of sections of a glass floor so you can have a look into the underground cellar.


  • Fondation Opale: this is an Aboriginal art museum, located in the proximity to Sion. Inside we find a beautiful art gallery with temporary exhibitions, but not only there are also sculptures. The venue is very modern and also of ecological value with solar panel windows. The beauty around it is astounding. In fact, the museum is surrounded by a lake with a view of mountains and lots of greenery. The building also includes a courtyard, a waterway with sculptures inside and a restaurant. A truly magical place!
The main theater of Sion is the Théâtre Teatro Comico
Sion il tourbillon castle
Tourbillon castle

We bet that now you already know what’s coming… Yes, it’s time for typical dishes!

  • Galette valaisanne: this dish might bring to mind pizza. In any case, this is prepared exclusively with products from the canton. The recipe certified by the Valais brand includes traditional products such as aromatic herbs from the Great St. Bernard, Valais raclette PDO, Valais raw ham IGP and Naters rye flour.


  • Valais perch fillets: Valais-certified perch fillets stand out for their firm, melt-in-the-mouth flesh and unique flavor. A special product in terms of quality and freshness.


  • Valais dish: this is the iconic dish of Valais. Perfect fot aperitifs. Maybe this is what best sums up the riches of the Valais area. On your plate you will be served a mix of Valais PGI dry meat, Valais PGI raw ham, Valais PGI dried lard, Valais PDO raclette, Valais PDO rye bread and Valais dry sausage.


  • Distillate pralines: these are chocolates with a fantastic combination of dark chocolate and Abricotine DOP (apricot brandy from Valais). So tasty.


  • Valais fruits are the basic ingredient of many products because they are a true excellence of the region. An example are the legendary fruit paste candies, which certainly will not leave your taste buds indifferent. Do not forget to taste apricot, in all its forms, because it is the real specialty of the place.

Sion caramelle alla pasta di fruttaFruit paste candies



Without locals we cannot taste the typical dishes, so we just have to go and look for them.

  • La Sitterie: French, Swiss, European cuisine.
  • Grand Pont: French, Swiss, European cuisine.
  • Au Vieux Valais: Swiss cuisine.
  • Restaurant Au Cheval Blanc: French, Swiss, European cuisine.
  • La Glaciere: French, Swiss, European cuisine.
  • Udrisard Café: Swiss, European cuisine.
  • La Regal’ette: French, vegetarian cuisine.
  • Café des Châteaux: Wine Bar/Gastropub with European cuisine.


With this we end our journey to Sion. Now we just have to leave for the next Swiss destination.

Let us know your opinions about this place. If you liked it or not, if you’ve been there or you’re going to go there? What  you liked the most or least? We’re curious to read your opinions.

A big kiss to everyone.


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  3. Switzerland is one of my favorite countries in the world. Sion looks really inviting, I’d love to visit someday…

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